*new allies and hardy foes PT2*

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*new allies and hardy foes PT2*

Post by greyfur » 19 Feb 2017, 19:10

[CHAT] Paul looks over as the tall girl starts blabbling about something or other, yells about keep running, insults his mom and attacks Cletus and Bruno, the two men who were just looking off into the woods, one picking his nose. "Bruno! Cletus!" Paul yelled out as his two best buds hit the ground hard. "Time to get chopping!" He said as from his belt he took up a large double-headed woodcutters axe, brandishing it with obvious skill. "JUSTICE!" He screamed as he jumped into the air, reaching the lower branches before swinging the giant axe head towards Greyfur. He wasn't much faster than Greyfur, but his axe was not even slowed as whatever branches got in the way were cleaved in two.

[CHAT] Requius sat back and watched these earth matters. "So. Quick to attack. Quick to judge." She said as she strolled on the outskirts of the fight, bending down and checking the two downed individuals. <Good, still alive.> She nodded and stood back up, continuing to watch the duel. "Better watch out. Pauls axe seems sharp.

[CHAT] Greyfur feints to the side dodging the axe though running into the flat of another's sword "gods i should have jumped over him instead" fear caught in her throat as she countered with a quick kick to paul as the blade cut the sleeve ov her shirt "damn you, ill send ye all to the afterlife!" fear was obviously the point in her words though she got back up and prepared for the next attack

[CHAT] Greyfur: -- '"by the light, ye are tough, but i sense you are not the warchief, maybe i was wrong to think i was in for a fair fight" even though in midbattle her voice retained its noble tone and she smiled again before a club hit her from behind "gods, i should have sensed his power approaching but i was t intent on axeguy there" she sighed as she closed her eyes again taking in the sounds of footsteps listening to the breathing of men around her "i may fall here, but not before i take a few of ye with me to the burning hells" she said opening her eyes changing stance to a semi-saiyan stance ready to kill any who got close enough to her fists or feet'

[CHAT] Requius held out her arm towards the two other people that came rushing from the woods to defend Paul. The end, where her hand should be, formed into the end of a cannon. It resembled a sleek space ships design, as a bright blue energy formed in the barrel. "You heard the miss. Let them duke it out." She smiled. It was this stranges girls fault they were in the fight to begin with. She attacked them so its only fair that she finish.

[CHAT] Greyfur leaped over pauls head only to land akwardly on her knee "gah, by the light it matters not i will still fight to the death" she stood wobbily when she seen the blue energy "by the light, a hidden foe now what? i do not stand a chance here at all" reyfur closed her eyes taking three of the bandits out with consecutive three consecutive attacks when her leg finally gave out "the lad you seek will never be found by the likes of you, fiend" her voice suddenly sharper as she looked at paul readying herself for the end

[CHAT] Paul watched as the men who stopped their attacks and were just watching the fight between Greyfur and Himself be sucker-punched by this strange talking woman. "What the HELL! Dis was b'tween eu and Me. Nah ya go Beat'n up da guys not doing nothing!" He let out an enraged yell, as there were no more friends coming. All were either knocked unconcious or worse by this foul woman. "Now eu done gonna pay for da crimes." He said as he gave a quick chop to a nearby tree. The trunk severed into the air. He screamed again as he kicked the trunk with force towards Greyfur.

[CHAT] Requius watched as Greyfur downed more people no fighting. 5 total now. She sighed. "Gotta learn some self restraint kid. You got yourself into a fight you didn't need to be in." She said as she powered down her arm. "This attack wasn't for you, it was to keep those men you just took down in line." She sighed as she shook her head, waiting for one of these two to fall.

[CHAT] Greyfur quickly ducked under the trunk and sprinted towards paul with the intent to kill "i will stand my ground even in death, to protect the young who have nothing" she quickly placed her hands on the ground as she launched her feet towards pauls chin hoping to knock him farm into the air so she could hit him with the last of her streangth in a single barrage of attacks "IT ENDS HERE!" she shouted as her foot closed in on paul

[CHAT] Paul took the blow HARD but he was not launched in the air. His whole body clenched down and it was as if Greyfur was striking a tree itself. The hit made a horrible THWAK and the ground shook. Paul let out a breath of air and his grip loosened on his axe but he held on. His head was jerked back and he took a staggering step back. It wound take him a moment to regain his composure as the world was slightly black dotty and his ears were ringing.

[CHAT] Requius claps as she slowly made her way there. "Nice hit. But you have to hurry. He'll be back and more angry once his head clears." This new girl had some talent. Some skills but she was not the fighting type. At least fighting like this. This would be more of a Samuel or Thousand territory to finish her training. It was obvious she had some, but her basics were still a bit sloppy.

[CHAT] Greyfur pulled back panting heavily as she looked at paulbefore finally collapsing her strength expired "i guess all i done was trade the kids life for mine as a temporary substitute, perhaps i was never meant to kill them ans redeem my people..." her body grew heavier and colder by the second "save the kid" where the last words to leave her lips before she slipped into unconsciousness

[CHAT] Paul looked down as his head cleared. His vision was still blurry and his ears ringing and he stumbled around trying to find a purchase point to rest upon. He grabbed a nearby trunk of a tree but stumbled as it gave way under his weight and he crashed to the ground. "Fiesty little..." He stopped talking. His jaw hurt too much.

[CHAT] Requius looked at the clearing of unconcious people and the down and out greyfur. "Welp. Paul. I'll pay for the boy. You gather your men and meet down in Copperville. I need you guys on the first transport out. Top rate craftsmen and builders of your caliber are lacking on New Requiem. Plus it'll wipe your record clean. Give you and your boys a fresh start." She said as she left a small Copperville Sausage Business card on Greyfurs chest before Paul and his Woodsmen left the scene, leaving her in the woods.

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Re: new allies and hardy foes PT2

Post by Kuro » 19 Feb 2017, 19:16

Happens before Date Night in storyling sequence

Rpp Awarded for P1 and P2

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Re: *new allies and hardy foes PT2*

Post by Lye » 15 Apr 2017, 04:23

Pt 1+2 awarded by Kuro and now covered in the next video review.

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