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*Moving On

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This's been sitting on a google doc for a month or two, forgot to post it.

Takes place immediately after Edge of Disaster

[CHAT] Samuel -- Back on the Requiem, Samuel was putting the finishing touches on bandaging Jaraid and Flay--its own wounds having healed as it did so, the flesh raw and further reddish for the moment. Flay's shoulder was bandage, he wasn't badly hurt, Jaraid, though, needed quite a bit more--stitches as well as an arm sling, "Dad... it really hurts. I still... can't really move my arm," "It'll be fine, look at mine," it gives a roll of its shoulder that the sword had cut into, "Just give it a little time and you'll be alright," it nods "Well... okay," it nods, "It just... ow," "Yeah, I know, but it'll be alright," "Okay, Dad..." Jaraid nods, sits up, and gives the larger mimic a one-armed hug, before standing up, "I'm gonna... see about something," Jaraid says, thinking about something to make--it did not want to be hit like that again. So it had to make something to use to help that.

[CHAT] Samuel -- Jaraid walks out of the room, while Flay was meanwhile gushing about the fight--how Dad was 'awesome' and beating the guy into the ground and how it helped and everything else, "That was AWESOME! Can we go back out there, please Dad, please?" "Ah... give it a day," it shakes its head, "Gotta let yourself heal, y'know?" "Aw, but--" "Tomorrow, Flay," "Awww..." before Flay, too, goes and walks off, sulking a little, leaving Sam just to sit down, look down, and slump its shoulder, thinking a moment--depressed.

[CHAT] Narrator: -- 'The time and space around Samuel seemed to Freeze. The clock on the wall stopping mid blink, time not moving. The lights flickered and the air around Samuel seemed to grow dark and ominous. Suddenly there was a voice, sounding strangely familiar. "So. Now you know you can't protect them every time and everywhere." A kids voice rang out. "What will you do?" If Samuel would to turn around there would be a small ghetti kid wearing a black labcoat and wild hair. Pale skin and eyes glinting with madness.'

[CHAT] Samuel closes its eyes a moment. "What can I do? If I can't protect them, I..." it goes quiet, not speaking anymore for a long moment, "All I want... is just for us to live in peace. No one trying to kill us all the time. Not... everyone hating me," it shook its head slowly. "It's all I wanted. Just... to live with a family. To not lose anyone else. To not have to worry about whether or not we'll all be alive tomorrow," It was ironic, considering the opponent it'd just faced. But that was nevertheless all it wanted.

[CHAT] Haggis walked slowly around the room, spectral black chains seeming to follow around him as he made his way around the medical room. "Any yet, even as you went avoiding it, Went out of your way to do so, You still ended up seeking it out." He said as he finished pacing, ending up sitting on a small countertop, swinging dangling legs and looking at Samuel. "You have potential to be great. A great fighter. Great hero...but also a great father." He said with a smile. "Samuel. You want to know what I think. What I think about all those things?" The ghetti kid said as if he already knew what Samuel would say.

[CHAT] Samuel looks up, looking at Haggis for the first time, "What do you think?" it honestly didn't know whether it was a good father or a bad one--it'd did its best to try to protect them, to keep them from the fight, but they... still got hurt, they could have died. It'd told them to stay put, stay out of the inevitable fight, but of course they wouldn't--it didn't when it was in the same situation. But this... someone wanted to -kill- them.

[CHAT] Haggis: -- '"Kids will do what they want. They are kids. You tell them no, they will do it just because of that." He said with a smile. "Those humans on earth. Doctors, Police Officers, Firefighters." He said with a slight pause. "They do what they think is right to make this world a better place, yet they still come home to their families at the end of the day and be a good father or mother." He said as he held fleeting images in his hands. Pictures of the "everyday heroes" that passed through. Some hugging kids, some upholding the law, and others, others being buried. "But even then, sometimes bad things happen. They die. But they were doing what they think was right." <C> '

[CHAT] Haggis: -- 'He said with a half smile. "I...I went out like that. Doing what I thought was right. Was it the best? Did it benefit my children. I'm not sure yet. But still. With the time I had I did what I thought was the best for me and for them." He said with a smile. "But one thing we can not control, much to Dumastins frustration, is others. We can influence them. Can try to push them in the right direction. But they will still do what they think is right at the time." <C> '

[CHAT] Haggis: -- 'He said as he replayed the fight between Samuel and Edge. "If it wern't for your kids fighting, there is a good chance you would have died." He said as he played countless variations of what could have been. Some came out with Samuel barley defeating edge, being gravely wounded but recuing Requius, Even more ended up with him winning the fight and losing Req, and there were countless more that Sam ended up sacrificing himself to protect Req and it ended with both of them lifeless on the ground.<F>'

[CHAT] Samuel frowns and looks down, thinking quietly as Haggis speaks. It was... deep. It didn't know what to say. "I don't want to leave them fatherless. Not like... what happened with me. I promised Req. But I... I'd do anything to protect them, and her," it nods momentarily. They were its life. More than fighting, even more than cooking, family was everything. It didn't speak, but looking at the man's memory, there's a very real possibility that, if the positions were reversed, it would've the same thing. That's something that shook it just as much as everything else that happened. "What should I do...?"

[CHAT] Haggis smiles as his feet kicked in the air. "You do what you think is right. And you give it nothing less than your everything." He said with a smile. "You can't control your kids, or Requius, or anyone else. But with your family." He said as he made an image of a house in his palms. "You can give them a house. Food. Medicine, a good example, can try and teach them right from wrong but..." He said as more images passed by. Families and children, parents trying to teach kids but in the end, the final image was a child, growing up, making its own mind up about what to do." <C>

[CHAT] Haggis: -- 'He faded the images out with a snap of a spectral black chain. "There is only so much you can do for them. They make up their own mind and do it and...Everything has a price." He said with a smile. "You have been thinking only the negative. But the price of injuries these two children of yours suffered had given you life. Thats a good price if I do have to say so." He finished. The clock ticked one second. <F>'

[CHAT] Samuel closes its eyes and takes a slow deep breath, thinking. About what Haggis said, about the fight, about Requius, about the kids. "You're right. I didn't want them injured, but... they chose to try to help and protect me. Just like I would do for them. Just like l did with Dad, even when he didn't want me tagging along," it gave a small smile at that thought. One normally wouldn't classify a fight with a terror like Chaos Max was a 'happy thought,' but until recently, it didn't really have too many. "I can be proud of that," it nods.

[CHAT] Samuel -C- "What I think is right... is just to step out of the spotlight. What Thousand and Dumastin say, that I 'have to be the hero' to make up for what Dad did. But... that's not true," it furrows its brow slowly. "Thousands of people lost their families, those they care about, because of what Dad did. There is no 'making that right.' Nothing I can do will ever make up for that. And just standing out there, trying to be a hero will just... well, it won't let them move on. Because I'll be there, a constant reminder. The right thing to do is just... let them move on, I think," it nods slowly.

[CHAT] Haggis: -- 'Smiles at Samuel. "Then you should do what you need to with everything you have. Teach them what is right. So when the time comes. They can make the right choice." He said with a smile, went to touch Samuel on the shoulder and paused. A pained look in his eyes and he sighed. He couldn't really touch him. He was just here as an image. Limited involvement. But still. "I'm...I'm not sure Requius has realized that yet. That it was my choice and no matter what happened, She can't influence that. She holds so much animosity towards Dumastin, thinking he was the reason behind losing me. But. In fact it was me myself. I only wish she could come to terms with that, but again, kids will be kids." The clock ticked again, faster than the last.

[CHAT] Samuel nods slowly, "I'll try to talk to her," it says. "She shouldn't... let it end like that with Dumastin. Blaming him for that," it furrows its brow a moment. "I want to be the best I can be, for them, and for her," it nods slowly. "Thanks Haggis, I... needed that," it says, looking up at the image of it's friend once more, and offering him a small smile. "I miss you, Haggis, it was a crazy time, but you were a good friend. Req misses you, too. It'd probably help her alot if you talked to her," it adds, with a small nod.

[CHAT] Haggis: -- 'His smile fades from his face and he shakes his head. "I can't...Literally. I have tried many times, but I can't seem to reach her. Even in the same room as her. nothing. That seems to be my price." He said with a half smile. "being able to watch, but never touch. Never Talk." He said as his image started fading. "I'll see you around. Maybe sooner than later." He gave with a smile. The clock started ticking. The lights were back to normal and everything seemed back to normal. Everything except a small glass beaker next to where Haggis was sitting, spinning on end as if something had bumped it.

[CHAT] Requius had finished the investigation. Gave the report of the corpse and attack to EDF (leaving out the part where she was knocked senseless) and the threat handled. She noted the possibility of more such attacks but they dismissed that and were satisfied with the sack of meat-flesh she delivered with her report. She was back on the Requiem now, and walking towards the Medical wing. She saw the kids running down the hall, one in a splint and she just chuckled. "Kids will be kids huh." She said to herself as she heard Samuels voice. And some other muffled tone. It was definatly a conversation. Samuel was talking to someone, but to her knowledge, there was no one else there. She opened the door in time to see Samuel sitting there watching a spinning beaker. "So...umm..You talking to yourself."

[CHAT] Samuel -- "Well, is there anything you want me to tell her...?" it asks, just before he leaves, though it doesn't have time for an answer. "I... oh, goodbye, Haggis," it looks to the spinning beaker, picks it up a moment, and smiles a second, before setting it down, then looking over to Req, "Hey, Req. How're you feeling?" it asks, then blinks slightly at her question. Well, this might be awkward, but it wasn't about to keep secrets from her. "Well, I... it was Haggis," it says, furrowing his brow momentarily. "I was sitting here, questioning myself because... despite everything I could do, you and the kids were attacked and injured. He talked me through it," it nods slowly. "They wanted to protect me. If they hadn't, I might not be here right now, or you. I'm proud of them,"

[CHAT] Requius looks at him with those cold eyes. "Don't fuck with me...He's dead. And gone." She said as she paced past him in the room and went by, rearranging things and setting them back in order. "Don't do that Samuel...Don't kid like that." She said in a more appologetic tone. "Sorry I snapped but...Thats a sore spot. He's gone Sam. And he won't be coming back. I was there. I saw him consumed. The void. Everything. He wouldn't even be a soul in the afterlife." She said with a stern serious look. "I...I know you have memories of things you have eaten. I'm sure it was something like that."

[CHAT] Samuel blinks for a moment at that reaction, then furrows its brow. "No, I'm sorry. I... didn't mean to bring up painful memories for you," it says, appologetically itself. "Are you alright? After that fight, I mean. That guy was... really powerful. I'm sorry," it says once again, "I... know why he attacked. He wasn't after you. He was after me," it looked down a moment, furrowing its brow. "After revenge on... Dad," it adds. "That... I never really... thought about that, you know? I always thought about what Dad did as him giving everything up to save me. I never really stopped to think about what that meant for everyone else..." it looks back down.

[CHAT] Requius: -- '"I'm fine. Whatever he did stopped my energy paths and paralized me. And." She said as she walked closer and sat in the same spot her father was just moments before. "I can heal just as fast as you, I just need a living source to do so. I wish I could store it like you do, but I am unable to do so." She said as she moved around. "Im good as new."'

[CHAT] Samuel nods, "Yeah, I know you can regenerate, but I'd just... never seen that happen before, you know? Like, I didn't even know something like that was possible," it says, moving close enough to try to slip an arm around her waist as it muses, "Well, can you store it in a different way? I mean, like what about what Jules did with those little... super-condensed energy pellet things he had. Just something you can use in case of emergency," it nods, before it moves in to peck her on the cheek, "Well, I'm glad you're okay," it adds.

[CHAT] Requius Nods a bit and laughs. "Samuel, I'm talking about straight organic mass. Of course I can carry a sandwich around with me, but it would take a lot" She said as she placed her hands on the edges of the table-top, almost the same places as her father. IT would be a little strange sight. Some of the same mannarisms he displayed was in her. "But I do have a power suit that has vats of blueberry pancake syrup in it. Was the most caloric substance I could find. Tastes good too."

[CHAT] Samuel blinks, "Well, that's why I said condensed," it shrugs, "Sorry, just trying to help," it goes quiet a moment, thinking about something for a moment. "I need to talk to Dumastin again," it adds, looking a little more serious. "That guy... he had that sword the demon made. It's why he was so strong," it shook its head slowly. "It vanished at the end of the fight, but he had it," it says. "And... I want to apologize to him for that argument we had with him earlier," it adds.

[CHAT] Requius: -- '"I am heading back to New Requiem." She more than flatly said. "I have fullfilled my obligations here. EDF does not acknowledge a "possessed" sword and I have my own obligations to my citizens." She said with a smile. "Tomorrow I will be holding a public immigration and sanctuary for those that wish to start a new life, regardless of what happened here on earth. Then I'm leaving." She said as she looked at him. "If you wish to stay and look into it, Please make Copperville your temporary home. That way I can stay in contact and you have a way off of here should you feel like it."'

[CHAT] Samuel furrows its brow, this... might be difficult. She was changing the subject. "I'll definitely go to that to see you, but I think you should come with me, too," it hesitates a moment, before going into detail, "I know you're mad at him. Might hate him, even. But he's going to die soon. Do you really want that fight to be your last moments with him, your last memory? Or do you want to actually say 'goodbye' and get things off your chest? Do you think you'll regret not being able to?" Whether she hated him or not, he was important. Especially if she thought like Haggis had said.

[CHAT] Requius: -- '"I did what I did for him. If I didn't care would I really dig out those from my own body for him. Do what, to this point, was the hardest thing for me to do." She said as she looked at him. "I...I did that for him and the fight at the end. It wasn't a fight. I feel sorry for him and I told him that. He knows." She said while looking away. "I've made my peace with him." She said as she looked back to him. "Maybe you haven't or have, I'm not sure but..." It was then she started rubbing her chest unconsciously. "I've fought, ive sacrificed and I've forgiven. What more is there."'

[CHAT] Samuel nods, slowly, hesitating again to pick out the right words. "You need to forgive yourself," it says, quietly, before looking back down. "What happened with my Dad... I wanted to blame someone, put a face to what had happened. Something I could hate, punch, kill. For a while, I blamed Jules. But even more, I blamed me. If I had just... been stronger, or just not fallen into that... thing, Dad wouldn't have..." it goes quiet and looks down, closing its eyes for a moment taking a slow, deep breath. "Now, though... I know. Dad did what he did himself. It was misguided, and terribly, terribly wrong, and ultimately was what ended up killing him--it's something I can never 'fix,' but it was his choice to make, and he admitted it. If you don't forgive yourself, and Dumastin if you haven't already, you'll never be able to move on,"

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Dumastin burst into the room, quite possibly setting off multiple intruder alarms across the Requium as he did. He'd placed his targeting circle in a nearby utility room so as not to startle the two of them, though in retrospect they were probably used enough to his remote-targeting teleportation magic that having him simply slam into the room would be much more of a shock. "What in the world happened? Requius got torn up by some Ascended drifter?" He strongly suspected he knew what had happened, but that was all Prime could put together from comm chatter he'd intercepted back on Earth.'

[CHAT] Requius: -- '"No. Not torn up. More like used as bait." She said with a look of her cold grey eyes. She didn't stop rubbing her chest as there was a slight pain, but not from a physical source. "So. Just swinging by to say Hi. I hope you brought a dish to pass." She said with a half-hearted smile "No one comes on board, uninvited, and doesnt bring food or drink. Sorry to say," She said as she shrugged. "Rules of the Ship Cilantro made. Not changing them."'

[CHAT] Samuel shook its head slowly, sighing a moment. It would have to try again later. Still, it looks up to Dumastin. "He was after me. For... Dad," it furrows its down and looks down. "He had your sword. Even used it to try to attack the kids..." it sounds... absolutely furious at even just remembering it. It gives a low growl and a hmph for a moment. "It vanished again after..." it doesn't quite finish the sentence, hesitating a moment. Beating someone to a literal bloody pulp isn't something it wanted to brag about. "After I finished with him," it adds.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"After you?" Dumastin frowned, giving Requius a bit of a side-eye gaze as he started to weave some sort of complicated magic. "Did he say much of anything? Talk to you at all?" He finished the spell and discharged a couple of his mana batteries into it. The air made a slight popping sound as it rushed aside to accommodate the appearance of a large corked bottle, rather like the one Prime had given the pair of them so recently. Dumastin wondered occasionally if anyone would have anything to say about him twisting the laws of matter to manifest alcohol from nothingness, but nobody had ever actually given him much in the way of rules, so he didn't care.'

[CHAT] Requius smiled and with one hand dug through the drawers which were under the table she was sitting on and pulled out three glass beakers of different sizes. "Thats better." She said as she tossed one to Samuel and then Dumastin. She took note of his concern and looked at him. "Nothing to me." She said as she was hoping he'd open the bottle and start pouring. "Looks to me like you should get with the makers of that cursed blade and hunt it down before it finds its way to another."

[CHAT] Samuel furrows its brow. "Not much, just a few sentences. He seemed very... unfocused. Except when he was trying to kill me. He also... kind of turned metal for awhile? I don't think he could really handle the sword," it shook its head slowly, trying to remember what had happened, but it was impossible to without remembering. "Yeah, after me. For what Dad did. I..." it looks down momentarily, going quiet, speechless for a moment or two, "It gave me a new perspective," it says, quietly.

[CHAT] Dumastin leaned back against the wall, sighing. "Damn. Another Edge." He shook his head sadly. "Poor bastard. No offense, guys, I hope the kids are okay." He closed his left eye while he read some displays coming up on his right eye's cybernetic systems. "Yeah, if I'm right, this makes the third Edge. I've been trying to track that damned sword down for a year now. The Thorned put a *lot* of my magic into it, it's very slippery. It can slip into the astral realm and reappear elsewhere whenever it feels threatened. And it's almost impossible to track, too, it doesn't even radiate much of a magical signature if it's not active." He poured drinks, the same rich, fruity wine he'd produced before. "I'm sorry you guys got tangled up with it."

[CHAT] Requius: -- '"That seems to be a shitty problem." She said as she took the beaker, downed it in a single drink and held it out for a refil. "So what is your plan now?" She asked while she waited. She didn't have much to add to this conversation since she was more or less out cold during most of it.'

[CHAT] Samuel nods, "They'll be fine, they're tough. I told them to stay back before I went to look at what was going on, but they wanted to help--to protect me. I'm proud of them," it says, taking a glass and downing it fairly quickly itself. This... it was nervous. Haggis had wanted Req to realize what happened to him was his own choice, and not Dumastin's fault. But... it didn't really know how to do that. At least, not in any method it had tried so far. It looks about to speak again when the door opens, revealing a smaller mimic--wounded, stitches running up a long gash along its side and its arm in a sling. It looked like it was already healing, though no where as fast as Sam's own regeneration. "Hey, Dad, I--oh," it blinks, seeing everyone in there. "Mr. Dumastin, Miss Requius, sorry, I didn't know you were all in here," it furrows its brow.

[CHAT] Samuel -C- "Dad, Flay said you were going out again tomorrow... can I go too?" "Of course, little guy. You should be fine by then. Besides, I promised I'd show both of you around Earth, and I meant it," it nods a moment. There should be time for some sightseeing before they had to go, at least. "Thanks, Dad!" Jaraid gives a big sharptoothed grin. "Oh, and, Dumastin. I wanted to apologize about our argument earlier. Whatever our differences, you're a good friend," it nods, before looking to Req, "What about you, Req?" It had to get her involed in the conversation--something. "What are your plans, after the, uh, speech tomorrow? I know you said you wanted to go ahead and leave after that thing, but do you want to join us on the sightseeing? We can go before or after,"

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"I'm glad to hear nobody was hurt badly enough that it won't grow back." He poured more drinks for everyone and set the bottle aside. "You guys still have Helios comms? Contact me if you encounter Soulmirror again. It's... looking for a partner, I'm pretty sure. Someone strong enough to control it, rather than being consumed by it. I've got to track it down before that happens, because Soulmirror doesn't understand anything about right and wrong any more. It's guided solely by its master's desires, and if it manages to find a master..."'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"When someone is too weak of heart to control it and becomes an Edge, they're not able to channel more than a fraction of its power. A real wielder would be several times stronger than the Edge you fought. Besides..." He frowned in thought. "I need it. My plan requires a magical conduit that meets certain specifications, and Soulmirror is the only thing I've ever encountered that could stand up to the job. It's part of the reason why I've been trying to track it down. I killed the second Edge, but it got away from me."'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'He looked at Sam. "Don't worry about it, Sam. It's your life, and you deserve to live it how you choose. I don't have to agree with it, and I hope that if the doom and gloom I've been preaching comes to pass, you have the strength to weather it and protect your family."'

[CHAT] Requius sighs as she gets up and refils her own beaker with flowing red. "So. Looking for that thing now huh." She said as she sat down. Dumastin really got himself into a pickle with that sword thing. "Seems to me like that sword doesn't want to be part of your suicide mission." She said with a chuckle as she thought about a sword shaking itself back and forth in a "no" fasion and then moving itself out of the way of whatever Dumastin was trying to cut.

[CHAT] Requius turns towards Sameul and the children and smiles. "I will be free for awhile afterwards. Will be waiting for colonists for a few days before disembarking." She said before smiling at them.

[CHAT] Samuel glances to Req and gives a sharptoothed grin, "Great!" meanwhile Jaraid, looks to Dumastin as he talked about a... sword? "You mean... that sword that guy used?" it furrows its brow. "That thing... it -really- hurt," it shook its head slowly, using its free hand to clutch at its side a moment. "Sparrings fun, but that..." it looks down a moment. "That wasn't fun," it finishes. "Yeah... that's why I'm gonna stick around and not go run off to fight every body, little guy, I'll be here to help," Sam notes, patting Jaraid's head a moment. "Thanks, Dad," Jaraid itself says, giving Sam a hug. "So, what is this sword of yours looking for...? Just going from random person to person?" it furrows its brow. It didn't wanna fight anyone -else- like that.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"It's looking for a master. Someone with both... the clarity of purpose to call to it, and the strength of spirit to control it. It wants someone who has some sort of purpose in their lives, some overwhelming dream they're willing to fight for at any cost. Or at least that's what Iapetus says he forged it to do..." He tilted his head as Prime scanned down the 'kids' for details about their healing process and development. "I don't think it'll have any problem working with me if I can pin it down, but it's... It has a very simple mindset, you have to understand. Or, I think a better word for it is pure. Clear." He sighed.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"I doubt it even understands why it keeps grinding away the souls of whoever tries to wield it. I doubt it feels any special remorse for it, either, because I don't think it's really able to 'feel' at all. It's... A sword. Its mind fits its own form remarkably well. A sword is not a complex tool. It is very straightforward, very specific in its purpose. That's what happens when it grinds you down into an Edge, I suspect... It makes you like itself. Very little left to you save 'purpose'." He gave the purplish gem set into his gauntlet a bit of a glare, and it twinkled back at him. "Not really the kind of thing I'd have chosen to turn loose on the world. Someone could do incredible things with Soulmirror if they could master it. Feats of supreme heroism or true atrocities, the sword wouldn't care. If I had more time I might try to find it a wielder I could trust, but there's no way I can improvise a conduit of that power in the time I have available."'

[CHAT] Requius: -- '"Welp, I do have to say that whatever you made has probably trumped whatever mad science experiments my father has created, including myself and that technology eating metal creature thing you dropped off somewhere on the fringes of the galaxy." She said with a laugh. "So. There will be more of those things springing up on earth until it is found, or will it be traveling off planet." She asked as a curiosity. The concept of it still intrigued her.'

[CHAT] Samuel shook its head slowly, drinking from its glass for a moment. "That guy... there wasn't much left to him except 'purpose' when he even got the sword," it said a moment, furrowing its brow again. "He wanted revenge, it was everything, even more driven than you are..." it shook its head a moment. If the positions were reversed, that... could have been it there. At that point death would be a mercy, wouldn't it? "Too driven," it adds, quietly. Jaraid, meanwhile, "Wait, you mean you -made- that sword? How did you do it? That thing was... powerful!" it nods, fidgeting a little. As inquisitive as it was, it wanted to make anything it could.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"I've been tracking it since I tangled with the second Edge. As near as I can tell, it doesn't seem to be leaving Earth... I don't have an explanation for that, because it *should* be able to easily traverse interstellar distances. Best theory I can offer is either it doesn't want to leave Earth because it would have to devote too much of its power to do so, or there's something about the human spirit in particular that attracts it. Of the two, the latter is probably the more likely in my view. Humans have a... unique fire to them, a sort of drive probably brought on by their quaint natural lifespans."'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'He turned to Sam. "The Thorned made it, Sam. It's probably why you guys were able to bring him down at all. He used my knowledge of magical forging to do it, and infused a huge portion of his own power into it. Rather than burning away the lost souls that sustained and empowered him, he... crystallized them into a new form. One that could keep some degree of permanency, could use the immense power those souls represented without simply burning them for energy as he would if he'd kept them." He shrugged. "I think that kind of mindset would call to the sword. Like I said, it's searching for a master, but I don't think it knows quite what to look for. So, yes, it will probably find someone else, and grind them away without ever intending to, leave nothing but their heart's deepest wish. Or it will find that master, and then... I don't know what happens then. I suppose I try to kill him for the sword."'

[CHAT] Requius: -- '"Nice. Well. That was genrous of his wasn't it. Leaving bits and pieces of things to clean up." She said in a rather cold, flat tone. "Seems like that may be an item that needs to be destroyed along with those dragonballs you have." She said with a smile. "By the way, You want to know where the last ball is" She said with a smile. "Samuel. I want you to do what you think is right." She said downing the rest of her glass and feeling the warm feeling spread throughout her body. "You will always have a home here, but I know you arn't one to idle around. So...Do what you see fit."

[CHAT] Samuel looks to Req and offers her a smile, "What I think is right... is to settle down, build a home with you, and raise the kids," it nods, "I won't leave them to go run off to be a hero," it adds, before, looking down a moment, "Hey, little guy, can you go get Flay for me? I wanted to talk to you both about where to go," Jaraid nods, "Okay, Dad," Jaraid nods, before giving Sam a one-armed hug and heading back out of the room as Sam starts speaking again, talking to Dumastin for the moment, "I thought about what you said, too..." it pauses, looking down a moment, "You're right, there is debt I owe. But... this isn't some karmic checkbook I can balance. Thousands of people lost their families because of Dad. I -can't- repay that. Me running around, getting myself out there... that... I'll just be a constant reminder. Driving them to that... all consuming purpose. What I need to do is just... step away, I think. Let them move on," it nods slowly.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"I doubt it'll survive what I'm going to do with it, Requius. As for the last ball, if you have any insights you'd like to share, sure, but I have at least some idea. I know generally what planet it's on, at least, which is a starting point." He nodded his thanks to Requius for the offer.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"As for you, Sam, you never know. There *is* a balance to the universe. Things tend to return to a natural equilibrium as long as the balance isn't pushed too deeply. Good and evil, happiness and sorrow... on a wide enough scale, things do eventually come to balance. But you're also right when you say that it doesn't have to be your place to be the agent of that balance. You don't have to repair the wrongs Max wrought if you don't want to, it's just something you could try to do if you wished." He shrugged once more, pulling his eye away from the child Mimic. "Just watch, though. What goes around comes around. It may not be coming to you at all, but events will come to balance someday. As long as the scale isn't broken entirely." He looked down at his gauntleted hand once more, without seeming to think about what he was doing.'

[CHAT] Requius: -- '"Dumastin." She said as she held out a small data-stick. "I've been holding on to this for awhile." She said as she looked at him. "When Hag...My Father took his last stand, it was to protect that Null creature from obtaining the last dragonball. Aydun and Aydin arrived slightly before Father did and that was when all hell broke loose." She said as her gaze went beyond the people in the room. "He...Told me to grab the ones I could and the last..." She said with a smile. "Is most likely still stuck there trapped in some void-hole or something. The place is a mess. Planitary endeding energies were unleashed there...It would be a start to where it is...No promises on if it would still be there." She said as she quickly turned around. "I'm...I'm going to take a walk." she said as she moved to the far end of the room. Suddenly she didn't want to be there any more.'

[CHAT] Samuel looks up as Req moves to leave, "Hey Req... I..." it furrows its brow a moment, trying to figure out what to say for the moment. "It's been a hard day for you, I know... I... wanna make you something to eat for dinner later, okay?" it nods a moment to itself. It's... not been a good day. Hopefully things'll calm down soon enough. At least cooking helped calm its nerves. It then shook its head slowly, before turning back to Dumastin. "And if I do go be the hero? People will still try to kill me, and the kids. I -can't- fix this. No amount of running around and being the hero will bring back the lost families. Make the pain that I'm a reminder of go away. I... still remember everything. This guy wasn't even the first one that tried. Just... the only one that I looked at the memory of," it looks back down, still remembering something it was told long ago. 'Earth hates you.'

[CHAT] Dumastin took the datastick with a nod. "Thanks for telling me, Req. If it's still there, I'll find it. You can be sure of that." He frowned as he moved away; she seemed to be in some distress for some reason. He watched her go with a frown, then listened as Sam turned back to him. "You don't have to wrestle with it any more, Sam. I'm not trying to convince you. Just... offering the best advice I can, while I'm still here to give it." He gave the little Mimic man a pat on the back. "Doing what you can won't change what happened, but... convincing people that your father's crimes aren't yours is not quite so insurmountable, if you look at it that way. Still, it wouldn't be easy."

[CHAT] Samuel nods, "You don't understand, Dumastin. There's nothing I can do, no amount of reasoning, no amount of life saving will change this. The man I fought..." it shook its head slowly, "He was dead before he ever found the sword. He died when he lost his family. I saw, for the first time... how it looked from the other side. They'll never forgive me. If it were me, if someone cost me my family? I'd do the same thing. It wouldn't matter what happened, what heroism they did. They'd pay," it says quietly, shaking its head slowly, "I'm going to go check on her, and talk to the kids about tomorrow. I... I'll see you later Dumastin," it slowly stands up and starts walking out of the room.

[CHAT] Dumastin watched Sam go, quietly, as he pocketed Requius's datastick. He waited until Sam was gone before stepping out of the room and slipping into the little alcove where he'd arrived, reactivating the portal and returning to his Sanctum in a matter of moments. Only once he was there did he speak, out loud, to himself... "And that's why you were never part of the crew, Sam. Why you don't understand." He looked up at the stone-and-glass filigree of the Atrium's great dome, lit by manalamps and the brilliant glow of his mana fountain. "Just because something's impossible doesn't mean it's not worthwhile to try." He wondered if any of that spirit-the guts to view the impossible as a challenge-would survive him. At this point... he wasn't sure at all.

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