*Getting it Over With, Part 1*

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*Getting it Over With, Part 1*

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[CHAT] Dumastin - ‘It was some time, several hours in fact, after Sam and Requius’s little date night. The one following them had tracked them here, to this hotel; perhaps they had retired here for some sort of later-night festivities, or perhaps just to find a quiet place to rest. It was really none of his business, whatever the case may be. Whatever repose they had found, though, was interrupted by a gentle knocking at the door. The peephole, or simply opening the door, would reveal a figure as striking as it was familiar; few people who had encountered Prime in, so to speak, the ‘flesh’ found him terribly forgettable, as the gaunt, chromed appearance he favored for his primary body set apart quite strongly.

[CHAT] Samuel woke with a little bit of a start at the knock on the door, its eyes opening with a, "Huh-what-who-what?" It took a minute--a couple, in fact, but soon enough the door opens revealing a rather disheveled Samuel, yawning and showcasing a mouth full of razor sharp fangs before it gathers enough composure to speak. "Wha..? Prime? It's like..." it pauses to check a clock on the wall, "Wow it's late. What do you want...?" it says, looking up at the android bleary eyed.

[CHAT] Dumastin - ‘“Samuel. Yes, I’m aware of the time. I apologize for the late hour.” He tilted forward at the waist, one of his long arms sweeping before him in a bowing gesture. “I came to talk to you, and to Requius as well. I hope I’m not interrupting anything important.” His face, all hard metal and angles, seemed to soften slightly. Was that a bit of errant light reflecting off of his face, or was that twinkle a hint of humor in his eyes? “It seems your date went well.”

[CHAT] Samuel yawns one more time as Prime speaks, taking a moment shake its head and stretch for a moment to wake itself up a little more as Prime did his fancy bow thing, "Alright, I--*yawn*--I'll go wake her up. This better be important if it can't wait til morning, though," it says, before disappearing back into the room for a few minutes more.

[CHAT] Dumastin - ‘Prime straightened and waited patiently by the door, a briefcase of some sort dangling from his left hand. He shifted his grip, the fingertips of that hand dancing over the leather case’s surface, as he watched the door. He did dearly hope this visit would be a bit more amicable than if Dumastin himself had come… and that his intentions wouldn’t be misinterpreted.

[CHAT] Requius would not be found sleeping in the room. She had a slender thread of her SIN system plugged into the newest generation gaming console. Apparently she found other uses for the system besides controlling the ship and hacking into mainframes. This way she could experience the character as if she were there. Currently she was Grudcrug the Barbarian and she was smashing a horde of creatures with a giant energy hammer. The moves she was performing on screen seemed most likely not originally programmed. She barely looked up at Sam as he entered. “visitors?”

[CHAT] Samuel makes its way over to Req and her video game, "Yeah," it says with one final yawn, before shaking its head one more time to wake itself up. "It's Prime. Here to talk to both of us," it says with a nod, starting to stretch out now that it has a chance. It was not one to enjoy being woken up in the middle of the night. Especially for what's probably going to be drama. Still, at least Prime was right about one thing--the date did go well, and the thought gave it a grin. Still, this... probably was going to be a thing. But, Dumastin already had its answer on what it would do.

[CHAT] Dumastin - Prime held eerily still there at the doorway, without any of the fidgeting or gazing about that might be expected from a flesh-and-blood visitor. He even had his aural receptors dialed down so that he couldn’t hear the muffled conversation beyond the doorway. He seemed almost dormant, standing there, although when someone passed by, his head tilted to the side to fix them briefly with a piercing gaze before turning back to the door.r

[CHAT] Requius smiled as she slowly stood up wearing a long metal bands t-shirt. Read Dreamcore on the front with a single person in front looking around at multiple fantasies. She slowly walked to the door and gazed almost through Prime with her cold Grey eyes. “Let's get this over with. Take me to Dumastin”

[CHAT] Samuel follows after Requius, nodding as she speaks, "Yeah, let's go ahead and do this," it says in agreement. It knew this was coming ever since Dumastin had spoken to it, but at least the Namekian was nice enough to let them enjoy their evening first. Still, it didn't imagine this was going to end well. At this point it was back to looking normal with its carapace styled armor, and not a monster stuffed into a nice suit. It was... different running around like that, but if this was going to be an issue, which it just might be, well, armor it is.

[CHAT] Dumastin - The skeletal android’s gaze flicked between Requius and Sam a couple of times, and then his shoulders shook slightly as he chuckled softly. “You misunderstand. I’m not here to fetch you, either of you. I would have come much later, the next day perhaps, if that was the case.” He clicked the case open and reached inside, and his hand withdrew with a large glass wine bottle, the glass a smoky green that only just allowed one to see the dark liquid sloshing around inside. A cork and wax seal laid over the end of the bottle. “I came to talk, that’s all. On my own accord. Dumastin is indisposed at the moment, at any rate, so there’s no sense getting in a hurry about things.” He offered the unlabeled bottle over to Requius. “May I come inside?”

[CHAT] Requius sighed as Prime offered them the wine. “Prime.” She continued as she took a side step closer to Sam. She knew she had a date with destiny when it came to Dumastin. She knew of his plans and what he needed. She didn't entirely trust Dumastin or his plans. It seemed to her every one of them had flopped in some way or another. “I thank you for this gift but I wasn't asking. I was telling. Take me to Dumastin. I have something he wants, well, needs.” She said with a devilish grin. “ If he doesn't want them now, he'll have to chase me for eternity throughout the galaxy and we'll all know who would win in time.” She finished before looking up to Samuel. “Sam. How long does he have? A few weeks at most maybe?” she asked Sam, ignoring prime.

[CHAT] Samuel blinks, glancing between Req and Prime as they chat, it was surprised that this wasn't actually what Prime was here for, and even more surprised that Req did apparently really want to get it out of the way--still, it nods to Req's question, "It didn't look... good. I think you're right, a few weeks, yeah. I knew something was going to happen sooner rather than later..." it says with a small frown, before looking back to Prime and otherwise not saying much, a furrowed brow on its face. It was kind of curious on what Prime wanted, but it didn't matter too too much, if Req wanted to go ahead and talk to Dumastin, well that's the plan.

[CHAT] Dumastin - Prime shrugged his shoulders gently. “A shame. I had hoped to spend some time catching up with the two of you before getting around to that topic. I’ll admit that the topic would have cast a bit of a shadow over the conversation, but even the inevitable can be delayed for a time…” His fingers carefully slid the bottle back into the case and clicked it shut. “Come with me, then. We will have to travel using the Primus Gate. As I said, the Captain is indisposed at this point, and not in condition to summon so many people under short notice. The shuttle-core containing the Gate is parked a short distance outside town, so it will simply be a bit of a walk.” He bowed his head and waited for the others to follow; he would lead on wordlessly unless questioned, to a point about three miles away. There, next to a cornfield, the squat shape of a shuttlecraft was parked.

[CHAT] “We can catch up on the way.” Requius replied as she fell into a slow walk. Barefoot and wearing the t-shirt as if that was normal for this early in the morning. “Sam. I would like you to come as well. In Fact I need you to come.” She finished with a smirk on her face. “Prime. What are going to do after this is over. After Dumastin is gone.” She said as she was passing the closed storefronts of the normally busy tourist strip.

[CHAT] Samuel nods, glancing to Req, "Alright, of course, I wanted to come along," it says, stepping out after Req and then walking alongside her, still stretching its shoulders and neck for a moment as it walks, something to help wake it up, glancing between Req and Prime as they talk. It's mostly quiet, though it does chime in one question, "How've you been holding up, by the way?" it asks, after Req asks her question, can't be easy to be someone who Dumastin rely's on for getting everything together right now.

[CHAT] Dumastin - Prime looked back at Requius for a moment as he considered his answer. “There are plans in place, and groundwork laid. I have one great task before me, a sort of last request of the Captain’s, and aside from that, I will simply pursue my own ends, as I ever have.” He paused again before addressing Sam. “Most of the strain of what’s happening is on Dumastin, not myself. What does exist for me to manage is well within my capabilities. I appreciate the concern, though.”

[CHAT] “ If you need a place to rest your circuits the Requiem is open for you, whenever. I have nothing against you and honestly, I wouldn't mind the help with running New Requiem.” She said while looking down at the ground. “I just sealed the paperwork the other day establishing it as an independent colony, trade rights, government and all.” Her hands twitched open and closed repeatedly with nerves. “Sam. Thank you for this night. Up until now my worries were gone and hopefully afterwards, I would like to go back to not worrying” she finished. “Just know as long as you don't try to destroy new Requiem you will have a place to rest your head.

[CHAT] Samuel nods as it walks along, "Yeah, I wouldn't mind seeing more people I know there," it adds, "I'll be helping her, too," it offers a smile at the thought, though more generally subdued because of the issue hanging overhead. That was something, though. What would it be doing? Security, probably. Someone has to protect the place. Maybe it could even train people? That'd be something. At least it should still be able to cook when it wanted. At her addressing it, it moves to slip an arm around her in a momentary hug, "I'm glad I could help you feel better, I know setting up and running a colony has to be hard. I'll do whatever I can to help you out."

[CHAT] Prime nodded. “I find that unlikely, though I appreciate the sentiment.” He was quiet as Requius and Sam had their exchange, though he was disappointed at her nervousness; it certainly wasn’t his intention. “I don’t have any intention of attacking your colony, Requius. Nor does Dumastin, whatever villainous motives you might ascribe to him. He’s actually more concerned than he lets on for what may happen after he’s gone.” He shook his head slightly, a sort of head-clearing motion he’d inherited from Dumastin’s mannerisms. “He’s not a monster. Neither of you should have anything to fear.” The fallow cornfield where he’d landed the shuttle was near now.

[CHAT] Requius arrived at the shuttle and stood in front, waiting. Her hands still having the nervous grasps as she looked to Prime. “That was a serious comment Prime. Should you ever find yourself there, you are welcome to stay. I wish I had the same feeling for Dumastin as my father did.” She continued as she waited. She knew what she had to do. She knew what was going to happen, but she was still nervous. At least she would have Sam there to help her. She knew she couldn’t do it alone.

[CHAT] Samuel walks alongside Requius, its brow furrowed and it was rather pensive. Despite being an absentee figure through most of its life, it didn't hate Dumastin. But it was what it was. It had made its decision already. If Dumastin wanted to fight Req, it'd have her back. It closed its eyes momentarily, taking a slow deep breath, calming its nerves, then looks back up to Prime and Req. It... wanted to say something, to help lighten the mood, everyone else was just as nervous, but honestly it didn't know what it -could- say. In the end it just looked to Req and went to put a reassuring hand on her shoulder for a moment.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'Prime wordlessly led them through the shuttle's hatch. A tingle filled the air as the golden hoop of the Primus Gate sparked to life, and Prime walked through the portal and into the Sanctum's portal complex. As he entered, lights bloomed around him, casting steady white light over cold stone. He raised a hand, and doors opened before him, more lights blooming to illuminate the specific path leading to their destination. The Atrium, the heart of the Sanctum, where Dumastin himself sat, leaning back in a thronelike chair made all of stone. He looked awful; his skin was a sickly shade compared to his normal deep green, and a sheen of sweat covered his face and head. His breathing was slightly ragged and unsteady, but though his eyes were closed, he stirred as they entered. He said nothing, though.'

[CHAT] Requius took the bottle of Champagne and popped it open. "Dumastin." He said as she glanced around for something to put it in, grabbing three somewhat bowl shaped objects and pouring the champagne into them. She slowly walked up and placed a bowl of the bubbling liquid on Dumastin's armrest. "You look like shit. Care for a drink?" She said as she herself walked back, handed Samuel and Prime their share as she went to clank them all with her bottle, before taking a giant swig of the liquid. Bubbly. Smooth. fruity yet not too sweet. It was a marvel of liquid perfection. She took another drink and let out a small "puuahhhph" She her cheeks were getting slightly red. She was letting the alcohol take its effect. She would need it soon.

[CHAT] Samuel takes the 'bowl' of champagne, looks at it for a moment, then goes and downs the liquid pretty much as fast as it could drink--as nervous and tense as the situation was, it kind of needed it, after that it shook its head a moment, burping itself before setting the now empty bowl off on some fixture or table somewhere, burping a moment itself. "Dumastin..." is all it manages to say for the moment, furrowing its brow, but otherwise letting the scene play out.

[CHAT] Dumastin knocked back his drink in one go and put the bowl to the side. "Yeah. Wasn't expecting visitors today. S'why when Prime said he wanted to talk to you guys himself, I figured today would be a good day." The Atrium was largely featureless, aside from the brilliantly-glowing mana fountain gurgling away to the side, but there was some sort of medical-looking stone slab set up off to the side... and it was covered in scorch marks and not a few purplish bloodstains. "Today was one of my treatment days. But when old friends decide they want to visit, I can't exactly turn them away." He'd actually been planning on taking a few bottles of that fruit drink into the depths of the Sanctum and going on a bit of a bender while Prime entertained Requius and Sam, but he hadn't had the chance to get started before Prime informed him that they wanted a meeting.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Well. You seem to have a plan in mind, Requius." He settled back into the stone-slab throne with a slight grimace. "Whatever it is, get it off your chest. Both of you are as jittery as I've ever seen you, and I like to think I haven't done anything yet to justify that." He closed his eyes and sighed as he waited for Requius to respond. Prime, for his part, crossed his arms and stood off to the side, waiting.'

[CHAT] Requius smiled as she took a GIANT swig from the bottle. "Always bout you Dumastin. Always!" She said as she walked towards Dumastin. She stopped within a foot from him. "And twis still bout you!" She said as a crackle of red energy coursed over her skin like lightnign flickering on a stormcloud. She reached her hand up and then plunged it into her side. With a painful grimace she pulled out a rather slimy ball, had speckles of stars inside of it as she dropped it into his lap. <C>

[CHAT] Requius: -- '"There is one!" She said as she went to drink from the bottle and noticed it empty. She tossed it off to the side as she raised her hand again and plunged it into her other side, withdrawing another ball. This one was facinating. She loved the swirls of colors and the way it felt. The cold energy wafting from it. Ohh she did so love it but no. Dumastin wanted it and she would give it to him. Just for the fact to be present when he killed himself. She dropped that on into Dumastins lap as well. "Ya want more! Ya want it all about you! Ya want it so bad it hurts everyone around you?!"'

[CHAT] Samuel watches Req walk up and... expel the dragonballs, apparently now drunk, it goes wide-eyed slightly at the sight. "That..." it was going to say it looked like it hurt, but it didn't want to state the obvious and make her think about it. This isn't how it expected this would go, but there it is. "Are you okay?" it says, stepping over to stand beside Req, and Dumastin as well, looking her over with some concern, trying to reassure her, but not wanting to get in the way of her act. It knew she liked the dragonballs--that one of the things she wanted to do was protect them, but here they were. This couldn't be easy.

[CHAT] Dumastin steadied the goo-covered Dragonballs with his mechanical hand. "Were you really carrying these around inside your body this whole time? Please tell me you didn't do the same with the other four. I'm almost frightened to think what kind of effect they might have on you with that much exposure." He'd been researching the energy emanated from the one he had access to, and nothing he'd found had suggested that their effects would be good over a long period. "You can think what you want about me. Maybe once upon a time, I'd have agreed with you. Now... no. It's not all about me. I just want to finish my work and get out of the way."

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'He looked down at the Dragonballs in his lap, and he could *swear* he could feel the mental tugging beginning. His jaw tightened as he shook off the effects. He might be able to ensure that these cursed little jewels didn't threaten the future he'd leave behind. Considering his track record so far, that seemed a better contribution by far than anything he'd accomplish by other means.'

[CHAT] Requius grins as she shoves her hand inside her a third time, letting out a scream as she held the ball covered in a blue slick goo. This time she held it out towards Dumastin. She tried to let it go but she couldn't force her fingers to let go of it. She shoved her arm with the ball towards Dumastins hand, hoping he would grab it and take it from her hand. Her grip was loose on it and wouldn't take much to grab it but she really didn't want to let it go. It was just...captivating. "No. Good things can come from these. And me here right now its still about you. Wanting to complete your shit regardless of everyone. Not that i'm against it...Go kill yourself for all I care." She said as black quickly flashed in her eyes and a tear streaked down her face. Was she sad? She couldn't be. She was sad over him. Over this namekian monster who lived to just put his face in everyones problems or sweep them into his grand schemes? But why was she crying?

[CHAT] Samuel moves to help steady and comfort Req, actually moving to hold her momentarily as she was screaming, "Hey... it's alright," it says, "I'm here for you, it'll be okay. You don't have to do this all right now if you don't want to," it says, furrowing its brow and watching over her. It was... worried, this was really hard for Req--that much was obvious, but it didn't like seeing her in pain and wanted to do whatever it could to help, though right now all that amounted to was some comfort and words of encouragement--it hated having problems it couldn't punch away.

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"Sam, I suggest you help her. Get those away from her." He brushed the ones in his lap to the side, letting them roll into the seat of the throne as he rose, just to put some distance between himself and the orbs. "Look at her hands. I imagine they have a hold on her." He shook his head with a grimace. "Good things. No. Nothing good can come from these cursed things. It's the nature of the Dragon. In its spite, it's likely to warp your wishes to the worst possible end. I've considered it myself; how could I not?"

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- 'His own living hand twitched within the black gauntlet he wore. HE could feel the Dragonball's call himself, and he knew he had a deeper well of resistance than Requius was likely to have. He could feel a stinging at the corner of his living eye; was he actually crying? "I could fix everything I've ever failed to protect. Bring people back who I failed to protect." Julius. Max. Haggis... "But it wouldn't matter, would it? The bill would come due. A price higher than you could possibly imagine. Higher than you'd have ever agreed to pay, no matter how precious what you got in return. I've thought so deeply on it, here alone in this fortress of stone and metal." His gaze fixed on the Dragonball she was holding again. '

[CHAT] Dumastin: -- '"That's what makes these so dangerous. They call to your dreams, and summon a Dragon with the power to turn them into nightmares." His fist tightened again, and he wiped away the moisture on his face. "You think of me what you want, but if I have enough fire left in my soul to burn these out of existence, it's a price well paid. Better than than death by frost."'

[CHAT] Requius smiles as she looked over to Samuel. "And this is the part I need you for." She said as she took a step back from Dumastin. "He is in no shape for what needs to be done. And he needs whatever strength he has left to kill himself." She said with a wicked grin. Samuels Hand on her shoulder allowed her to release the third orb <C>

Continued in Part 2.

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Re: *Getting it Over With, Part 1*

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