*Meeting on the Road

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*Meeting on the Road

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[CHAT] Calypso keeps waking down the path she had been on. There had to be people in that direction. It was a man made path. It had to lead somewhere. The cool breeze whipped through her hair. She tried accessing the memory logs again only to find that an override protocol had locked her out. But they were her own memories weren't they? She felt a more dire need to find a technitian. Functionality only 50%? That had to be wrong. She tested it, running a few steps down the path and attempting a front handspring. She barely landed it and almost fell on her face. -WARNING- Her internal sensor chirped. -Functionality 50%. Excessively outgoing movements not advised.-

[CHAT] Samuel -- There were, in fact, people in that direction, just silhouettes coming over the horizon, but they were there--three of them, in fact. Sam and the kids, though, after that incident with the woman, the hunting trip's been cut short--they needed to head to the city anyway to see Req's speech. Still, there -was- time, so they were just hoofing it. It was a pleasant day, and though their presence meant a lot of animals kind of... went running. A trait that'd been learned into them from everything that'd happened to the planet, apparently, it was a nice walk. "This is boring Dad! Can't we fly?" "Ah, it's nice out here. You haven't had much of a chance to get off the ship, why not enjoy it?" "Yeah, but I can't fly in the ship, either!"

[CHAT] Calypso squinted a little. She started to walk a little faster while the sensors went off again. -Power readings substantial. Do not engage. Probabilitybof victory 0.01253%- She picked up the pace a little more. Someone with that kind of power was here? What could it mean? Where were they headed? Did any of them know about androids? How to help? The animals. She watched them scamper away from the three. Was she crazy? Calypso began to jog toward them and raised her arm up in a wave as she got a little closer. "Hey! Does anybody know someone good with technology?" She didn't even seem to realize that her camoflauge cargo jacket was open. There was nothing worn beneath it. Her lower body was adorned in camo cargo pants and brown boots.

[CHAT] Samuel -- As the android approaches and yells out, the figures in the distance come into shape. They're... not really people at all. Looking more like monsters. Where the woman just had a camo jacket and pants, they had no clothes to speak of--instead having a natural rough and spiked black carapace-style armor, with blood red musculature visible through at joints and such, each of them had sharp claws, a maw full of razor sharp fangs, an icerian style tail, and red eyes. Two of them were relatively short, just barely reaching five feet tall, they were somewhat stronger than the android--while the third, on the other hand, stood head and shoulders above the rest--both in height and power. As the woman yelled out, they all picked up the pace, starting to head for her.

[CHAT] Calypso made it about thirty more yards down the path before she realised the three were running at her. Her expression changed and she looked carefully at each of them as if sizing them up. -WARNING. WARNING. Unknown species. Sentient. Nonhuman. Begin classification log. WARNING. Power output extensive. Probability of victory 0.0% Do not engage hostile actions.- Calypso slowed her pace and put up both hands slowly. "Uh hi guys. I just woke up and it seems like I have a type of amnesia right now. I do know my name is Calypso. I was hoping you might be able to uhhh help me out a little bit um... g-guys?"

[CHAT] Samuel -- They more or less skid to a stop in unison just a couple of meters from the woman when they finally get there, "You okay?" the large one says, the first to speak, while the one on the right furrows its brow, walks up, and immediately begins checking the woman over, "You didn't hit your head, did you? Retrograde amnesia is a lot rarer than movies would have you believe, but it does exist..." it says, basically trying to check for pulse and what have you. "But... you're not human, are you?" it eventually asks just a moment or two later. "You're an android," "Well, yeah. She did ask if we were good with it! You are, aren't you?" "Much as I like to fiddle with technology... probably would not want me poking anything tech-sensitive with androids..."

[CHAT] Calypso skidded to a stop shortly after the three do. She didn't stop the boy from checking her over or seem to mind that she still has her only top clothing splayed wide open. The cool breeze whipped at her clothing and hair. "Android..." she replies softly. "So you know then. Well yes. I am. Calypso 1.1 is my official name but you may simply call me Calypso if you wish. I need a technitian. I had an unfortunate circumstance recently. I'm only operating at fifty percent capability and I had a hard memory reset." She offered a smile to the tallest and most powerful of the three and approached him with her hips lightly swaying in a humanlike feminine strut. "Maybe I could find a way to repay the kindness."

[CHAT] Samuel -- The large one shrugs, seemingly completely oblivious to her outfit, hair and strut, "Well, I'm Sam, these are my kids, this is Jaraid," "We do know an android who probably could fix you up... but we have no idea where he's at right now," it says with a frown. "And this is Flay," the other gives a big grin, revealing all of those razor sharp fangs, "That's me!" Samuel then furrows its brows and thinks a moment, "Not... sure about a technician. Dumastin probably could, but he probably won't. Too busy..." it hms for a moment. "Req might be able to help. She's more... into organic technology, though. She might know someone at least," it says with a nod, "Ah, you don't need to do anything. I'm headed to see her right now," it gives a bit of a sharptoothed grin itself at the thought, "You can come along,"

[CHAT] Samuel was still pretty much oblivious to any particular advance. "Not... the same kind of organic technology. Less 'android with skin' and more 'living battleship,' it's actually really neat," "Well, it does kind of lose it's thing if you live on the ship long enough..." "Hey, we're out here now. And after the speech we're all going to go look around at the sights--including those fighting schools you wanted to look at," "Cool!" Flay gives a big sharptoothed grin. "I don't think Miss Requius will be able to help you out herself. But we can probably find -someone-," Jaraid adds.

[CHAT] Calypso: -- '"In either case, I'm interested to meet this Requius. If she draws such powerful friends then maybe it would be worth the time to at least offer some kind of service. Either to her or to you. Maybe. We can see." Calypso go her clothes fully straightened out and grinned at Flay. "So you're going to check out a fighting school? I think I was a fighter myself once. I'm too broken to fight very well right now, but I think I may have been very strong at one point." She gave a glance over her shoulder and then turned, ready to follow them along, but adding aside to Jaraid and Flay, "Would you strong boys protect me if anything happens out here?"'

[CHAT] Samuel nods, "Alright. We're looking for people to join us on a new colony, anyway. Fresh start for everyone," it says, again with a bit of a sharptoothed grin as it thinks of it, and her, "New Requiem." Flay, meanwhile, nods and gives a grin to the woman, "Sure! You'll be safe with us. Hopefully we'll something'll happen," it adds, jumping a little bit as it speaks. "It's really fun! You've gotta show me how you fight, though," it says. "Don't 'want' trouble to happen, Flay, don't be stupid like that..." "Hey! I'm not stupid, you're a scardey-cat of a little figh!" "I am not a scaredy-cat!" Jaraid snaps back, then after a moment, "Your face is a scaredy-cat!" "Nuh-uh!" "Uh-huh!" "Enough, you two. Cut that out," "Yeah, Dad..."

[CHAT] Calypso giggled and reached to place her hands to the boys' backs. "Hey. Hey. Flay, Jaraid. How are you two going to protect me if you're busy arguing with each other? I'm maybe show you some of what I can still do later on. But only a little friendly spar, nothing serious okay?" She looked back at Samuel with a smile on her face, ignoring the alerts going on in her head. -Warning. Species unknown. Prolonged physical contact not advised. Warning. Family unit classified. Prolonged contact with young not advised. Warning. Unknown elements.- As she began walking down the path with them she asked, "So. Samuel, What is this Requius really like?"

[CHAT] Samuel -- Flay stops for a moment and blinks at that comment, as she touched it's back, "I, uh... right, sorry," it says with a nod, "Nothin'll happen to you with us around!" it gives another grin. "You mean it?" it gives a chuckle, "That's awesome!" "Be careful, he likes rough housing," Sam notes, "And he doesn't know exactly how strong you are to hold back," it adds. Then as she asks, "Well, Requius, she's... she's great. She's thoughtful, she's nice. She showed me there's more to life than fighting, though she likes combat herself so we've still got that in common. Also the whole living battleship thing," it says, giving another grin as it thinks about her--this was clearly someone important to it.

[CHAT] Calypso nodded after Samuel's explanation, walking along between Jaraid and Flay. Her little chosen knights they were at the moment. She kept herself poaitioned in front of Samuel, trusting him behind her and making sure the three made a protective shell around her. "Well, she seems important to you so I'm willing to see what she has to say. Although if I do a little bit of sparring it definitely would be best if there was some holding back. I'm onlt functioning at fifty percent right now." She addressed the younger two with the latter part and smiled as they walked along the path. "Besides that I'm a woman. It's polite to hold back a little bit." After explaining that she looked around and asked, "Samuel... where are we? How far is it to where Requius is?"

[CHAT] Samuel nods a moment, "Very," it says, before thinking a moment, "We're only about three or four miles out from the city. I just figured we'd walk it the rest of the way and get some sights of the countryside in," it waves a hand momentarily, glancing out over at some trees they're walking by. "Been cramped up on a ship too long," "But it's still -boring-, Dad!" "Well then maybe next time you won't barge into someone's house," "Awww!" "But yeah, just a few miles out, then a walk to the center where she's giving a speech--like I said, trying to get people to join us on making a new colony. New Requiem," it gives a grin as it speaks. Jaraid then shrugs, "Wouldn't the polite thing to do be to not hold back? It's weird. I don't know fight ettiquitte,"

[CHAT] Calypso leaned a little closer to Jaraid and explained, "A spar is a training fight. We'll be trying to practice with me, not deactivate me." She seemed quite intent on walking at a brisk pace, she didn't seem to be having much trouble with common leg movements so there was that at least. She scanned the surroundinga as they walked along and kept a hand on each of the boys' backs and her back lined up with Samuel's front the best she could. Mostly her sensors fed back detection of small animals the size of a squirrel or a rabbit. Occassionally she locked on to a bigger one and paid attention that direction. "A new requiem. It sounds acceptable and agreeable." Although she had no idea what she was accepting or agreeing too. She probably remained contentedly quiet for the rest of the long walk.

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Re: Meeting on the Road

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Nice intro. Rpp awarded Happens after Monsters btw for lye

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