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*Ambition and Choice*

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[CHAT] Samuel -- It had been a short while since the fight, it didn't have a clock, but it was probably morning by now. Req had been medically treated and moved to a nearby medical room--or at least some place with an actual -bed- for her to rest in until she woke back up. Sam was still there--right with her, looking her over for a moment before sitting in a nearby chair, but also keeping an eye on that little glass orb that the demon gave it--with the swirling colors. Apparently it spelled out everything. It was curious, but at the same time it wanted to be there when Req woke up, and going into the whole dreamstate mental thing meant it wouldn't be. Still, it'd definitely check it out later.

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'She was soaring. An endless expanse of black speckled with the faint lights of distant stars. The stars and planets streaking by in what seems like streaks of white all around her. A tunnel as she navigated the FTL drives. Her body flowing and running after something. A pitting black hole of emptiness that would never get closer no matter how fast she went. She wanted to be with it. A part of it. She could see one of the stared balls near the center, then another and another. A endless want for them. She could feel her body being torn apart with the velocity and drive to get them. She was getting closer and closer. The black hole ripping her outstretched hand into particles then atoms then slowly being sucked inwards in a spiral of blue and white. She could almost reach them then it all faded.<C> '

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'The world around her snapped shut as she woke. Lights above her and a strange beeping sound. She could feel various tubes in her and felt the soft comfort of a bed under her. Her vision slowly focused and she turned her head to the side seeing Samuel there. "Seems like we all made it." She said softly as she looked at him. She wondered why they didn't just place her in a pile of organic waste. She could regenerate herself nearly as fast as Samuel could, but only with amble supplies of organic compounds. She couldn't store it like he could.'

[CHAT] Samuel looks up and offers her a small smile as she wakes up and speaks, "Yeah, we did. You hit pretty hard when you want to, you know that?" it says with a small grin, "That was... not how I expected this all to go," it shook its head slowly, with a small sigh, "But I'm glad I was able to help you, even if it meant fighting you like that," it nods. It still wasn't altogether comfortable with the idea that it might have to fight those closest to it, it probably never would be, at least it could understand it now. "Prime's got the gate set up, we can head back to Earth whenever you want to go, or we can go back to the ship," it nods a moment once more, speaking.

[CHAT] Requius: -- '"I don't think shooting you with a cannon counts as hitting." She said as she slowly sat up, ripping the cords from her body haphazardly. She sighed as she looked down. Her clothes were torn to pieces on a chair next to the bed and she was wearing a white plane cloth gown. "We are not heading back. Not yet." She said with a slight pause. "I'm not going back, sorry Sam. I'm not going to speak for you." She said as she swung her legs off the bed, dangling them as she kicked them in the air. She felt good, but empty as well. As if a part of her was just ripped and now there was a pit. A feeling of emptiness. "I have things I need done with Dumastin first. Questions and answer."'

[CHAT] Samuel nods, "Yeah, I was thinking about things, myself," he notes, glancing back to the glass orb with the steams of color flowing inside that it still has, "Dumastin gave me this for some answers on things he couldn't tell me. I wanted to make sure you were okay, first, though. Because this is apparently, um, involved," it says, furrowing its brow momentarily, before looking back up to Req and nodding a moment, "But yeah, it's fine with me. When I do go back, though, I'll need to head to the ship..." it adds. It's still pretty early in the morning, it thought, but it should check back on things.

[CHAT] Requius sighs and looks over to Samuel. "Sorry to bring you into all of this. Dumastin was right tho. My father and sister and Dumastin himself..." She said as she trailed off then briskly hopped down onto the ground, bouncing a few steps as she does, gown flowing around her slightly. "They all put each other in check. I...I don't even know how many times they had put Father down so he wouldn't destroy everything. Which is sad seeing as how he was so young and...small." She finished with a slight chuckle. "But an orb that is supposed to answer all your questions huh. Seems...brainfuckery."

[CHAT] Samuel nods slowly, "Yeah, I know. I understand all of that, why you needed me there to help make sure you could do this. I just..." it frowns slightly, "I don't... like it," it frowned. "But, things like that... if that's something I need to do," it says, almost sounding resigned to it, "I'll do it, for you," it nods slowly, going quiet for a few moments before she speaks about the orb again, "Yeah, that's what I'm expecting. Dumastin and that... demon said something about the dreamscape, so that's gonna be a... thing," it frowned. It still wasn't altogether comfortable with the dreamscape, either, after it's own experiences--especially something that was going to be... unpleasant, apparently.

[CHAT] Requius: -- '"Hey, quick question." She said with a grin. "I don't remember much of what happened after I told you to take out the two other dragonballs." She paused took a breath and then continued with a slight puzzled look on her face. "Did I put up a good fight? I know there were both of you there so I figured this is where I would end up. But I would still like to know." She said with a grin on her face. She knew she didn't like to brawl like that, but she still wanted to know how she did.'

[CHAT] Samuel glances back up to Req, then grins a moment as it hears the question, "Oh, yeah, you did great. If it was just me alone, you might've won. You ended up hitting me full of that, um, serum that stopped me from healing and cut off what I can do, I was just about to pass out at the end there, myself," it furrows its brow a moment, "If it wasn't so... serious, it would've been really fun," it gives a small chuckle. "I wasn't expecting that. Need to find a workaround for that if it comes up again," it nods to itself, thinking a moment on the question. It -did- have a brilliant microbiologist mind of its own, so this -was- something it could work on.

[CHAT] Requius: -- '"Thats good. Glad to have given you a run for your money and...I'm sorry. I didn't know I would do that." She said as she walked over to her torn and bloody clothes and sighed. "I'll need a new one..." She said as she shot a small blast of energy, turning the fabric into little more than dust. "Be careful in that Dreamscape. Sometimes it gets so real you can get lost. And other things that leave scars. Its...Please be careful." She said with a sigh as she turned to the door. "But first things first. Whats a girl gotta do to get some food around here?"'

[CHAT] Samuel blinks a moment, it'd been so... fixated on things in the past few hours that it barely even registered, right up until Req had said something about it. It was starving! It steps after Req, "Let me join you on that. This place has to have a kitchen somewhere, let me see if I can make us something to eat," it gives a bit of a grin at the thought. Cooking. It still loved cooking, and had been pouring over recipes and trying them out in its spare time--which admittedly between training, watching things, and the various trouble that comes up, wasn't too much. Still! Onward. To food!

[CHAT] Requius: -- '"Samuel. If you still want to go to New Requiem..." She said as she paused slightly. It was hard for her to do what she had, and even more to Reassure Samuel. "You...You can do whatever you want. I want it to be a place of new beginings for everyone. I will not hold you responsible or anything...I...I want you and your family to do what you feel like doing. Not be pressured or forced to fight battles that are not yours." She said as they turned the corner. One grey hallway leading into another almost featureless dark hallway. "If you want to open a diner and cook for however long you want go for it. You...You've done enough around here..." she said as she stopped and faced samuel. "Where the hell are we?"'

[CHAT] Samuel nods, "I do... I'm going to New Requiem... but," it says, "Dumastin helped me realize, that... life where I've settled down with the family, and, well, hopefully you, and don't have to 'police' the whole galaxy," it pauses, shaking its head a moment, sounding again, all but defeated, "It's just... not possible for me. Not if I want to keep New Requiem safe, or my family safe, or..." it just goes quiet, for a long moment, then, blinking it looked up, "Uh, we should be on the Sanctum... somewhere," it furrows its brow. It wasn't exactly sure of the entire layout itself, the last time it was here it was for a battle in one specific room, and the time before that the whole place was encased in ice.

[CHAT] Requius: -- '"Turns another corner only to run into an entire corridor where every room was empty with painted purple walls. "OK. Now this is getting strange...Use that supper sniffer to find us some food." She said as she placed her arm around his waist. "That...That is your choice. If you want to be the police go for it...But...You don't have to. I. I have come to realize that no matter what we do, life moves on. The battles are forgotten and people move on with their lives." She said as she waited for Samuel to see If he could sniff out the food. "The universe will keep spinning long after we are gone. And even when we are here. We are just a spec of dust in this vast universe..."'

[CHAT] Samuel nods a moment, slipping its own arm around Requius, "Alright, leave this to me," it nods, before furrowing its brow momentarily, "I know. I don't... want to, but... unless we all go live alone in some place no one will ever find, which with everything you're doing, I couldn't ask you to do. So, I have to, to protect you and everyone else I care about," it nods slowly, "Dumastin, and you, helped me realize that... it's just not an option for me, as much as I want it to be. If I don't 'police' things and try to keep everything... stable, it could all fall apart, and our new home would get dragged into a war. To protect you, though, it's worth it," it says with a small nod, before actually starting to sniff around for food, "There it is..." it says after a few moments and starts leading Req down a few hallways towards the kitchens.

[CHAT] Samuel -- "So what? Yeah, we're all just dust in the universe in the end, but what does that even matter? The only thing that really matters, I think, is what we do with ourselves, and for me, I can't imagine anything better than to spend my time with you," it pulls her in slightly for a hug to emphasize this as it speaks, "Help build a home for all of us, and keep everyone I care about safe. Even if I don't like everything I have to do for the last one,"

[CHAT] She sighs. <It seems like Dumastin has gotten to him somehow. Perhaps after our fight. Perhaps during our fight.> She thought as she slowly disengages from his embrace to raid the pantry. Cans of food and bags of various assorted confections including well known treats called “Saiyan Cakes” which were some sort of banana bread filled with cream. She didn’t so much eat them as she buried her fingers in them, allowing her body to break down and digest what it needed to and leave the rest as waste. “Samuel,” she said as she looked at her. “Its thinking like that which leads to self destruction. If you try and try and try to hold on and protect everything, you will break, either physically or mentally and,” She pauses as she tosses some dust into a nearby trash bin. It was all that was left after consuming the nutrients from the material. “You don’t need to go out and protect everything. Just protect what you need to when the time comes, and sometimes the best way to protect your loved ones is to not fight. You don’t have to be this galaxy hero. You only need to be your children's hero.” She finishes while opening a can of creamed corn.

[CHAT] Samuel shakes its head, "I know. It's one of the reasons I didn't want to go do all of this," it shakes its head slowly, "But everyone keeps pushing. Dumastin. Thousand. Jules. I wanted to go with you to walk away from all of that, but... with this fight, I realized... I have to do things I don't... really want to do to keep the people I care about safe," it says, slowly, "But... I don't want to protect everything. Just us. But the world is bigger than just us. Something Dumastin said, if that... alliance falls apart, New Requiem could be a target in the wars that'll happen. I want to... head stuff like that off. Be more... proactive. Meet trouble head on rather than wait for it to hit us," it nods. "I don't... care about the small stuff. I don't... want to fight all the fights. Be the 'hero'. Just stop stuff that could actually... threaten us, either now or eventually, you know?" it finishes, before it makes its way to the pantry and refrigerator itself and goes over the ingredients, grabbing various ones. Onions, red peppers, spices, mushrooms, canned tomatoes, eggs, a bunch of stuff. It was going to make a big meal.

[CHAT] Look around the room, eyeing the many tables and chairs in the room before sitting down at a bar-like countertop to watch Samuel start cooking. “But that's the thing tho Samuel. Your concern shouldn’t be the alliance or New Requiem.” She said as she bowed her head down. She lost her father as well. A mad scientist Ghetti with passions about reaching maximum potential in everything. But she took his loss in a different way. She had to grow up quickly, like Samuel. Adapt but It seems that they took different views on it. “Samuel. Your concern should be being a father. If you go out to protect the alliance on some off world planet…” She trailed off and took a breath before continuing. “And you...died...Your kids would have no father. No one to protect them. No one to teach them. And no matter if there was someone like Thousand who stepped in to help you, I know you can remember.” She said with a slight pause. Taking the silence to influence her next words.”He is still no Max. He is still not your father. The things you could have learned. The times you missed out on with him dead and gone.” She looked up with tears in her eyes as she brought to the surface her painful memories of Cilantro saying his final words to her. “Don’t leave your kids without a father...Please.” She said as a blue glowing tear streaked down her porcelain face and dripped onto the snow white stone countertop.

[CHAT] Samuel sets about preparing the food--much easier when your entire toolset is literally at the end of your arm, still, it pauses chopping vegetables and the like, but gradually slows to a stop as Req speaks. It looks down for a few moments, "I..." it pauses, hesitating, "You're right," before walking around the counter to where Req is to give her a hug. Death, it's own death, was something it didn't even take into the thought process at all. It looks down, entirely unsure of itself at the moment, "I don't want to leave them alone. To leave you alone, either. But... I... I don't know what to do. I felt like I didn't have a choice. That... this was something I -had- to do to keep you, Jaraid, and Flay safe. What... if we're all drawn into some war, or the planet is attacked, or what...?" it asks.

[CHAT] Dumastin - “My ears are burning. Is someone talking about me all of a sudden?” The door slid open again to admit the Sanctum’s master. He looked far better than he had before; his skin had regained its normal rich, deep green color, and even his cybernetics had received a bit of polish. He’d changed into clean clothes in the Namekian style, though his left arm was bare to the shoulder to leave his prosthetic arm uncovered. “If you wanted food, you could have asked Prime. He had actually brought some with him when he came to visit; I think he was a bit put out that he didn’t get the chance to prepare it for you.” He swept his gaze around the room. “Why’s everyone looking so glum? And still here, too. That’s a bit of a surprise, I figured you’d both leave as soon as Requius was back on her feet. This isn’t exactly the homiest place I’ve ever lived.”

[CHAT] Requius looks up in surprise as the master of the Sanctum enters the room. “You don’t think I would just barge in here, demand that you take those cursed balls and then leave without even saying hello now do you?” She said with as much of a smile as she could muster. It was this namekian that influenced her father to do the things he did. The path of self destruction. She resented him for that and that feeling had not subsided in time. “We were just speaking about war and family.” She said as she continued to watch Samuel in action. Fighting with the food and meal plan instead of a world ending ascended. “I hear you are for the war. I tend to disagree and am more for being a parent. Strange how that turns out after everything all of us have been through.”

[CHAT] Samuel -- As Dumastin enters, Sam looks over in his direction, "I, uh, hey, Dumastin. I wanted to cook something up myself, I don't... get too much of an opportunity to do that," it says, furrowing its brow a moment. It was still conflicted. It didn't... care too much about going out and being the galaxy's 'police,' or even what the people thought about it. What it did, though, was want to keep those it cared about safe. But Req was right, too, running off everywhere to fight battles because something 'could' happen could leave it dead and Flay and Jaraid without a father. Even without that, leaving them alone so often and so long wasn't something it wanted to do, either. As it stood... there was more in the 'stay home' column than 'go out and fight' column. In any case, it went back to finish chopping onions, and some mushrooms, before grabbing a frying pan, some olive oil and starting to saute them--as they cook it goes to dice a number of peppers as well, other ingredients in the dish.

[CHAT] Dumastin shrugged. “All I said was that people like us can’t simply exist quietly and still be a part of the galaxy.” He took a seat; he’d never had much of a use for this galley, but he’d ensured it existed when the subterranean labyrinth of the Sanctum was being expanded, on the off-chance he ever had visitors. “You can disappear, but you can’t just fade into the woodwork and hope to be ignored. Take you, for example.” He pointed a skeletal steel finger at Requius. “You and that ship of yours represent a battle fleet’s worth of combat power at least, and that’s just with the capabilities I’m aware of. The capabilities of Ascended are theoretically nearly infinite, after all…” He leaned back and crossed his arms. “If your new colony is going to be completely secret, of course, things are different, but if you expect to have trade relations, importing, exporting…. If you expect to be part of the galactic community, in short, it comes with threats. You think if a major interstellar war breaks out, someone won’t come and try to pressgang the Requium into fighting on their side? Or show up with a fleet of their own, try to wipe you out before hostilities break out.” He shook his head. “I asked a question yesterday, Sam, kind of rhetorically. I’m going to ask it again, and this time I’d like to hear your answer. If something bad happens, something you could have prevented, do you think you bear any of the blame? Do you think that… with the ability to protect those who can’t protect themselves, comes the responsibility?”

[CHAT] Looks at Dumastin with her cold grey eyes. Eyes that were once amethyst and filled with optimism. Her new form changed not just her eyes but her outlook. Dumastin might not have noticed at the time but the subtle differences were there. “Yes. I am setting up a colony. And yes. They would probably try to do something sometime or another. That still does not change the fact that we are all dead. Born from the planets to turn back to dust. When we are gone, our memories and achievements will fade. Time will be forgotten and It would be like we never existed in the first place.” She said flatly. “If me running a colony for a time makes me happy I will do such a thing. If I want to prevent something bad from happening, even if it IS to New Requiem, we are just on borrowed time. It matters not what I do in the world.” She said while taking a small drink of a warm beverage she found in one of the pantries. “No matter what we do, everything keeps on ticking away, without a hitch until eventually it stops and We have not mattered anyways.” She looked to Samuel with those eyes and half-smiled “Sorry if that is rather dark Samuel, Its just my opinion on the matter. I know I won't be around forever. I know that soon the Requiem might have outlive My own function and reform me into something else.” She sighed then took another drink “Maybe then after this shell is gone, maybe my next will Think like you.”

[CHAT] Samuel stirs the dish for the moment, after mixing the diced peppers in, as Dumastin speaks, it again, gradually stops, looking down a moment, closing its eyes, taking a deep breath and sighing for the moment as it figures the wording. Finally making some kind of direct decision on this. "Dumastin," it says, simply. "If I'm responsible for something I could have stopped... where does it stop? Am I supposed to be responsible for someone getting robbed half a block away? Someone getting killed a town over? A riot on another planet? A war breaking out on the other side of the galaxy? Am I supposed to abandon my life, my -family-, to go running all over the galaxy like some kind of comic book superhero? Is that what you want? I don't think I'm responsible. That doesn't mean I'll let it happen in front of me, but that doesn't mean I'll go out and -look- for it, either. I won't leave Jaraid and Flay without a Dad like what happened with me," it nods, sounding more and more sure of itself as it spoke. Then, it finally turns to Req, "Req... like I said, I don't think it matters. So what if nothing's forever? I can't think of anything better to do with that 'borrowed time' than spending it with you and the kids, and building a home for us. You're wrong, though. You do matter. To me," it nods, "And I... want to see if I can help with that. With the ship, I mean," it furrows its brow.

[CHAT] Dumastin waved an arm dismissively. “I’m not talking about murders and robberies, Sam. I’m talking about *us.* Ascended. The things only we can handle.” He shook his head. “Arlia, Epitome, the Thorned. Times and places where the fate of worlds hang in the balance…” He sighed. “You know, it’s your future. I know I can’t affect it, and I’m not so big an idiot to think that I could change the way Max Power’s son thinks, whether I had days or years to do it in…” He sank back into his chair. “But there’s a difference between what Sam is saying and what you’re saying, Requius. Do you really think that way? That because your consciousness is relatively transient, at the mercy of the Requiem’s core function systems, that what you do doesn’t matter? Nothing could be further from the truth!” He was… disappointed, to some degree, in Sam, though he couldn’t explain why. After all, he hardly had any right to have expectations of the boy in the first place. But what he felt for what Requius was saying went past disappointment. That was a dangerous way to talk in some respects. Prometheus’s report of his “expedition” had given him plenty of information to suggest that.

[CHAT] Requius looks up from her beverage, the steam rising from the cup and wafting in front of her face. “I believe in doing what you want to do, but knowing that in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter. IF I gave you the dragonballs, or if you came after them. It mattered not what I did. You would still be in possession of them.” She said with a crooked grin on her face. “What people do to each other on some remote planet is none of my concern. Honestly. None of it is of my concern.” She said sternly, with a voice filled with ice. “Some people go out to search for fights. Some think it's their duty to protect or do whatever to the entire universe. There will always be someone stronger. Someone crueler. Where does it stop?” She said while she looked at Dumastin. “What problems do you see in someone wanting to be the best Father they could be. What problems do you have for me just wanting to take care of my own on some planet far away from other people's mess. Its their bed. Best they lie in it.” She said as she picked up the cup and drank from it. “When my time comes, I too will rest in my bed, But I will be doing it on my terms and in my way doing what I think is correct.”

[CHAT] Samuel furrows its brow and and goes back to cooking, "But where does it stop...? Do I have to fight until I die, or until something happens and someone else has to kill me?" it shakes its head, "There will -always- be someone else, some new big bad to fight," while adding a bunch of spices to the sauteing mixture, cumin, paprika, turmeric, cayenne--it even freshly grinds some black pepper in there. "I just want... peace. Without anyone pushing me to do things I don't want to do, without the constant war, without the stares and having to prove myself over and over and over. You tell me I'll have to, that they'll always hate me unless I do it, but... they don't hate me at Copperville and New Requiem," it closes its eyes a moment, leaving the mixture to cook for the moment as it turns to face Dumastin. "Is that so wrong? To just... want to live in peace?"

[CHAT] Dumastin glanced to the side, where Sam was working. He wondered, idly, when the last time this kitchen was stocked might have been; he doubted anything was dangerously spoiled, but…. Well, dried spices kept pretty well. It was probably fine. He pulled his gaze aside, back at Requius. “The problems you avoid today are the problems your kids have to deal with tomorrow. Simple as that. Peace is one thing, but there’s a price to be paid for everything.” He took in a deep breath. He wouldn’t admit it, but the smells the cooking made… It brought him back to the lively days aboard the Carrier, with Max and Julian. “You give up your ability to shape that future. Without involving yourself, without making a difference, how do you expect to change what’s to come? Requius, you may not expect enough of a lifespan in your current incarnation to care, but Sam, your inactions have as much impact on the future your kids will see as your actions, whether you choose to admit it or not.”

[CHAT] Requius places her cup on the countertop. The white flawless stone, cold to the touch, cup empty of its delicious contents. “Dumastin. I am impacting what I can. You can change the inside of your house. You can add rooms. Take them away. Bring people in and kick them out. Even so much as to fix your yard to make it look nice, or not care and let it go to shit. Maybe you might be able to get your neighbors to clean a little but I can’t go into THEIR house and change their home.” She said in frustration. “New Requiem is My house, and I intend to shape it into what I can. Provide for it. If someone tries to break in defend it. But I will not go looking in other people's houses, and trying to stop them from doing shit.” She said as she unconsciously started tapping a finger on the countertop in the anticipation of food. “If the neighbor runs over because they were assaulted in their home and wish security in mine, That is my choice whether to let them in or not.” She said as she looked at him. “If what you suggest rings true, In your world It would seem like I should go knocking door to door and just eliminate every wrong in the universe. Or be a dictator and subjugate it all under my tiny black leather boot.

[CHAT] Samuel had gone back to cooking, setting up the final steps, opening up a can of crushed tomatoes, and stirs it in for a few moments, letting everything get together. But, as Dumastin speaks it looks down. Everything has a price. Those were some weighty words for it. "Dumastin. What do you want me to do? I don't -want- to shape the future. I don't -want- a part in politics. All I want... is just to have a family that cares about me. And me them. You would have me throw all of that away to fight for a cause I don't believe in, for reasons I don't agree with. There's a price for everything. You expect me to pay that one? What do you -want- me to do?" it hmphs a moment, before adding the final ingredient--eggs to poach in the tomato sauce. Everything was fresh enough. Prime probably replaces anything that goes too bad.

[CHAT] Dumastin waved a hand. “Why not? I’ve asked myself the same question often enough. The question is to identify what you can change and what you can leave alone. Maybe you can’t fix a single neighbor, but what about a crooked developer that’s messing with the whole neighborhood, trying to run people out of their homes to pave over the whole place? You can smash them flat and improve the whole area. There will *always* be… lynchpin points like that, things you can affect, events you can control.” He looked away from Requius and to Sam. “You decide what prices you can afford and what you can’t. That’s all there is to it. But you also realize that sometimes what you do and don’t do, whether it has a price for you or not, can pile up a debt for the generations that follow. You know that as well as anyone, and we’ve already had that conversation. You inherited as deep and unfair a debt as anyone could be asked to carry, after all!” He did that little head-shake movement Dumastin did when he was thinking, then crossed his arms again. “I want you to realize, both of you, what you mean when you say you don’t want any part of the battles I’ve fought since I first landed on Earth. If you want to walk away from all that, that’s your choice, but you’ve got to realize the full impact of the choices you make!” <f>

[CHAT] Requius stand up slowly and walks her small 5 foot 3inch frame wearing the same white hospital clothes from Dumastin’s medbay. The gown slowly twirling around her as she walks up to him. “Dumastin.” She said slowly and calmly, “I’m not like you. I don’t try to change the world into whatever form you are trying to make it. Whatever form you WISH to make it.” She said as she looked up to him, close enough to smell the artificial components that make up Dumastin’s cybernetics. “I’m just trying to carve out a place I call home. Something it seems you failed to do. This place is empty. Cold. It may be a house, but not a home.” She actually reached up and...hugged him. “I’m sorry your path brought you here. You made a cold house of stone for yourself. But…” She looked around. The vast emptiness. The coldness. The solitude. “This is no home. Would you deny me even that privilege. If I am to sacrifice myself for what you have accomplished, I would rather die. I would die than be a master of an empty house.” She said as she squeezed him a little tighter than released. “I’m sorry, But I wish to make a home, not just a house.”

[CHAT] Samuel -- As the cooking gets close to finishing, it goes ahead and makes a few slices of toast, gathers up some bowls and utensils to serve, and listens to Dumastin speak. "Dumastin. Why do I have to throw away everything I've ever wanted? Because my Dad loved me enough to do -anything- to save me? Would he have wanted me to spend my life hating what I'm doing? Or would he have wanted me to be happy? I think he would have wanted me to be happy," it nods. "So I won't. I won't throw away my life just to do what you want me to do. I don't care what you say. I don't care about debts. If I keep my head down, and don't throw myself out there at every opportunity, people will eventually forget. So if I find a good place, and just... settle down, why not? What is so terrible about that? Just... settling down and living your life. Why is that such a sin to you?" it shakes its head slowly, before starting to plate the food, setting plates down on the counter--tomato sauce with mushrooms, onions, peppers, topped with a poached egg, served alongside some toast. A nice, savory, dinner-for-breakfast style meal.

[CHAT] Dumastin stood up and faced the door. “I had a home, once. Several, really. It was always made up of of the people I flew with. We laughed together, and fought together, and things were good. And now, even though they were all better men than I, they’re all dead. One family outlived me, and now I’ve outlived the second.” He looked back around at Sam one last time. “Max Power was like a brother to me. I think, though, that what he would have wanted is to be there to watch you grow up, rather than to leave you to face an uncertain future without him. But I think that the crimes he committed when he died were crimes of foolishness, not of love. He lost the faith. Didn’t trust the rest of us when we needed him to. It wasn’t right, what happened to him, and...” He shook his head again as he turned away. “The good news is, that you won’t have to care what I think soon enough. I’m not trying to change your mind, anyway. Just to make you think a little bit deeper and a little bit wider while I’m still around to have my say on matters. Enjoy your meal, both of you.” With that, the door slid open and he walked away. The orb Iapetus had given Sam would explain enough, he had no need to thrash the boy with the bitterness that the loss of his own “family” had brought on. Either Sam would understand when he saw Dumastin’s own demons laid bare, or not; words were a poor tool to convey such a message. <f>

[CHAT] Requius - You act like we haven’t lost family or paid for the prices of their fathers or friends. Their crimes.” She said as he started walking away. “I’m trying to learn from Cilantro’s, my own fathers, mistakes.” She said with her head down. “Always chasing what was just out of his grasp. Trying to change the universe and where did that lead him? Dead...And me to clean up his mess, Which I would have to admit, I think I did a fairly decent job.” She finished as she looked at the Namekians back as he walked away. She turned to Samuel. “My goal is to not be left like this. Left with an empty house instead of a warm home.” She sighed as she sat next to an empty chair. There were three bowls on the table and only two people. “I...I feel sorry for him. He strove to touch the sun, he not only burned himself but everyone around him.” She said as she stuck a spoon into the meal and just twirled it around.rrr

[NARRATOR] Dumastin would see the lights in the hallway flicker and distort slightly as a small image appeared in front of him. Hazy at first, transparent but slowly growing in definition. A small ghetti kid with eyes of madness looking beyond to the potential. “Dumastin.” The kid's voice rang out, seeming to pierce into Dumastin’s ears than actually spoken out loud. “You are still my family. And wherever you are I still consider a home.” The kid said as a black lab coat grew more solid, almost physical in sense but if Dumastin looked with his senses, The ghetti kid would still not be a physical piece of the realm. “Don’t let her discourage you. There will be a time when they realize what they must do. What they will have to do. But I’m here for you Dumastin.” He said with a grin. “How about we put our heads together and reach the maximum potential your plan can reach?” He said with a sly grin. He didn’t know why he could appear to Dumastin, Samuel, Thousand, even others that picked up the small black coins that were strewn about the universe but when it came to Requius, He couldn’t even be within her senses to project himself. <everything has a price> he reminded himself.

[CHAT] Samuel shook its head, "Dumastin, wait..." it furrows its brow, looking down, "I have every memory Dad ever had... he jumped at the chance to be a hero. You didn't even need to -ask- him. He -went to you-. He wanted the glory, the... adoration, people to look up to him. To be remembered as a hero. Everything I... don't want... he did. Yeah, what he did was foolish, stupid, he was desperate and deceived. But when it came down to it.... he threw everything away, all of it, just... for me. Made himself someone who'll always be remembered as a monster because he thought he had to, just to... save me. To save his family. Even if he lived... his life was over. What you're asking... what you want... you're asking me to give up my family to go be a hero..." it shook its head. Then looked down. Remembering all of that just... made it depressed.

[CHAT] Dumastin - After the door shut behind the Namek, there was a pause, and then a voice echoed through the gloom of the messroom. “I feel the need to apologize for Dumastin’s harsh words. You are both guests here at my Sanctum, and… I feel he allows his bitterness over the course events have taken to overcome him, occasionally.” Prime’s voice was almost soothing after the harsh edge Dumastin’s last words had carried. “It is unfair to you, perhaps, Sam, but I suspect he allows his feelings for Max’s actions and the end of his life to color his perception of you. He always has, to some extent, though never more so than now, when the end of his life looms so large in his perceptions.”

[CHAT] Dumastin, meanwhile, to his credit, only seemed *slightly* startled by Haggis’s surprise entrance. “You’re gone, though, or as close to it as the difference doesn’t matter. You’ll never again sail the sea of stars with me. Max is gone, and his son is no patch on losing him.” And Jules… The best thing, he thought, that he could do for Jules would be to get away from him. Give him a chance to develop in the absence of the baked-in loyalty protocols Julian had included in his offspring’s genetic design. “As for maximum potential… I’m willing to listen to suggestions. Even I have a hard time seeing any way to be more ambitious than I’m already being…” <f>

[CHAT] Requius sighs and taps the delicious looking and smelling food with her spoon again. She twirled it slowly in the substance of tomatoes and eggs before trying to break the awkward feeling she was feeling “Thank you prime but...I already know about me. HE may have some disdain or lost longing or feeling of despair over Samuel but of me. I think he could care less. Before the thorned...The thorned I was so willing to help but seeing the aftermath.” She said as she let the steam roll off the dish as it slowly cooled. “I saw what that could do. What grabs for power can take you and...I don’t want to be a part of that. Not at all.” She said before looking at Samuel. “I’m...I’m afraid he lost himself on his quest for more. There is just...blind ambition it seems. And, it seems, he would let nothing stand between him and his insane goal.

[CHAT] Haggis smiled as he slowly started walking towards Dumastin, although it was a bit sloppy as sometimes his feet would either miss the floor entirely or sink right through it. “I only have tidbits of what you plan to do. The...View and Time distortion in my realm tend to be troublesome sometimes.” The either insane or genius ghetti said in his smaller child-like voice. “But I get the gist of it.” He finished before continuing. “I have studied those Aydin and Aydun’s. The magics they work. They had left me in a box so to say, but a box of their powers and magics. Their energies. Like that would hold me forever. I stand before you know when before I was just a voice or had to take you there.” He clapped his hands “But you want me to get to the point.” He smiled as he stopped, wavering a little in time and space. “I created a strand of magic. A pattern of energies you could weave into your own. It would break down whatever magics they are using and add that energy to your own of course.” He smiled as he paused. “Of course there is a limit to the powers etc. It can’t erase or absorb everything, but every bit helps right?” He said as he held up a finger. “But that's only one of two things I can do for you.” <f>

[CHAT] Samuel just... keeps looking down. "I don't want to lose anyone else. I lost so many friends and family in that kind of life... why can't they just let me choose my own way? To live and be happy? Why does everyone just... keep trying to push me into this?" it shakes its head slowly with a small sigh. As Req speaks, it shakes his head, "I don't want any part of it, either." At that it goes quiet for a few, long, moments. "Req," it eventually speaks up, "What do you want to do after breakfast...?" it asks, trying to find some way to change the subject and get its mind off things. This... was heavy. The sooner it could leave, the better. "I was thinking of showing Jaraid and Flay around some of the sights on Earth while we're still there... do you want to join us?"

[CHAT] Dumastin - “The galaxy needs heroes, that is all. Dumastin recognizes this, and I suspect, had hoped that you could fill that void once he was gone. People have a predisposition of sorts towards complacency, but the existence of an icon sufficient to rouse the people’s hearts and minds is sufficient to, in theory, create the changes he wanted to see in our galaxy simply by means of that existence. After centuries of stagnancy imposed by Aydin’s actions, in a sense, the sheep are in need of a shepherd, if only to show them where to go.” Prime’s voice was warm, and lacked the biting edge of Dumastin’s anger. “The message Dumastin is trying to convey, though his emotions on this matter are getting in the way, is that while it’s within your rights to refuse to step up to take the role as the shepherd, at the same time, you must understand fully that if you do so you also give up any say on where the flock will go.” He paused at that, a typical characteristic when Prime was having trouble phrasing a complex concept properly. “The Captain has… certain perspectives on this matter which we are not at liberty to describe in great detail. If you trust my word on the matter, though, I suggest to you that we have more indication than most of just how badly the course of history can lead, to continue the metaphor, straight into the wolf’s den.” If he’d had a face, Prime’s eye would have borne a bit of a twinkle at the next statement. “I suppose the metaphor comes apart at the seams when you consider that you and your children have more, in some respects, in common with the wolves than the sheep on some level.”

[CHAT] Dumastin grinned at the little Ghetti who had once been a protege of sorts. “I’ve got my own strand of magic, of sorts. Don’t worry. I fully expect at least Aydun to try to interfere if he’s able. And besides…” He held up his bare hand, his sleeve falling away as his hand came up, and displayed the hand front and back, then made a pass with the hand and produced the blackened coin that tied him to Haggis. “That idiot is so busy with magic that he can’t see past it to the tricks. It’s good to see you, though. Gets the old juices flowing.” <f>

[CHAT] On Dumastin’s small black coins a small magic phrase of runes eating away at the coin and etching themselves in a consuming light seemed to appear. “There is that string anyways. It is attuned to Aydun and Aydins magic but.” He said with a slight pause “If you have another source of magic to study I’m sure you can change what magic it eats.” He finished took a breath and smiles as he puts an arm on his waist and the other still outstretched. There an hourglass formed on a small black chain. Small grains of sand were slowly pouring from the top to the lower side but much slower almost a crawl. “I offer you time” He said with a smile. “If you wear this you will be wrapped in a small spacial magic, more connected to my realm than here. Effect would be to slow down your physical time here. A whole day here would only affect your body as if an hour passed.” He said as it took physical form, dangling from the ghostly hand “Yours to take if you want. It will fade in time, probably a few earth weeks.”

[CHAT] Requius finally gets settled down enough to try and eat. The food was amazing, flavored perfectly with just the right amount of love. “Your cooking has gone a long way from burning fish Sam.” She said with a smile as she places another spoonful into her mouth. Letting the juices and sauces blend and mix, a feeling of content passing through her, but it was fleeting. But was nice for the small moment of respite. “Sam. Of Course I will be going to earth. The Requiem is there in orbit and I can’t leave the thing sitting there.” She said with a smile. “I need to work out some trade agreements and what not, but in my free time we can all visit those places for the kids.”

[CHAT] Samuel nods and listens to Prime as he talks. "I understand that part... I've said before how the world looks to me. Like you said I'm more 'wolf' than 'shepherd.' I'm not... suited to be a shepherd with that, that's more a job for Thousand, or even Jules, but nobody's asking them, just... me. Why? ...why me? I'll willingly give that 'control' up. People can do whatever they want as long as I can settle down and live my life. Shouldn't that shepherd be someone who actually -wants- to do it, anyway? Not... forced on people," it shook its head slowly, before Req speaks to it. It gave a small smile as Req dove into the food and complimented it--almost looking like it was blushing. "Thanks," it says, "I practice whenever I can. Between... everything happening. It's a way to calm down for me," it nods, "And... I understand. Making a colony is hard work... if there's anything I can do to help, let me know," it nods.

[CHAT] Dumastin - “The wolf depends on the sheep, Sam. When there are many sheep, the wolf’s life is easier. If the flock fails and dies away, or is scattered because there is no shepherd, the wolf will starve, too. Or perhaps the wolf grows fat and lazy because the sheep are so abundant, and then when it comes time to defend its territory, it is chased away by another wolf who remained lean and has its fangs sharpened by hunger.” Prime’s voice chuckled slightly. “It’s only a metaphor, after all, but a rather versatile one. If Earth is your choice of destination, I can prepare the Gate to open at any time.”

[CHAT] Dumastin took the hourglass with a nod. “Time’s valuable. Maybe I’ll find a use for a little more of it than I would have otherwise had. As for the fade time, I don’t see that it matters; I’m not sure I’m going to last Earth weeks.” He nodded to Haggis. “Thank you, Haggis.”<f>

[CHAT] Haggis smiled as Dumastin took the hourglass. With a cold snap the chains bound themselves around Dumastins neck, and immediately the effects could be felt. A slight disconnect in the space around Dumastin as the field snapped in place. His heartbeat slowed, and the spread from the winter king could be felt slowing to a crawl as well, but the mind, everything stayed sharp. A strange somewhat disconnected feeling. “Glad to have you on board.” Haggis said with the glint of madness in his eyes. “Now. Want to go over your plans in further detail, and see if there is any last potential we can squeeze out of it?” He said as he bounced in the air, again, strange when his feet slid through the floor and hands passed through the walls.

[CHAT] Requius smiles as she finishes her plate. “Samuel. Honestly. You could probably place top ten in the world at this if you practice a bit more.” She said as she pushed the plate away. “Or just ate one of the top ten” She said with a giggle then stood. “I...I think we are done here, or at least I am. I will wait at the gates for you Samuel, unless you want to come now.” She said before looking up “Prime, Lead the way.”She addressed as she waited for directions. <exit>

[CHAT] Samuel glances up, "I won't abandon my family to do it. It's that simple. I won't throw away everything I've ever wanted just to watch some 'sheep,' I'm sorry," it says, finishing off it's own portion of the meal. It was really good. It smiles again at her praise, and her comment, "Yeah, I could... but learning on my own is half the fun, and the challenge," it grins a moment, before standing up, "I'll go with you, but I'll be heading to the Requiem. Need to check on the kids," it nods, following her out. Trying to think about places they'd both want to go, they were... pretty different. Jaraid'd want to go museums or universities or science labs and such, Flay on the other hand... he was on a martial arts kick at the moment. So, dojos and stuff. <exit>

[CHAT] Dumastin growled as he felt the chains tighten, and found himself tugging at them almost instantly. “Get this off of me, Haggis. Not funny.” He couldn’t seem to force the chains to loosen, and he figured he’d at least try to talk the Ghetti out of his little prank before trying to blast them off magically. “My plan is almost complete… Unless you can help me pinpoint Aydin’s physical body, there’s not much you can do for me. The Argus Array tells me it’s somewhere in the Kaio-sei region, but I most emphatically do *not* have time to scour an entire planet looking for it, even assuming that it’s actually on Kaio-sei itself and not on some moon or dead world in the area.” The Argus Array was an ingenius device; it used the resonance created by all of the leyline focal-gems he’d created to isolate energy signatures on a galactic scale, but he’d never been able to refine it closely enough to get down to more than about a solar system’s worth of granularity. “Or maybe the seventh Dragonball, if you’re feeling frisky today.”

[note] Dumastin is a bit spooked by the chain+hourglass, he was expecting it to be a one-off thing and not a long-term piece of magic

[CHAT] Haggis smiled and waved his ghostly hand. “No can do Dumastin. When it's on, it's on. It will fade in time, roughly the two week period.” He said with a smile “What's this now about a magic tracking device. I want to see it. I owe those two a little something” He said with a wicked grin then a small cackling. “It seems that is where we need refinement. Something that needs limits surpassed.” He said with one the the most insane glints in his eyes Dumastin would have ever seen. “ After you”

[CHAT] Dumastin growled slightly, then inclined his head and led the way down into the depths of the Sanctum. The place he led Haggis to was a dark room until Dumastin entered; sconces along the floor lit with blue flame as the Sanctum’s master approached, revealing an enormous stone tablet set into the wall. Dozens upon dozens of tiny, multicolored gems could be seen set into the tablet, but what really drew the eye were the larger stones; each one of the large stones seemed to hum with its own internal frequency, and the light danced off of them and refracted into a dizzying array of colors. Each one was, unmistakably, the focal crystal for the leyline of a major world; there were five in all, in violet, green, white, a mottled red-and-black, and a silvery one. He raised his mechanical hand, and hidden projectors painted a holographic starmap in the center of the room, where the sconces formed a large circle. Dumastin stood there, among the holographic stars, and nodded to Haggis. “The Argus Array.”

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