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[CHAT] Greyfur sighed as she walked out of a cafe her eyes closed as she leaned against the wall she wore a light green shirt with dark blue pants "i wonder if i will ever be strong enough to avenge my compound" she muttered darkly as she sipped the tea she had bought before she started walking back to the forrest she called home

[CHAT] Samuel -- It was morning, a couple of hours before it had to catch Req's speech. It really wanted to have a better time on Earth this time, especially after what happened the day before--so it figured it may as well leave early, let them stretch their legs, and go hunting. Flay was up for it, big time, any action was good action and it'd be fun. Jaraid was more neutral--always the thinker, that one. Nevertheless, as Greyfur approached the forest something definitely seemed to be happening--the animals were clearing out of this area of the forest, there weren't even any birds singing. There was, however, something moving in the tree tops--hopping from tree to tree, something big.

[CHAT] Greyfur stopped suddenly listening to the silence of the forrest "something is wrong it is too silent not even the singing of birds can be heard" she hurried home to prepare for whatever had caused the sudden terror she felt her heart raced as she scanned the forrest from the small window on the north face of her hut it was appearent she wanted nothing more than to flee, but she stood her ground

[CHAT] Samuel -- As suddenly as the rustling appeared, it stopped--just outside of the clearing that that hut was in. Something was looking in, at that little hut in the woods, nothing else miles around. A few moments of silence and there's a flash of movement--something jumping down from the treetops and down into the underbrush of the forest. From the sihlouette, it definitely wasn't any animal that was around there--nor was it human. And then there was another rustling from the treetops--something else approaching as well.

[CHAT] Greyfur snaped her gaze towards the rustling in the underbrush terror filling her heart as the urge to run grew stronger "w-whos there" she called obvious fear in her voice no matter how much she tried to hide it (i have never felt like this before, pure terror it is maddining) she closed her eyesas she tried to calm herself in vain whatever was comming she knew it was comming for blood

[CHAT] Samuel -- Silence was the only answer for a long moment--before a burst of activity came out, a large buck came barreling out of the undergrowth, shooting through the clearing at a full run. And then... something jumped out after it. Standing about five feet from head to toe, or about seven from head to tip of the tail, this... looked like a monster. Covered head to toe in a rough, spiked, black carapace of natural armor, with hints of blood red musculature peeking through at joints and where the plates segmented, it had monstrous claws, a maw full of razor sharp off-white fangs, and red eyes--it was muscular, with an Icerian style tail as well. It tackled and jumped on the buck, biting and tearing into it as both hit the ground hard and skid into the underbrush on the otherside of the clearing, leaving a small trail of blood on the ground as it does so.

[CHAT] Samuel -- Then... a second one steps out of the out of the underbrush, close by the woman herself, and it looks right at her for a short moment, before giving a grin revealing all those sharp fangs. Then it waves. And says "Hi!" enthusiastically.

[CHAT] Greyfur stared at the creature the sense of terror coming from her was nigh tangible "the light of the heavens, please..." she croaked before her voice failed her as she backed away from the window falling over a chair it was obviouse she was terrified almost to the point of her heart completely stopping out of fear (why me, move damnit MOVE why can i not move... is this what its like to be petrified?) she gulped for air feeling the terror creep into the rest of her body thinking that she wouldnt be able to breath for much longer out of terror itself

[CHAT] Samuel -- The creature blinks slightly as she backs up... and then apparently trips on something? From the floor, the creature can be seen as it walks up to the window, fiddles with it for a few moments--actively opening it up and leaning inside over the woman, placing its clawed hands down on the window sill, just looking her over and tilting its head to the side slightly in puzzlement. "You okay?" it asks, quizzically. Meanwhile there's more sounds of a scuffle outside, though any bleating from the deer has long sense died down and the only sound that can be heard now is wet ripping and tearing.

[CHAT] Greyfur: -- '"the light of the heavens please protect me" she begged scrambling back away from the 'monster' in her house she knew its power was far greater than her own, even if she tried there was another waiting outside. she closed her eyes tightly waiting for something she thought was coming the terror she felt growing as she suddenly passed out from pure fear, it was only a couple moments before she regained conciousness and readied herself to dart from the hidious creature before her'

[CHAT] Samuel -- By the time she regained consciousness the monster had hopped inside the house and was directly looking her over--literally trying to check her vitals. "I said, are you okay?" it repeats, furrowing its would be brow and looking her over almost as a doctor would. The sound outside was silent now--except for the sound of footsteps, something was walking around the cabin, "Jaraid! Did you find anything?"

[CHAT] Greyfur blinked before she seen the creature standing above her "heavens mercy!" she yelped before she looked over herself "i i'm alive?" she muttered in disbelief she looked at the strange creature closertilting her head "what exactly are you monster" she asked slowly getting back to her feet her red and green eye watching the window

[CHAT] Samuel -- The creature again arches its would-be brow as she speaks, backing off a moment as she spoke and then stood up. "Wait, what...?" it says, looking up at her momentarily at her words. Monster? "I'm Jaraid," is all it says for the moment. It thinks a moment before suddenly the other creature steps into view from the window as well, sporting a grin with bloodsoaked fangs, "Jaraid? Oh, hi!" it says, blinking a moment and waving as it sees the woman, before licking the blood off of those razor sharp fangs in an almost absent minded fashion. "Who're you?" it asks.

[CHAT] Greyfur took a step away from the window backing up to the furthest corner in the small hut "i didnt ask what your name is i asked what exactly are you, i have never seen such a monsterous creature before" she quickly glanced at the door (would i make it before i get overran?) she shook her head violently "by the light, no way to escape, i am trapped" she sighed as she looked at the first creature "it doesnt matter you seem to me as something raised among other races and are friendly towards them, i wonder what you are though"

[CHAT] Samuel: -- '-- It blinks again, "Monsterous...?" it says, tilting its head slightly, "You think we're that bad...? But we haven't even done anything..." it furrows its brow, taken aback by the comments--as if the thought that it could be perceived like that had never even occured to it. Flay, meanwhile, just takes it all in stride, hopping in through the window as it speaks itself, "Hi! I'm Flay. This is my brother," it nods, "I think what they call us is, uh, Mimics?" it says, furrowing its brow. Just then, somewhere outside there's a slight thud of something hitting the ground outside. "Jaraid, Flay. Don't go barging into people's houses," comes a voice from outside, louder and deeper than the others.'

[CHAT] Greyfur feinted when she sensed the newcomers power "i will never avenge them" she muttered as she fell to the ground her head hitting the table causing a large gash on the side of her head (i will never avenge my compound, not at this rate, i will have to get stronger then ever, stronger and faster than anyone... i hope i have the chance to slay that damned dragon) her body began to twitch as she thought of slaying the shadow-dragon that killed everyone in her compound

[CHAT] Samuel -- Jaraid goes wide eyed as she suddenly falls to the ground, "What the!?" it says, shocked at her fainting again and this time injuring herself. Flay, meanwhile, just goes wide-eyed, "Uh-oh," and dashes back out the window yelling, "DAD!" and running to Sam to tell it just exactly what's going on, while Jaraid itself immediately sets about trying to treat the woman's injury and check if she was okay. It might have been hurt by the assumption that it was a 'monster,' but it wasn't going to just leave someone with a bleeding head wound helpless lying on the ground. When she came too, her wound would have been stitched up and treated and she'd have been moved to her bed--the creatures gone.

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... This log was double posted ...Apparently Greyfur's posted hers/his later and somehow got read by me first. And thusly double rewarded ... Was reviewed mostly on the log already, i'm not going to do another video review for a log that was apparently posted twice.

To make up for the double-rewarding, i'll reduce awarded RPP on the next log I read for the relevant characters.

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