*Well That Was Fast

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*Well That Was Fast

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[CHAT] Calypso keeps her hands on Flay's and Jaraid's backs as they walk along as if she could guide the two beastly guys. At the same time she slows a little to encourage Samuel to get closer to her own back whilst she scanned their surroundinga conatantly. "There. There's a nice little spot if you boys want to spar a bit. Remember we're not trying to kill me or anything, just practice and play a bit." She gives a small grin over her shoulder to Samuel. She didn't seem to mind their species was different and in fact looked more comfortable the mpre shelled and surrounded she got by them. Her internal sensor went off. -Reclass. Samuel. Flay. Jaraid. Friend file. New entries. Family unit. Enhance file? Open Samuel to possible intimacy?- Her internal reply to the program. -Yes.- -Done. Files reformatted. Samuel. Close friend. Established. Flay, Jaraid. Treat as family. Established.-

[CHAT] Samuel nods, slowing down a moment, "Sure. I don't know if they'd want to sit around and wait while Req gave a speech anyway," "Yeah... that's kinda boring, Dad," said Flay, shaking its head. Jaraid spoke up, "It's still important. Miss Requius is trying to get colonists for the New Requiem colony. It's a new colony. We'll be like Louis and Clark, the pilgrims, and--" "Bor-ing!" is all Flay replied, cutting Jaraid off, "And what does Superman have to do with colonies anyway?" "LOUIS and Clark. You know, the explorers! Kind of important on Earth!" "Oh. Uh. Right. I knew that. Can we spar now?" "He knows to hold back. But he doesn't know by how much," Sam adds himself, nodding a moment and looking back to the green haired android. "So, exactly how strong are ya? We can't... exactly tell. Energy and all,"

[CHAT] Calypso nodded and stepped off to the side of the road. "At my current functional abilities I could take on ten human men successfully provided they did not come at me all at one single moment. Perhaps this will help you adjust for me" She put her fists up much like an older boxer from the early stages of culture. "Perhaps if you punch or kick me too hard I can help you guage it. I am not yet capable of energy based combat so please refrain from engaging me in something that intense. I am programmed with the base components of Muay Thai and Aikido." She gave Samuel a wink before turning to Flay again. "What is your age. I shall adjust by combat protocols accordingly. I tend to fight in a more risky style when the age is of a more mature state but I will attempt to keep myself covered if you should not see certain bodily results.

[CHAT] Samuel -- Flay nods, giving a big grin showcasing the sharp fangs it has, stepping over to the clearing. "My age? Um. I'm about... nine, I think?" "Months," Sam chimes in, "We grow fast," "All right!" it says, bouncing up and down momentarily, excited. "Akido and Muoy Thai, eh?" Sam chimed in, interest piqued for the moment. "Dad didn't know those fighting styles. More typical wrestling and boxing. But by the time I was around, we kind of... had our own," it looks down at its hand as it... morphs, the fingers on the hand elongating into about foot long serrated blades, staying that way a moment then going back. "Well, Flay, you wanted to see how people fought, this is your chance," "Awesome!" Flay says, before suddenly bolting off towards the android, rearing back its right arm in a haymaker. Not going full strength, but not really holding too much back either.

[CHAT] Calypso was far too obviously not ready for that punch in the chops. Her arm moved up to try to block and her other to grab at his shoulder, but after having cliped har hand and then slammed their fist into Calypso's jaw, the poor androod was sent skidding on her side across the ground. She left a rut in the dirt and a small dust cloud. "Ow-Pain." she said in a quick quip. Shortly after that she got up and rushed back into the fray, trying to clinch up with the guy and thrust her knee into his stomach. She was many times weaker. "Wrestling hmm? Perhaps I can adapt my style to yours."

[CHAT] Samuel -- Flay stops in its tracks as she mentioned 'ow', eyes widening a moment, "I, uh, sorry," it says, fidgeting a moment only to be hit in the gut for it in that moment of hesitation--it takes a step back momentarily, though it wasn't particularly hurt. "Be more careful, Flay," "I, uh, right!" Flay speaks, before suddenly launching itself again, this time into the air with a knee aimed squarely at the androids face--this time matching the effort that was put into her own attack, trying to use that as a judge to see if it could find a good balance.

[CHAT] Calypso brought her elbows in as Flay launched into a sharp knee to her chin. She barely managed to reduce the impact at all and her head flicked back feom the force that remained. "Uhh!" Programmed in or not her reactions were fairly human to Flay's offense. Again shw tried to grab him in a clinch and lock up his arms with hers. She tried to get him yanked down to the ground and knee him in the stomach again, leaving her lower torso and lower body open in exchange for trying to slip him into a sleeper hold. Her internal voice alerted... -Wrestling modification downloaded. Submissionist

[CHAT] Samuel -- Flay blinks as she managed to get it into a hold. This was... a sleeper? It personally didn't know too much about wrestling, though it didn't need to breathe, she might be trying to stop its blood flow, though? That's... probably bad. It attempts to counter, both with an elbow strike aimed towards her gut, as well as trying to wrap the end of it's Icerian style tail around her ankle and yank it out from under her. "Not gonna... let you do... that!" Sam just watches the fight stoically, its arms crossed. Jaraid is off looking at and identifying nearby plants and insects.

[CHAT] Calypso huffed sharply from taking an elbow to the stomach. She moved her legs for all it was worth but ended up grasping almost deperately at Flay's back and shoulders while the kid tail-grabbed her and dragged her under his back. She didn't nee to breathe either but she was programmed to pretend to. Non combatant humans wouldn't know the difference. She grasped for his ankles and tried to roll him up into a sufboard stretch but with him having a tail it was doubtful. Plus Flay had her first and was notably stronger. Just in an instant she cast Sam a worried glance.

[CHAT] Samuel -- Flay, for its part, was having fun--not really wanting to hurt her, though the way she's maneuvering wasn't bad. "Just say stop if you want to stop," Sam speaks out, watching the spar. Sam knew wrestling as well as its Dad did, that said, Max was more of a tackle-and-punch kind of fighter than a grappler. Easier to do when you're that big. For Flay, though, it wanted some distance--rolling along the ground grabbing at each other just seemed an odd way to fight. To that end, maneuvering itself however it could to slip out of that hold--twisting and turning for a moment, it eventually comes up to try to kick her away with both feet.

[CHAT] Calypso got a grasp of Flay's ankles alright, just long enough for him to jolt them toward her and out of her grasp. The feet slammed against her synthetic, soft bust and slammed those against her harder core. Her pain receptors went off on full alert. -Warning. Warning. Critical point. Disengage. Disengage.- She was programmed to mimic more human reactions to pain and at such low functionality every pain receptor in her chest went off. She curled up on the ground beside Flay, leaking a substance feom her eye corners similar to tears and shaking her head. No more!" She gasped. Cradling her chest and shaking her head. "Too weak. No more!"

[CHAT] Samuel -- The moment she yelled out, Flay suddenly stopped in its tracks, "I..." it says, eyes widening momentarily as it hears her cry out, "I'm sorry!" it quickly scrambles to a knee and looks over her, trying to look at and see if it can treat any wound, not really overtly noticing where it is, or even really knowing what its doing, "Are you alright? Did I, uh... did I hurt you?" it adds, furrowing its brow as it tries to look over any wounds she might have had. As Sam walks up himself, "Are you okay...? Did he damage anything?" Jaraid, meanwhile, immediately heads back to the group itself. "Miss Calypso...? Is everything okay?"

[CHAT] Calypso laid on her side with Flay staring down at her. She rolled onto her back and shuddered just a little. "Functionally 45% Damage is minimal. All lower chest pain receptors stimulated." She reached for Flay but not in a combative manner, instead intending to hug him gently as she lay on her back. "All will be well, Flay. you did better than anticipated." -Flay. Superior. Jaraid. Superior. Samuel. Immensely superior. Data rewritten.-

[CHAT] Samuel -- Flay blinks, surprised at the hug--it even blushes a little, hard to tell with the dark coloring, but there it is. "Th.. thanks," it says, before moving to hug her back as well. "I, uh... don't... don't get to spar... with too many people," it says, suddenly flustered now for some reason, "You're the first new person I've sparred with in... weeks. It was, uh, fun," it adds with a small nod. Sam, for its part, doesn't say anything, though it furrows its brow slightly for a moment. It was a protective one. Still, it looks over to Jaraid, "Did you find anything?" "Catalogued some stuff, got some samples to test back at home," "Not planning on making any more 'pets' are you?" "No, I learned my lesson, Dad,"

[CHAT] Calypso closed her eyes and lowered one hand to Flay's lower back. She kept the other to his upper and held him against herself so gently. "To be expected, Flay. You are a skilled fightier and could do better than me as a sparring partner. Thank you for holding back." She stared at Samuel with the same worried look as before but she squeezed lightly on Flay, pulling him against her soft synthetic flesh. -Warning. Father figure. Tension present. Disengage. Do not anger.-

[CHAT] Samuel -- Flay blinks as she presses up against it, that felt... nice. "I, uh..." is all it managed to say for a long moment, stammering and blushing furiously. It was pretty much putty in her hands at this point. "Th.. thanks," it finally manages to speak out as it tries the same, rubbing its own hands, clawed though they are, along her back. Then theres a cough of Sam clearing its throat. Then Jaraid is more direct, "Hey! Get a room you two!" Jaraid says, rolling its eyes momentarily. "Yeah, I'mma guess you're fine. Get up," Sam says, sounding more annoyed than mad or anything else. "We still need to get to the city,"

[CHAT] Calypso laid there a moment more, hugging Flay so sweetly but flinching in response to Samuel. "Yes sir. Of course. As you will it shall be done." She spoke respectfully, as a servant might to her king. Soon after she eased up intoba seated position, still holding Flay as much as she might get away with and even entwining her arm around his as they might even stand together. She adressed Samuel. "With your permission... I would like to remain close with Flay. His strength makes me feel safe. His kindness makes me feel more whole." Could she even like, love, or actually care for a sentient species? Only time would tell for certain but at least she seemed to like Flay. Perhaps a lot. She refused to depart from his side and even went so far as to contol her pace to stay hip to hip with him on the way back to Samuel and Jaraid. As much as she may be allowed.

[CHAT] Samuel stays quiet for a moment, furrowing its brow. It didn't much like that servile tone. Seemed a little... off. Flay, for its part, looks... rather surprised, but also rather enjoys it, holding her arm and hand, "Yeah... can she?" "Fine," Sam eventually says, rolling his eyes and shaking his head, before starting to take off walking again. "That's kinda... fast. Didn't we like -just- meet you an hour or two ago?" Jaraid pipes up, eying the green haired android for a few moments. "Ah, it's fine, Jaraid! Don't worry so much,"

[CHAT] Calypso nodded without delay. "Yes. We did. But I am not programmed to like or dislike within any specific timeframe or without. I decide to like Flay because he is strong and can keep me safe and he is anatomically around my age." Her eyes ticked to Samuel, who she casually guided Flay and herself within arms reach of whilst swishing her hips. "Further. As the father of the one I have interest in I treat you as you were my own. Please take none offenae to my over polite nature with you. You have my fullest respect and I am as much yours to instruct as those who built me. Even more. I have written you as my surrogate keeper."

[CHAT] Samuel nods a moment, but keeping its eyes forward, thinking. "Fine. Flay isn't a little kid, he can make his own choices. But you should probably know what you're getting into," "We're gonna be leaving for New Requiem ourselves," Jaraid chimed in, "And we probably shouldn't stay here. A lot of people generally kind of... hate us," it notes--indeed anyone else on the road they passed had at first stared and then avoided the group altogether. "Good reason, too, we're pretty much predators. In that we eat people. We don't have to, and we usually don't, but there's been enough situations where, well, a lot of people hate us and want to try to kill us. So, there's that,"

[CHAT] Samuel -- Flay, for its part, just sticks close to Calypso, "We're still good, though," it nods, "You can come with us!"

[CHAT] Calypso nodded slowly. "I am aware. Your species is advanced. You are not human. You are stronger than me and I trust you. Flay will not let anything happen to me and likewise I will do what I can to shield Flay." She gives him a kiss on the temple. "I can fight until my functionality drops to twenty percent if I have to. But I largely rely on you to protect me and wish to become a productive part of New Requiem. Maybe I can prove myself aome day and qualify as a soldier..."

[CHAT] Samuel -- Flay, once again, just blushes furiously--its face tinged with red as it gives a grin that could only be called 'dopey,' "I'll do everything I can, Calypso. No one's gonna lay a hand on you," it nods, puffing out its chest a little in pride for a moment, before trying to move in and give her a kiss of its own on her cheek. "You'll be fine. Even if anyone's dumb enough to attack, they'll probably be after me anyway. Or the kids. Anyone hurting them wouldn't live to regret that mistake, though," it intones, with a slight growl at the end there. Definitely protective. "We'll be fine, Dad! Didn't we help you last time?" "You also got stabbed," "And he nearly cut -my- arm off!" "Yeah that's not gonna happen again,"

[CHAT] Calypso not only allows the kiss on her cheek, but after it she turns her head to kiss Flay on the lips as they walk. Her navigation systems ensuring they never miss a stride. Her arms wrap tighter to his arm. She hung on like she was his personal bitch from then on. Samuel would easily be able to see it. Whateber hold she had over Flay... he equally had over her. Or at least she wss pretending he did and doing a good job of it. She broke the passionate liplock to address Samuel and Jaraid whilst her eyes scanned their surroundings. "I have faith in you all. If an attack happens before we get to Requius I will likely drag Flay with me to the underbrush if he can limit his power output to nearly nil. If he can then my militant programming can have him, as me, blend with the animals and move as a shadow..."

[CHAT] Samuel nods, "Good luck with that. Flay's not one to 'run' from fighting," Flay itself was... completely speechless. That was it's first kiss--very first one. Might not have been the most comfortable thing in the world, what with the maw full of sharp fangs. But Flay had more or less just melted into a grin, not even paying attention to the conversation anymore. Jaraid meanwhile just rolled its eyes again and shook its head. Only partly out of jealousy. But then, it was the brains of the two of them, Flay was the fighter. "I told him to stay back last time, but he didn't. Still," Sam speaks, giving a grin himself, "Both of them ran up to help me when it looked like I needed help. I'm proud of them," "Thanks, Dad,"

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