*Edge of Disaster*

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*Edge of Disaster*

Post by Dumastin » 08 Mar 2017, 17:50

<10:35pm> [CHAT] Requius: -- 'I put on my robe and wizard hat.'

<10:36pm> [CHAT] Requius: -- 'It was early morning when she had stepped off of the transport ship with the Primus Gate back onto earth. The whole battle and recovery set herself back a day and she had some meetings she had to catch up with. Her coms bleeped with misses messages and emails as she got back within service range. She knew she had promised Sam and the kids some time and adventures, but She would have to put that on the back burner. "Sorry Samuel. I need to go and smooth some things over. I should be free later tonight." She said with a smile, gave him a hug and disappeared in a flash of light. Moments later on the sidewalk infront of a governmental building she appeared in a flash of light and shockwave that rattled the windows. <Have to make note to do that further away from buildings> She thought as she entered. Hopefully there wasn't anything important that she had missed'

<10:44pm> [CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'One of the messages in her queue was flagged as especially high-priority. Ordinarily she might ignore it, but... "You are hereby requested to proceed to the enclosed coordinates. Disturbances have been reported in the area, and while scans haven't picked anything up, people have reported seeing some sort of rogue Ascended in the area. I need not remind you that this request falls within the mutual defense clauses of your treaty agreement, so please investigate the area and transmit a report to my office once complete." It was from some EDF functionary, it seemed.'

<10:48pm> [CHAT] Samuel follows Req out of the gate with a nod, "Yeah, making a colony has gotta be a lot of hard work," it says, hugging Req back, "I'm gonna go back to the ship and check on the kids, then show them around a bit," it adds, nodding a moment, "If there's anything I can do to help, you let me know, I'll see you tonight," and watches as she vanishes, before starting to head out of that ship to go fly back to the Requiem. Time to go show the kids around. They'll be happy to get off the ship.

<10:55pm> [CHAT] Requius groans as she hears the message. <3 days in and they are already pulling from the clause. Either desperately understaffed or lazy> She thought as she soared up and after a few minutes of flying was onbroard The Requiem. She pulled up the data files and moved the ship to hover over the coordinates. The blasted cold wasteland of The Higlands. She sighed. Trying to find something in here would be like a needle in a haystack. She connected to the ship and activated 10 of the Remote Dolls. The armor suits that normally patrol the ships corridors and halls. At least if she had those with her she could cover a larger area, even if they are no more powerful than a just awakened ascended. She sighed as she shot from the ship back down to earth. Destination. The Highlands.

<11:00pm> [CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The area seemed pretty much desolate. Scanners weren't picking up any kind of lifesigns beyond a few roaming animals, and there certainly didn't seem to be any kind of Ascended out here, at least not that any scans could pick up. And yet... about an hour later, one of the Remote Dolls suddenly lost contact. No warning, no report. Just fell off the grid instantly.'

<11:04pm> [CHAT] Requius stoop on top of one of the hills, eyes closed. She sent the dolls originally on remote auto scan but now she took control of them. A small box was in front of her and silver threads from her fingers were connected. Her senses and awareness spread out towards the box, as if they were extensions of her own body. She furthered the search, before catching a flash of darkness in one of the dolls vision. <Upload data. Anamoly found fringes of Sector 9. Converge and sweep.> She thought and the dolls moved. Converging on the area to try and flush out whatever it was.

<11:08pm> [CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Where that Remote Doll had been standing... Well, it was still there. Most of it, anyway. It had been shattered, pieces of it were laying everywhere. Some of them still sizzled slightly where they lay in the snow. Whatever had hit it had hit it remarkably hard and fast... Standing over the shattered pieces, there was a man. His face was gaunt, as if he hadn't eaten in days, and the wind blew at Earth-style clothes that were nowhere near adequate for the conditions. His hair was stringy, long, and brown, and bound back with a bandanna. He stood there, silent, not even taking heed of the approach of the Remote Dolls.'

<11:10pm> [CHAT] Samuel had made it back to the ship just in time before it went off, and was making its way through the corridors, soon enough it'd found Flay, watching some kind of martial arts action movie, at the moment its showing someone counter a punch with about twenty other punches. Definite martial arts flick. "Hey, Flay," "Dad!" and the shorter mimic immediately goes off running to give Sam a hug. "Did ya enjoy stayin here?" "Eh... it's boring, dad! Jaraid doesn't wanna spar, he's working on... something," it shook its head. "Well, I was thinking of taking you and Jaraid out to see some places on earth. How'd you like to see how they reallu do Martial arts out there?" "Wait, really!?" "Yeah, just gotta go get Jaraid and we can go,"

<11:11pm> [CHAT] Requius the remaining 9 dolls converege upon the Individual. Even though it was almost certain the man did this, she had to make sure and preceed with caution. No definatinve strength of energy signature came from the man. One of the dolls spoke in her voice. "Sir. We are inspecting a disturbance in the area. Are you responsible for this" Her voice emitted from the doll" Back where she was she was readingy to send her energy across the distance to empower one of the dolls with a burst of her own if it came to it.

<11:12pm> [CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The man didn't move. Didn't speak. Didn't even seem to take notice of the Remote Dolls. It was almost eerie, the way he stood there.'

<11:14pm> [CHAT] Requius: -- 'The doll which spoke stepped closer and the other 8 raised their right arms, energy blasts at the ready. "Sir. I am taking you into custody until the evidence is reviewed. Please come peacefully." The doll emitted before trying to place an organic hull plated hand on the man. Theses were organic like in structure similar to the makeup of the requiem.'

<11:17pm> [CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'He dodged the incoming hand so smoothly that it almost seemed as if he'd been moving even before the Doll started toward him. Still without ever actually locking his gaze on any of them, or really on anything in particular at all.'

<11:18pm> [CHAT] Requius sighed as she knew she had to go there personally. The man was due north only a few minutes away. She dropped the box on the hill and set the Dolls to form a perimeter. Then she took off soaring towards the unknown individual.

<11:23pm> [CHAT] Samuel -- Jaraid, meanwhile, was working on something--drawings, schematics, something. If it couldn't have the pet, or the dragon, there was something cool it could work on... that one thing the dragon used. It had looked like a flashbang of some type, but going over the residue left by the burst showed it was different, unique--Interesting. Using that, and some reference sketches from memory, it was trying to come up with a schematic--how to make its own version. "Hey, Jaraid!" "Dad!" There's more hugs, more talking, "I was thinking of going and showing the both of you around Earth some. Some dojos, maybe a museum, but I think you might like looking at the -science- behind fighting. Examine it, y'know?" "That... actually sounds pretty interesting! Neat!"

<11:23pm> [CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Her path to the mysterious stranger took her past a craggy cliff face. Unfortunately, it wasn't likely she'd complete the trip... because as she passed, the first warning she'd have that she was under attack was a figure blurring into existence right in front of her. His fists came down in an axehandle blow with plenty of force to spike her, hard, into the ground far below if she didn't manage to avoid it somehow. It was the man she was pursuing...! But she'd received no reports that he'd moved!'

<11:27pm> [CHAT] Requius got struck hard before spiraling down to the ground. She sailed clean through two the of cliffs before settling indented into the walls. Her vision blacked but only moemtarily as she shook the blackness and ringing from her ears. She instinctively summoned a blue hexagon plate of energy to protect her as she tried to focus and recover. To buy time to build her defenses.

<11:32pm> [CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The man appeared before her once more, eyes wild now, and his fists came crashing in. She might be able to hold him off for a time with her energy fields, but his attacks were ruthless and savage... Much worse was the way he didn't seem to appear on *any* scans, though. It made just tracking him damned near impossible, even for Requius...'

<11:38pm> [CHAT] Requius all she would remember, if she made it out was her shield of energy holding after the first blow, cracking the second and completely shattering on the third impact. It hit deep into her undefended body as the man gave her no time to form her defenses or even bring her energy to the surface. Between the first impact and now, it was only a matter of seconds. She saw his sinister smile before everything faded to black and she slumped off the indented wall of the cliff face.

<11:49pm> [CHAT] Samuel -- Eventually, they leave the ship, they're... not nearby any cities. Little odd. "Well, let's head on down there first. Pretty sure you want to actually stretch your legs and maybe run around somewhere that's -not- the ship for a little bit." "Can we spar?" "Sure," Sam gives a grin, dropping from the air for several long moments before touching down on the ground. It was a little cold in the area. "Since Miss Requius had been working on establishing a colony... I thought we'd be nearby a city," "We were before, not sure why the ship was moved all the way out here," it notes, thinking a moment as it notes Req herself. And... she was hurt.

<11:50pm> [CHAT] Samuel goes wide eyed a moment and furrows its brow, "I, uh... we might have to delay this a few minutes, Flay," it notes, only for Jaraid and Flay to immediately look disappointed, "Aw, but why Dad!? We -just- got out here!" "I know, but I, um, I need to check on something. Stay here, go hunt something nearby, if you hear anything, head back to the ship, okay?" "Fine, Dad," Flay hmphs. Jaraid, meanwhile, just keeps its brow furrowed thinking, "I'll be back in just a few minutes, I promise," Sam says, as it heads off.

<0:06am> [CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'When Sam arrived, he'd find the human seated on a stone. Requius was nearby, bearing the signs of the brief beating she'd already received... plus the minor fact that she seemed to have been nailed to the cliff face by means of glowing daggers slammed through her feet and palms. He was sitting there, staring again at nothing, taking no notice of the unconscious woman.'

<0:07am> [CHAT] Requius gurgles. "Gurgle Gurgle"

<0:13am> [CHAT] Samuel -- It takes few moments, but it gets to the scene quickly enough--only to immediate have its eyes go wide in shock, "REQ!" it shouts, taking almost no notice of the man itself, instead it simply, and as fast as it could, rushes straight towards her, to try to pry her off the wall and get her some place safe. It... would probably be opening up a can of pure grade, organic, farm raised, premium whupass on someone. Probably that guy. But Req's safety came first.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"You can't have her back." The man's vision sharpened, his gaze fixed on Sam the instant the Mimic arrived in a way it hadn't even when he was beating Requius to a pulp. A glowing dagger dropped into his hand, and he threw it with a backhand motion straight at Requius's chest, though Sam was in the line of fire.'

[CHAT] Samuel gives a growl and whips around, smacking the incoming dagger to the side with its armored forearm. "She's not a thing someone can have. She's a person. And you. Hurt. Her," it says, emphasizing the last few words with a gutteral growl. It is all but shaking with rage, giving the man a stare that could almost kill. "Why shouldn't I tear you to shreds right now!?" it practically roars at the man. It wanted to. Tear him to pieces and devour the pieces. Someone like this. That hurt people it cared about. They would pay. He would pay. It vanishes in a sudden burst of speed--intending to straight up, tackle, tear at, and eviscerate the man.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Sam impacted the man, slammed him into the ground, and he didn't even resist. "Why shouldn't I...?" His voice sounded almost... lost. Like his lips were moving and speaking of their own accord, without a brain being engaged along the way. "To shreds, you say...?" His eyes suddenly lit with rage, and he jerked aside before Sam's fist slammed into the ground where his head had been. His hand lashed out with another knife. "To shreds. They were. People. To shreds...!" A sudden eruption of flame surrounded him as a chaotic, silvery ki field sprang up, and he dashed toward Sam with the same reckless abandon with which the Mimic had charged him. His eyes were alight with murderous intent this time!'

[CHAT] Samuel lets out a bestial roar even as the flames spring up--that, with the dagger lodging in its now weakening armor as it jumps back and seperates for some distance. It was still pissed, almost shaking with rage still. But the fire had burned some sense into it. This guy was strong. That he was able to stand up to some serious blows was testament to that. That and... Req. It narrowed its eyes, slammed its tail into the ground behind it and roared once again. "Why did you do it!? Tell me!" its crimson aura enveloping its own form before turning a brilliant golden hue, its normally red eyes turning blue before it lunged once again. Throwing out its arm ahead of it and firing off a trio 'daggers' of its own, sharpenied shards of carapace aimed at the mans face and chest.
[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Why did... he do it?" Again, his voice seemed lost, and his eyes glazed over. Then some sort of metallic gauntlet formed over his right hand, and his hand came up to bat the carapace shards aside; they didn't seem to leave even a scratch on whatever that metal was. And... The metal seemed fused to him somehow. In fact, at the wrist, Sam could even see creepers of metal inching their way up his arm, slicing through cloth and digging through flesh as... as it almost seemed like the metal was consuming the man's body. Again he erupted in a flash of rage. "WHY!?" The pace of the metal creepers accelerated as he rushed toward Sam again, hands outstretched. He had no style, no polish. He was aiming to pummel and smash and kill.'

[CHAT] Samuel -- What -WAS- this guy? And what was he doing? It was a thought that flashed through its mind between combat planning and seething rage. The best way to find out, get a sample. Even as the man lunged, it lunged back becoming a free-for-all of blows, its armor cracking under the onslaught and some blood starting to leak through. This guy was strong, those punches hurt. But it pushed through it, throwing many punches, kicks, slashes, anything it could, before finally trying to separate with an attempted headbutt--with an armored and spiked head--right at the man's own before it could turn its focus on absorbing the genetic traces from the landed blows.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'That wild face and those empty eyes stared at Sam as Sam's forehead crashed into his face. He staggered back, covering his face as blood streamed from his mouth, and then... Memory flooded Sam. Nothing spectacular. Nothing out of the ordinary. Birth, school, job, marriage, kid. Then... blood. Coming home from the grocery store and finding bloodstained lumps where once there had been his *everything.* Staggering out of the house. Wandering, trying to figure out what had happened, why it had happened. Trying to make sense of it all. Staggering past a store in a drunken haze and seeing a news report. Seeing. Understanding.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Hate blossomed, so deep and so all-consuming that it was overwhelming. A hate so deep that a broken man knew down to the depths of his soul that he'd trade anything in the galaxy to bring them back. And then, months, even a year or more, that desire to bring them back had turned sour. He existed, he lived, he breathed, only in the hopes that one day he'd find a way to settle the score. And then staggering through the Bear Forest, and coming across something that shone through the grass...'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The metal eating along the man's arm continued up his shoulder and neck. It covered half his face, forming a ghastly mask and a broken crown, jagged edges digging into and through his flesh. Down his other arm it shot, reaching his left hand, and there...'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Sam didn't need the man's memory to recognize the thing he'd found. Nor did he need the memories to recognize the faces of the wife and daughter the man had loved so dearly. Or to recognize the face of their killer. Two of those things he had encountered before, and the last... well, their terror had twisted their faces, but he could still recognize them in his consumed memories. Max had gotten a good view of their faces, after all, before he'd murdered them. Number 756 and 757 on his quest to "save" Sam at the cost of ten thousand lives. And as for the glittering object that had responded to the man's desire for vengeance and consumed his very soul in the process?'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'It formed in his left hand, as pristine and shining as the day Sam had seen it wielded against him. They had always wondered where Soulmirror had gotten to, and Dumastin had said it would seek another host. Someone who would dedicate themselves to a singular goal above all else. Apparently it had found one.'

[CHAT] Samuel just... stops for the moment, it clutches at its head, at the thoughts flooding it. "Wh... what?" it all it can muster. It knew what its Dad had done was -wrong-. Though that was softened by the fact that he didn't do it out of malice, but rather desperation and love. That he had been a man willing to give up everything, absolutely everything, from his morals, to his dreams, to his sanity, to his -very life-, to save it. Seeing it from the other side wasn't something it really paid attention to, it didn't look at -those- memories. Confronted by it all, it just seems... lost itself. Looking at it from the other side... the reasons don't really matter much, do they?

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The man tottered again, but by now, if Sam was paying attention, he might have learned to recognize the pattern. The man seemed... incomplete. The man who found Soulmirror in that abandoned patch of grass might as well have been dead now, after all; it was the deadly trap the blade represented. It didn't do it on purpose, didn't mean it out of malice, but Soulmirror's reflection showed only the naked truth. And when one's flaws were too strong... the cracks spread, not through the reflection, but through the original. There was nothing left to him but hatred driving him forward to seek out the Mimics. Nothing left to him but raw, naked Edge.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'He'd sought out Requius because Soulmirror could sense Sam's touch on her heart and mind. Nothing more and nothing less, the acts of Soulmirror trying to carry out the will it had been imbued with before the man's soul cracked and shattered. He didn't care about her, literally did not perceive her. Sam, though... A wordless howl suddenly erupted from lips half-muffled by the broken, twisted Raiment Soulmirror had tried to project onto the man. He raised the sword and charged at Sam in a blur.'

[CHAT] Samuel just... stood there for a moment, trying to come to grips with the memories, it shook its head for a moment, but only truly came back to its senses with pain. A -lot- of pain. The sword had shattered its armor and was now lodged into it's right forearm and shoulder--a few inches at least. If it hadn't been inadvertantly clutching it's head, it might have lost the arm. It yells out in pain from the attack--multiple bones broken, it's right side nigh-unusable for the moment. And then, "DAD!" a smaller form comes bounding onto the scene, literally throwing itself with everything it has into a tackle at the other guy from behind, aiming for his shoulders. Jaraid, meanwhile, is more silent--coming from another angle and aiming to try to take out the man's legs.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Child...? CHILD!" Edge's face went mad, his eyes bulging as Flay's light frame slammed into his side. The sound of bones cracking could be heard, but he wrenched Soulmirror free of Sam and whirled, only slightly unbalanced by the impact. A dagger dropped into his right hand, and he threw it at Flay with a quick motion before stepping forward and raising the sword. When Jaraid hit his legs, he disrupted the swing aimed at Flay, but reflexively, he chopped down at Jaraid as he fell...'

[CHAT] Samuel -- It's eyes shot open as it heard Flay. No no no no no. NO! Even before the sword is wrenched out, it's lunging, grabbing at the Edge's wrist and aiming to tackle it himself, "NO! You -WILL NOT-! I -WON'T LET YOU-! I -DON'T CARE- WHAT HAPPENED!" it roars out, the desperation of the situation cutting right through any thoughts otherwise, "I WILL TEAR YOU APART!" It flew into a veritable frenzy, attacking and attacking, even with its wounded arm, and would not stop, will not stop, until it, or the man, is dead. When it comes down to it, that's what it'll do. Anything to save its family. Damn the consequences.

[CHAT] Samuel -C- For their parts, Flay earned a dagger in its shoulder, which knocked it back and to the ground at the sheer power of it, and caused it to cry out in pain. Jaraid, however, took the worse of the two, that sword piercing its hide like paper, causing it to cry out in pain itself as there was a gash running up the length of its side--even cutting into, and breaking, its own shoulder in the process.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Sam was able to take the unbalanced Edge off his feet, and the pair of them rolled to the ground. Edge wasn't able to swing the sword in such a close melee, and that left the man open to a severe beating. After the first few blows, he didn't even seem to be resisting, as Sam felt bones cracking and breaking under his fists. In his rampage he didn't even notice when Edge's hand fell open, and he might not have noticed when the sword spun and vanished once more. The metal raiment digging into his flesh started to break apart into tiny particles of flame, leaving behind the ruined flesh where it had grown, and then Sam crushed Edge's windpipe. Trying to gasp through a crushed throat, he still reached out, fingers scrabbling across Sam's armor and leaving a bloody trail, still trying somehow to hurt Sam despite his mortal injuries. Now that Soulmirror had abandoned him, he was a dead man.'

[CHAT] Samuel just kept beating the man, even after he stopped moving--until he was mush. And then until even that was gone and it was punching the wet ground. The only thing stopping its rage being that it heard Jaraid, "Dad... it hurts..." which immediately makes it snap out of it. "Jaraid!" it immediately rushes over to the kid and looks him and picked him up, neither Jaraid nor Flay had nearly the regenerative powers that Sam had yet. They needed immediate medical attention. Requius, too. Damn it! The only other one who could still really stand was Flay, and even he was hurting. Getting them back to the ship, which was still in orbit... took more than a little finagling, but eventually Sam managed to carry them all back to the ship for treatment. It knew basic first aid, at least.

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'As soon as Sam removed the daggers of energy her eyes opened and she awoke with a start. Sitting bolt upright and pointing a cannon arm at Samuels face. "Wha..Where did he go?" She asked before looking around and seeing the beaten pile of meat-flesh as well as Samuels injured children. She closed her eyes and reviewed the last moments. She looked at her hands and the points of incisions and the daggers own fleeting energy. <He disrupted my own energy channels, keeping me in a sort of coma.> She thought as she flashed back to the scene. <C> '

[CHAT] Requius: -- ' She quickly rushed over and grabbed up the more injured Jaraid. &"I'll get him to the ship, but after this I need to go back down and Inspect whatever is left of that thing. Sorry to drag you into this." She thought before in her chest there was a slight pain. A strange feeling inside. Something she hadn't felt since...<No...Its...Its too soon.> She thought before she vanished in a flash of light and pressure wave. She couldn't ensure a safe travel for all of them with her jaunt, but she could at least do one. <F>'

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