*Getting it Over With, Part 2*

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*Getting it Over With, Part 2*

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[CHAT] Requius: -- '"There are two more Samuel. One in my chest and another in my stomach region. I need you to get them out but..." She said as the black flashed in her eyes. The red energy flickered and flashed about her body again as he turned to face Samuel. "Ive done what I could for this. Got myself away from the ship. Away from my power suits. But still. I Will not give any more up." She said as her voice turned cold. "Like I said. This is what I brought you here for." As she finished her remarks her left arm was already turning and shifting into a massive cannon. Much larger than her normal one she used. One, if Sam would remember, punched a hole in the thorneds armor to its core. <F>'

[CHAT] Samuel blinks, looking wide eyed for the moment, "Wait... what!?" it says, furrowing its brow, and shaking its head momentarily, trying to process this turn of events, "You... want me to fight you? Like this? Tear out the dragonballs?" Some, any kind of warning would have been nice--it was expecting to have to help her if Dumastin decided to press the issue or whatnot--not that she wanted it to... it was completely in the wrong mindset for this, taken by surprise. "I..." it didn't even know if it could! It just saw how hurt she was just taking those out--and she wanted it to rip out the rest? It was... stunned for the moment.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"She's fighting against their influence. She carried them for too long, too close, and they've got a hold on her now." He shook his head. "She needs you to save her from herself. Protect her from herself..." His face took on a slight smile. "You never understood that, did you, Sam? That's the difference between being in your 'family' and being in my 'crew.' But my crew was dead and gone by the time you became a man of your own, so I can't blame you for never having understood." His robotic hand clenched into a fist. "Me, Julian, Haggis, Max. We all knew we were monsters. We trusted each other to protect us from ourselves. To live. To be, knowing that we had people we could rely on to take care of business if the monster took over." He crossed his arms. This wasn't his fight... not unless it turned out Sam didn't have the guts to go through with what needed to be done.'

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'The massive cannon was already charging before Samuel even stammered out what passed as words. Her other arm was forming into a smaller cannon and started firing at Samuel over and over. Her control was gone and it was due to the alcohol she even got three of them out of her. Her mind was already forming battle plans as the black completely shut out of cold stormy grey eyes. Energy was coursing through her body lighting up veins of energy across her entire skin. Her mind formulating battle plans and even tho this was cramped for her. She could come out on top if she acted quickly enough. Take out Samuel. Then Dumastin. Then those balls could be hers again. Her precious.'

[CHAT] Samuel goes wide eyed, still collecting itself so that it barely has enough time to do more than take the hit--it's thrown back into the far wall, exploding with a shriek that kicks up debris which showers through the area--leaving a smoking mess in its stead. It's like that for a long time. More than a few seconds as everything still processes. For Sam, images flash through its mind--Req and it speaking at the restaurant, her talk on the battleship about it following its own conscience rather than following her, even what Dumastin just said. Eventually just one line echoing throughout its head, again and again. Protect her from herself. Protect her. From herself. Protect. Her.

[CHAT] Samuel -- As the dust finally settles--it's all kicked up again as the area outright explodes in a flash of light and smoke, rumbling the entire room as an unearthly roar bellows throughout the entire sanctum, there's a flash of golden light as Sam, it's eyes even blue as opposed to its original red, erupts from the smoke like a bat out of hell, barreling through anything else that might be coming its way by holding one forearm--morphed into a large shield--in front of itself as its other hand has morphed into more deadly claws for ripping through flesh and bone as it barrels towards her in a straight forward lunge.

[CHAT] Samuel -- It's armored form was burned through in places on its torso, showing blood red musculature and bleeding, but it was determined now. It was -fighting- now. Req is a ranged fighter. Your specialty is close range. Deny her her advantage, take the dragonballs. Protect her. -Protect- her. Even if it's from herself.

[CHAT] Dumastin blew out the breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding. So Sam finally understood it, did he? Maybe, maybe not. Still. "If you can pin her down, I can extract the Dragonballs. We can get them out of her a lot cleaner than you can, even cleaner than she could do to herself. I hope that's enough to loosen their hold over her..." Even still, he watched out of the corner of his eye as a black mass flowed along the floor, gathering up the Dragonballs that had already been extracted and rolling them towards one of the Atrium's exits.

[CHAT] Requius smiled as instead of flying and backstepping away she charged him back. Her energy coursing through her as she watched her attacks strike into his shield with little effect. He closed in and she put on an amazing burst of speed. Various thrusters erupting from out of her skin adding in an extra push as she closed the gap. Sams lunge striking right at her head, but, at the last minute she spun mid flight, activating a double stacked hexagon plate of solid energy. The first easily shattered with the powerful lunge, and the second held on just a tad longer, but it was long enough. The exchange was over with Requius on the other side of Samuel, already making distance. The massive cannon still charging. The holes in her body were still present but were not leaking any more fluid, at least not much. She still left dribbles of liquid on the ground.

[CHAT] Samuel -- It was focused. On edge. Like a razor. This fight was for Req. It could not, would not lose. Not for her. Even as she vanished it felt for her energy with its senses. Behind. She went behind it. It immediately turned, it's tail whipping as it did so, hoping to trip up Req as she tried to retreat, and it lunged after her again, rearing its arm back and lunging out with its claw--only this time, the arm itself extended out in a whip-like fashion, aiming to grab or even impale the retreating Requius even as it as it lunged forward again with a shield bashing style maneuver in an attempt to stun her long enough to try to hold her down.

[CHAT] Requius was grabbed by Samuels arm. His on her smaller arm cannon. She flailed with wide eyes for a split second then her face sprouted a more than wicked grin. The hexagons of energy plastered above below and to the sides of Samuel. They weren't a lot, but enough to box him in as he flung headlong towards her. "Sorry Samuel. I did like you." She said in a dark tone as she tightened her grip on Sams arm that was grabbing her. Her other. The massive cannon was finished charging and she pointed it almost point blank at Samuels Chest. There was a flash as a massively powerful beam erupted forth from the cannon. It blasted her slowly backwards even as she was doing everything she could to stay in place. This was the main cannon of the Requiem incarnated. The sanctum was basked in a red light and crackle of energy as the shot was released. She couldn't see anything through the release. Even tho the dragonballs were in control, there were cold tears flying from her eyes.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Sam would feel something slamming into him from the side. "I hate to cut in, but this is my home. If you're going to wreck it, I have something to say about that." In the midst of that red flare, something even more unearthly took form: a slice of pure, incalculable darkness, a blade-shaped gash of darkness that seemed to drink in the light around it. That titanic flare slammed into Dumastin's void blade, and around him, black smoke took solid mass as Iapetus formed behind him to help brace him against the impact. The blast hit the void blade and shattered into multiple streams, and each stream split off in a different direction before curving back around and being drawn back to be consumed fully by the blade. It drank and drank of the light until none was left; this was one of the most powerful spells Dumastin had ever mastered. "You gotta get her out of here. Too much damage to the Atrium could cause my mana wells to erupt. That wouldn't be good for either of you."'

[CHAT] Samuel grits its teeth as the hex blockades come up, it had its shield up to block any attack, but... that was a big one. It definitely would hurt. Probably destroyed the arm. Shoulder. Maybe more of the torso It... would hurt. It goes wide eyed and... nothing. It's shoved out of the way and an inky void takes the attack. It was surprised, but this was also an opening--perhaps the best one it would get. With a roar the golden aura shifts back to crimson with golden electricity arching throughout the aura even as writhing tendrils erupt from its arms and shoulders--a dozen, even as it grunts with effort from the strain of shifting quite this much in a conscious mass at one, all of them lunging towards Req, along with it itself, to attempt to literally wrap her up in a mass of flesh--with the intention of keeping her still, and those cannon arms pointed away from it and towards the floor.

[CHAT] Samuel -- "If you want to try to kill me. Go ahead. But I will -never- stop fighting for you! Even if it's to save you from yourself... from doing things you regret! I will -never- stop!" it roars, still grunting with effort.

[CHAT] Requius couldn't avoid the grabs this close to her. Especially after the blinding light. The arms wrapped all around her and the tendrils wrapping constricting but this was also a chance for her. She looked at Samuel again and smiled. She didn't need the arms. She could turn her body into whatever was needed and that she did. A small opening formed on one of her shoulders that was wrapped tight and a spike shot forth. <C>

[CHAT] Requius: -- ' It wasn't just that one shoulder. In various other places the spikes shot out hopefully, into Samules limbs. Within the spikes contained the Mimic Regeneration Suppressant. The one Haggis developed to help Max with his appetite, but had the side effect of suspended the Regeneration capabilities for little bit. Those weren't the only things forming. All over her body were springing what would resemble gun turrets, but smaller. Still she was livid Dumastin interfered. Her original plan was...what did it matter. It was a stupid plan. The one where she kills Samuel and Dumastin and gets the balls back were much better. <F>'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Iapetus wrapped his arms around Dumastin and dragged him backwards, clear of the melee, then broke into black mist and rejoined Dumastin's body. He let the void blade dissipate, and then his eyes glowed as he started to probe Requius using both Prime's sensors and his Cosmic vision, searching for the buried Dragonballs.'

[CHAT] Samuel -- The regenerative capabilities that it had were already diminished under the strain of controlling this much mass--sacrificing it for a better goal of holding Req, and that's what it would do. Considering that she was literally wrapped up in itself, dodging pretty much any of those spikes were out of the question--each of them hit it and their combined effect cause it to shout out under the strain of its rapidly failing control--the tendrils quickly losing muscle control and starting to be reabsorbed into the main mass--so it does the next best thing, lunging Req directly and literally just tackling and holding her in a bearhug, trying to take her down to the floor and apply some leg scissors as well. With that serum, most of its abilities were being rapidly cut off--this was pretty much the best it could do.'

[CHAT] Samuel -- "Req! You don't want to do this! You're -better- than this! Come on!" it yells at her. "Dumastin! Get the dragonballs! I don't have much time!" it roars back at the namekian.'

[CHAT] Requius looks blankly at Samuel with her cold blackened eyes. She let loose an unearthly scream as the turrets that formed over her body started firing repeatedly into Samuels body. Time and again over and over. She needed to get loose and get out. But first she needed a crack in his armor. A wound she could exploit. "No. They are mine. And mine alone. Father wanted me to keep them. Keep them safe. None of you will have them." She said as blasts of energy would be pounded into Samuels body.

[CHAT] Dumastin grimaced. [She's done something to him, it's weakened him... and he doesn't have the heart to hit her like she seems to need.] Blue light erupted from the mana batteries in his prosthetic’s shoulder plating as he took off with a burst of speed, dashing towards Requius. Black mist swirled around his cybernetic hand, manifesting as cold, obsidian-like claws, and he lashed out toward her stomach. He could barely, barely make out the Dragonball there, a tiny swirl in her body's energy fields. No wonder he'd been having such trouble detecting it, even with the Argus array... but he could target it now. If Sam could hold her for just a few seconds more, he'd pluck it out and barely disturb the organic systems surrounding it.

[CHAT] Samuel grunts in pain, but just cinches tighter--cracking the armor and causing it to grunt out--it definitely wasn't repairing itself anymore, it was already damaged before, and now it's even worse--and it didn't know when it would heal, after that much serum. But it wouldn't give up. It would not. It rears back its head and throws itself at Req's own in a headbutt, to try to stun her, yelling all the while, an attempt to get through to her, or at least a distraction. "Listen to yourself! That doesn't make any sense! Look around you! Why do you think you -came here-!? You're away from your ship. There's -none- of your armor around. I thought you brought me back you up to tell Dumastin no. But you didn't! You -gave- him the dragonballs! That's what you -want- to do! -Think- about it! This -isn't- you!"

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'In a flash of light and shockwave Sam and Requius were gone from where they were. In an instant they were across the room, in another flash of light, away from Dumastin and his claws. Requius coughed up a bit of blue blood as they reappeared but still fought on. The headbutt came crashing into her own face smashing into her eye and splattering blood on the ground before she was able to get a Hexagon of energy to block the next. "No. Tricks. Lies! I Used them to get Here. To kill you two. To keep them safe." She replied through gritted teeth. She had to finish Sam quickly before her strength failed. She grunted as more blood came from the corner of her mouth as she moved to plunge two paper thin hexagons of energy into one of Samuels wounds...Then she would start to try to literally rip Samuel in half from the inside. Would probably be fairly effective if he remained where he was.

[CHAT] Dumastin popped his neck from side to side. "Sam, can you do me a favor? Just turn her loose." He swung his left arm in a wide circle, then again, and again, working the full range of the shoulder joint to warm up the connections. This new arm was a hell of a toy; he'd built it based on the scans he'd taken of Thousand's parts from their last battle, and it was far, far more powerful than the one it had replaced. "Catch your breath and see if you can purge that crap from your system. Let me rumble with her a bit so I can wear her down."

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'His skin still had a bit of pallor to it, but he was leaning on the power he was drawing to make up for it. He wasn't in prime shape, but he had plenty enough strength to brawl with Requius. "Not gonna kill her. But she needs to bleed off some of this excess energy before we're gonna be able to get the Dragonballs off her... and at this point I'm not sure getting them out is gonna do the trick. Besides. I bet the only thing in the universe she wants more right now than the Dragonballs is a chance to take a piece out of my hide." The feeling was mutual. He respected her opinion, but the crazy bitch had been wearing on his nerves since the day Haggis had died.'

[CHAT] Samuel -- "But why, then!? It -doesn't make sense-! Why are you -even- here if you wanted to keep the dragonballs? -Think about it-!" It says, holding fast before suddenly grunting then literally yelling out as Req tries to tear it apart--actually ripping a hole open in its torso before Dumastin asks it to let go, "Y-you sure?" it calls out, waiting a few moments before scrambling off and scratching at its injury to break those hexagonal whatever-they-were before they did any worse. It was down for the moment, but not out. Without its shifting ability, or regeneration, it would be a lot harder to fight. But not impossible.

[CHAT] Requius slowly gets to her feet as Samuel retreats for now. After getting 20 or so yards away the energy hexagons naturally dissipate and are in no danger of further damaging their target. Requius was not looking much better. Her eye was swollen shut and the three holes where she ripped the dragonballs from her body were now slowly leaking a blue fluid all over the Sanctums floor. The same blue was seen in the corners of her mouth and she was panting heavily. She could regenerate like Samuel, but only if she had a food source. This was the most desolate place there was. Ice cold frozen planet with no natural plant growth. She would just have to endure for now. At least until one of them dies, then she could feed on them. She saw to get to Samuel she would have to kil Dumastin. That namekian getting in the way...twice now. She wouldn't let him interfere again. <C>

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'She pointed a finger up and a small vial exited her finger. A vial of Vile black and red liquid pulsing with demonic energy. Without even a flinch she stabbed it into her stomach, letting the demonic essence flood her body. Her energy surging and fatigue seemed to dissipate. She could feel it. The surge of power. The veins of energy turned black and sparked across her body as red spikes and curves started to form from her body. Finally her hair became flowing with crimson like energy whipping about, casting her in a supernatural air. She smiled as she leveled a hand cannon at Dumastin and let one beam of twisted demonic energy fire forth.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Dumastin crossed his arms, and a screen of blue energy erupted before him. The light energy blast smashed into it, but the screen held. "Couldn't keep this up for long anywhere else, but here at the Sanctum, with this much to draw on? I can do this all day, sweetheart. As for that... that's demonic energy you're drawing on, isn't it? Nasty stuff." Black mist erupted around his body, looking rather like a ki aura made of shadow and smoke. "It's nothing, and I mean *nothing*, next to the real thing, though. Iapetus... let's do this." His aura of mana kindled higher, and Iapetus formed around him, encasing his body in translucent black armor. Blue mist spouted from the joints and seams of the armor as he moved.'

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The pair of them moved, testing out their power as they danced from side to side and through a few combat stances. They moved with grace and precision, Dumastin's style blending with Iapetus's power. Then, all at once, they kicked off the ground, darting across the Atrium in an erratic zigzagging pattern. It was incredible just they way they moved; it took a lot of skill to shift weight and keep in motion with that much unpredictability. Their hands raised in a boxing stance as they closed the distance towards Requius.'

[CHAT] Requius was keeping up and just watching the styles and movements. She had to learn his style and quickly, running the movements into her memory. She fired a few shots that were easily dodged just to pick up on movement tendencies. She then took off on her own, sailing away quickly as Dumastin advanced. She fired just enough to keep up a ranged assault but not enough just just waste what energy she had. She kept going through her mind on what to do. How to fight him. Here with his power and her limited space.

[CHAT] Dumastin wove from side to side around Requius's shots. Of course he recognized that they were just probes; he fought like that too much to fail to miss it when someone else did it. What she didn't realize was that the display he was putting on was just for her benefit. He kept it up a short time longer, letting her kite away from him as he approached. When she drew near a wall, then claws extended from his boots as he slammed into the floor, digging deep to fuel a bestial surge forward. Low to the ground, smoke in black and blue trailed behind him as he surged toward Requius like some kind of wild beast, much faster than his previous approaches. At the same time, a thick of stone flooring surged upward, forming a wall and cutting off one of her avenues of escape!

[CHAT] Requius grinned as she backed herself into the corner. One Avenue of approach is easier to deal with someone, especially while they were dodging her attacks. She knew her opponent could be rash and reckless so thus she spun. Rapidly, and from her she released a multitude of metal spheres. The tinged against the wall, rolled on the ground other were sailing through the air all around her. She raised a few hexagons of energy, now black and twisted as if they had cancer to block the stone slab. That was when all the spheres exploded into flashing, blinding light as well as leaving a particles of burning metal behind to burn those that made it through or to burn the eyes after exposure. It might not work against Dumastin's Cybernetics, but it was worth a shot. After the flashes of light she cracked open her eyes, to see the results of her defense.

[CHAT] Samuel had climbed to its feet, leaning against the wall and clutching its side that wasn't healing, it was panting heavily and bleeding from its mouth. This was... probably bad. Without the regeneration this wasn't something that would heal. Still, it wasn't going to let a little thing like massive blood loss stop it. It could still fight. Once she was distracted, it could do something. It knew Req, and Haggis well enough to know what the blinding spheres were--and her attempt to shield her own eyes was an opening--it lunged forward, the moment she threw them, grabbing its hands together in an attempted double axe handle aimed squarely at the back of her head. "Forget someone?" it says, half blinded itself from the burst. Even then, though, if she turned to attack it--that'd be either an opening for Dumastin, or a distraction for him to recover.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'The eruption of light and sound was plenty to rattle Dumastin; the wild charge was thrown off-balance, sending him careening into a wall. The stun didn't last long, though, as Iapetus took over control and clawed his way to his feet. With Dumastin stunned, he didn't have the precision to attempt to remove a Dragonball, but his fist balled up, and he moved quickly but quietly towards Requius. If Sam was able to distract her, Iapetus was going to lunge, slamming into her and crushing her into the wall with the force of his leap.'

[CHAT] Requius was struck from behind with a heavy blow. She hadn't formed the hull plating over her body yet to try to soften the blow so it hit her HARD. She went spining violently towards the ground before Iapetus lept forth hitting her for a combination assault. Her vision doubled as she hit the wall, broke pieces of the sanctum and was buried in the rubble with an arm hanging out. It was still at first, then twitched. Then the rubble exploded revealing panting and unsteady Requius. <C>

[CHAT] Requius: -- ' Her body seemed to form a layer of the ships hull plating all over it, but patchy, as if she couldn't quite summon the strength to fully form it, either that or the demonic essence was taking hold more, as the spots left unarmored were red and calaused. She growled in reply and the Demonic energy started to swirl around her. Instead of the physical massive main cannon that formed smoothly from her body before a more demonic verson erupted now, flesh and blood splattering the wall. "no...I...Will not. Those are Mine..." She gasped out as the energy began charging again, this time it was even more noticable. Even at the early stages of charging it held more power than the first blast. She would have her day today.<F>'

[CHAT] Samuel had slipped away while Dumastin/Iapetus did their thing and tackled Req to the ground while coughing up a bit more blood, staggered, more like--there was a blood trail on the ground. Still, it had left the room and was going around--since they crashed through the wall it was trying to get at her from behind again. Once she was up and focused it lunged, this time trying to basically straight run at her back, slip its arms under her own, and grab her behind the neck--a full nelson. "Might wanna hurry here!" it yells out afterwards.

[CHAT] Dumastin shook his head, shaking off the stun as Iapetus backpedaled away from Requius. He felt the demon's presence around his body soften as Iapetus released him, his body reverting to black mist as he seized the gauntlet from Dumastin's hand and reformed around it. "I'll deal with the cannon!" The demon charged forward toward Requius as Sam grabbed at her, intent on using his strength to grapple the cannon-arm and to divert its maw upward and away from the Sanctum. Dumastin himself skidded to the floor, then came upright, and glowing crystalline claws sprouted at the tips of his metal arm's fingers as he locked his gaze on the spots where the Dragonballs where buried. If the other two managed to grab her, he'd dart in and try to remove at least one.

[CHAT] Requius was braced and ready to fire yet something unexpected again. She roared in fury was she struggled against Samuel. He was naturally stronger and larger, and had a hold of her but she knew he was wounded. And gravely at that. She could feel his blood streak across her back as he held her. "Get...Off...Me!" She yelled as she still had enough control to level the cannon at Dumastin. Her arms bending in a most inhuman way as she worked her body around the hold. But again,she was slammed by Iapetus. <C>

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'Both the front and the back forcing her cannon to discharge upwards, through the ceiling and into the open sky. With the energy dissipated and being held by two there was nothing she could do. Nothing except. "Would you two like a trip into the sun?" She said as her body started charging the energy needed for one last jaunt. Usually it was an instantaneous expenditure. The energy just warping and moving her. She was down to the last scraps of energy left in her, and it was taking everything she had to charge up this last suicidal attempt. "If I can't have them...no...one...will." <F>'

[CHAT] Samuel just grunts in pain as she struggles, it's own strength starting to fail as more and more blood flows out of its form, it's vision was blurry. It was probably missing at least a part of an internal organ. But it didn't stop. As long as it still drew breath, it'd fight for her. "I... I don't -care- about the dragonballs, Req. I never did. I just... I just wanted to be with you... and for you to be happy. Please... stop this..." it says, one last time. It grit its fanged teeth, slicked red with blood, and just held with all of the strength it could muster.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"I don't think so." He surged with blue light as he drew on the Sanctum's power and on another of his mana batteries, and... something gutwrenching seemed to happen to the space around them. It was Warp magic on a cosmic scale; like he'd taken the fabric of spacetime and wound it up into a tangled ball of yarn, just for the local area. Beyond a certain point, light fractured; it was like looking at the Atrium through an ever-shifting hall of mirrors. "Thousand might, given enough time, be able to unravel this tangled spacetime enough to function in it normally. But you don't have that time, Requius, and without the ability to navigate, your Madness Jaunt is as likely to land right back where you started as anywhere." '

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'His prosthetic hand lashed out, touching the edge of the tangled space, and cut through, reappearing at another edge and jabbing Samuel in the shoulder with his fingertips to inject a dose of his healing serum. "I don't, whatever you might think, actually want to fight you." Iapetus helpfully piped in with a "Actually, I was enjoying myself!" before being cut off by a glare from the Namek. "And I never wanted to hurt either of you. But taking these damned Dragonballs away from you, whatever you may think, is quite far away from hurting you."'

[CHAT] Requius screamed again as the last bit of strength faded from her. She stopped struggling and collapsed to her knees. The demonic energy holding her together for the second half of the fight had been consumed and used and now she was left exhausted. She wasn't even able to store enough energy for the jaunt. She had hoped, but the warping space and time would have made it troublesome. "Thousand...I...Could figure out...equ..aly" there was a slight pause as she struggled a breath. "thank you...Sam..." She said as she slipped into unconsciousness. That tho, wouldn't stop her screams as the final two would be extracted. A scream so far down it was as if her soul was being ripped from her body. <exit>

Continued in Part 3

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Re: *Getting it Over With, Part 2*

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