*Getting it Over With, Part 3*

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*Getting it Over With, Part 3*

Post by BenRGamer » 01 Mar 2017, 22:11

[CHAT] Samuel kept watch over Req, listening to her words before she passes out and just... watching over her. It doesn't say anything for a several minutes, just... doing what it can to try to make the unconscious Req comfortable. Eventually, though, it speaks up, "Dumastin. Thank you," it says, quietly, "I honestly... didn't know what to do," it shook its head slowly, "She didn't... say anything about this before we got here. I... didn't know whether I was going to have to fight you, or what, but this... I never expected this. Thank you," it says, simply.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Yeah, I was more than halfway expecting her to try to zap me with one of those blasts while I wasn't ready." He closed his eyes and released the magic surrounding them, and the distorting space calmed. His whole body seemed to sag slightly, and he wavered before Iapetus rushed to his side to steady him. His gaze fixed on the bloody Dragonballs laying on the floor. That made six. Just one more out there... he thought Jules might have it? He'd have to track him down to get it, or start using the Argus Array again to track it down. "Don't thank me. I didn't realize how deep a hold they had on her when this started, either. Just... if you want to thank me, think about what I said when I'm gone. About crew, and family."'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'His face grew a bit mournful as he thought back to those they'd lost. "You don't have to understand. I accepted when all this began that I didn't have any place in the future any longer. People like you, Thousand, Requius, you're what's going to determine what shape that future takes." He shook his head, his hand coming up to rub sweat from his forehead... or so it seemed, at least. "I just hope you guys have... have what it takes to guide that future. Hope you can trust each other to catch you when you fall. Hope... hope you can all look after the galaxy once I'm not around to do it any longer." He grimaced and lowered his hand. "Or maybe you won't care. Either way. It's your future to shape, for better or for worse."'

[CHAT] Samuel furrows its brow. It didn't... want to be the 'police' of the galaxy. It just wanted to be more... peaceful. It liked fighting, yeah, but more as one might like to play a casual game of basketball. Not... going to war, or 'protecting the galaxy.' It's one of the reasons it wanted to go to New Requiem. It eventually simply closed its eyes, shook its head, took a deep breath, and sighed. "I know what you're saying. Thousand keeps telling me the same thing. But I... why do we have to be the 'police' of the galaxy? Why can't we just... live?" it shook its head slowly.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"If something bad happens, and you could have stopped it, but you didn't..." He waved a hand, and stone blocks raised out of the floor into a rough chair as Iapetus lowered him into it. "Is it your fault? Maybe, maybe not. Your power is yours, at the end of the day, and it's certainly possible to argue that nobody else has claim to it. And yet. You could argue the reverse just as easily." '

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'He sighed, sinking back and closing his eyes. "The problem is that with power like ours, the thing we have the ability to affect inevitably are going to threaten the things we do care about. You may not care about the Alliance, but if it fragments into galactic war as it's threatened to do a couple of times recently, New Requiem might become a warzone. Are you guys going to trade with anybody? What if your trading partners try to pressure Requius and her ship to fight on their side? Cut off resources you need if you refuse to fight? Or maybe their enemies will attack, fearing that the Requiem might join their foes. Astropolitics is complex."'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'His frown deepened. "And then there's you, specifically. You, of all people, don't have the luxury of being left alone. You are your father's son. The stigma of the Mimic race is your cross to bear, whether you like it or not, and it's going to take generations of work before everything you do isn't viewed through the lens of your father's deeds... and more importantly, his misdeeds. Other people are going to see Max's crimes in you and your family, and in your children see the fears of a galaxy-spanning swarm of Mimics, as I once did."'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"And the only way you'll ever shed that stigma is to prove, again and again, that you, and your children, and your children's children are not the monsters everyone fears you might become." He shook his head slowly. "It's not fair. I wish we could have left you a better path. Maybe if Max had survived, he could have guided you better, and helped atone for his own crimes before the eyes of the galaxy so that you wouldn't have to. His death was the greatest crime against you that could have been committed..." His fist tightened, so tight that purple blood dripped to the stones beneath where he broke the skin with his fingernails.'

[CHAT] Samuel just... slowly sighs and looks down, wiping its face momentarily with a hand. It felt... defeated. More than almost anything it just wanted a simple, quiet life where it could cook and train in peace. Maybe train some people and help keep New Requiem safe, but that's about it. But with this... and what Thousand, and now Dumastin keep telling it, what it wants doesn't really matter, does it? Maybe it never did. "... I don't have a choice, do I?" it asks, almost silently. Despite Jules or anyone elses thoughts, it never really had any intention of causing trouble. It just... wanted that quiet life.

[CHAT] Dumastin loosened his hand, opened his eyes, looked down at the cuts in is palm. He tore off a strip of cloth from his shirt and held it to the hand as he thought. “There’s always a choice. You make them every day. Sometimes there may be no good options, or sometimes you might make the wrong ones, but there’s always a choice.” He closed his eyes again and sighed, visions of the past flicking through his head as he spoke. “It’s cruel, that you may have to choose between what you want and… well, the *world* you want. But peace isn’t something you find. It’s fragile and precious, something that you have to take care of and protect. It’s something you have to make.” He paused again before speaking once more. “As long as you have to deal with other people, that’s going to be the case. The galaxy is big enough that if all you wanted in this universe was to get lost, to be gone and never bothered, you could find it. You could live on some lonely rock in the middle of nowhere, and nobody would ever bother you, and you’d be free.” He gestured softly with his left hand, taking in the cold stone around them. “You’d be alone, save maybe for Requius if she came with you. But you’d be free.”

[CHAT] Samuel was quiet for a long moment, looking over Req and thinking on those words. Despite Dumastin's insistence, though, it still didn't have a choice. Take Jaraid, Flay, and Req and run away and hide from the world? Ask Req to give up everything? "I couldn't do that to them, or to her. She's worked so hard on this, to ask her to just... give all that up," it speaks, shaking its head slowly, "No, I want to help her," it says. That, at least, is one choice it can make. Wanted to make. But it still... felt defeated. Crushed under the weight of the world. Like giving up on a dream.

[CHAT] Dumastin stirred, leaning forward toward Sam. “Just don’t think you’re going to help her by being her lapdog. You still don’t realize your true power, or your true potential. The future I speak of is only the one I feel is the most likely; you still have within you the power to change things. We Ascended are… like glowing beacons in the night. Events align around us, around our power and our choices, and the possibility exists for you to forge your own path.” He looked down, rested his face in the palm of his hand. Damn it all, he’d overexerted himself. He still needed time to recover from his ‘treatment’ earlier, much less the fight, especially with having used his healing serum to cure Sam rather than to heal himself. “I’ll do my best to make sure of that. Won’t let you be trapped fighting someone else’s war… that’s another thing I’ve got to take care of while there’s time…”

[CHAT] Samuel nods a moment, "I know. She told me herself, 'Keep to what -you- think is right,'" it says, quoting her line. Maybe that's what this was supposed to be, she did mention they might disagree to the point of coming to blows--and why she didn't warn it about it. It was a test of that. It shook its head momentarily, "I'll be fine. A quiet life is just... something I can't have. I understand that now," it says, though it can't really hide the fact that its hurt by that realization. Then, finally, after a few moments, it looks up to Dumastin, "Are you alright?" it asks. Probably should have asked that earlier, considering he's terminal and all, and was fighting Req and everything.

[CHAT] Dumastin didn’t look up as Sam spoke. “I’ll be fine. You guys caught me at a bad time, that’s all. I have to undergo a special treatment every week or so, to push back the spread of the winterblight; it’s not pleasant, and it leaves me pretty weak for a day or so, but it’s bought me months where I might have had days before.” His left hand went to pull aside his shirt, revealing the pallid white mark on his chest. It was surrounded by black scorch marks, half-faded. “I’d have turned you away if getting the Dragonballs away from Requius wasn’t such a high priority. I can work through it when I have to, though, especially here, where I have so much power to draw on.”

[CHAT] Samuel nods a moment, "Alright. Well, now you have them," it looks back down to Req, "This wasn't easy for her. I didn't... know they had that kind of effect on her, but that was the hardest thing I've ever seen her do," it furrows its brow, before shaking its head, "Don't waste it," is all it says, finally, before just going and watching over Req. It'd been a long night--especially when it was woken up in the middle of it. But after this, it didn't think it could get to sleep even if it wanted to. It had a lot to think about, and it wanted to watch over Req and make sure she was okay.

[CHAT] Dumastin nodded to Sam. “Don’t beat yourself up, Sam. I didn’t know, either. I had a feeling, but I didn’t know the effect was that powerful, or that she’d done something so foolish as to implant them within her own body.” He drew himself up, slowly, coming to his feet with effort as the stone-block throne receded back into the ground. He waved a hand, and the two Dragonballs they’d extracted from Requius rolled across the floor and up into his hand; they were miraculously free of any kind of stain or slime. He wasn’t surprised by that; he suspected that very little could mar their surfaces for long.

[CHAT] Dumastin started off towards one of the Atrium’s exits. “Stay as long as you want. Prime will open the Gate for you back to Earth, or to wherever you want to go if you give him time to move the endpoint, whenever you need it. I’ll bring more healing serum for Requius once I’ve had time to produce more, as well.” He started to slowly walk away, but Iapetus reformed and flowed away from him, pulling something from Dumastin’s pocket as he went. The demon took his solid form and crouched over Sam, something held out in his palm. “Hey, kid. He meant to give this to you when he summoned you tomorrow, but I bet he forgot about it. It’s a little ball of memories, you see? Trapped in a spell.” It looked like a glass ball, not much bigger than a Dragonball, and streams of power twisted and swirled within in shades of red and blue, occasionally forming into various geometric shapes before breaking apart and reflowing, again and again. “You break it in your bare hand, and then… maybe you see a little bit of truth.”

[CHAT] Samuel nods, "Yeah, I know. It was her decision, like I always said it was," it furrows its brow, "Alright. I'll stay here until she wakes up," it says, slowly, just thinking about things as it does so. As Dumastin leaves, and the demon comes up to hand it the orb. It blinks, having forgotten about all of that almost entirely in the fight and the aftermath, it simply says with a small nod, "I, uh, thanks," taking the orb and looking over it for a few moments, watching the swirling colors. "I think I'll wait til I go over things, and make sure Req wakes up okay before looking at this," it says with a small nod. From the talk before, this was apparently a big thing. It... had had enough of 'big things' to last for today.

[CHAT] Dumastin - The demon nodded to Sam as it turned to watch Dumastin leave. “Come on back any time you feel up to it. I wouldn’t mind having a brawl with you in the time we’ve got left.” With that, he broke apart into black mist and fled down the same exit Dumastin had taken.

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Re: *Getting it Over With, Part 3*

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Covered in next review video and awarded with part's 1&2.

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