*Thousand's Journey: Disjunction

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*Thousand's Journey: Disjunction

Post by thousand » 12 Feb 2017, 03:13

Occurs immediately following "Thousand's Journey: Singularity"

Note that timeframes will get a bit wonky for this and the next few logs. They will progress linearly from Thousand's perspective (in a sense), but courtesy of being outside of the DBI universe and its time flow, they will effectively be occurring simultaneously; Thousand will return at the end of this series just a few seconds after the end of "Singularity"

Partial credit goes to Andrew Hussie here, who I am borrowing some things from.


The dimensional distortion field surrounding Thousand dissipated, leaving him, momentarily, in darkness. The first thing that came to the androids attention was the sudden and utter lack of -any- known energy signatures whatsoever. No sense of ki energy, no sense of kinetic motion, not even a notable sense of gravity. And yet, there was something there. All around him, scattered in every direction, a type of energy he was completely unfamiliar with, barely registering on the full-spectrum scanners.

Uncertain of what to make of it, he adjusted the light sensitivity of his eyes to their absolute limit, only to pause in shock for a moment. In every direction, above, below, and all around, thin red "cracks" spread, as if carving through space-time itself. It was like being surrounded by bloodstained cobwebs on all sides. He raised his hand tentatively, starting in alarm at how quickly it responded, nearly striking himself in the face. This jogged the androids memory sharply. The minor differences in physics, particularly inertia, that hobbled him in his awakening on earth so long ago, were now back at the original paramters he recalled from so long ago.

(That's promising. So it seems my earlier conclusions were correct. But what happened here-?!?)

The thought was interrupted by a sudden spike in his full spectrum scanners. The android fired off his RCS system, rocketing to one side, narrowly avoiding a massive flailing ribbon of dull red light that writhed through his original position with horrifying speed, twisting and lashing its way off into the distance. Startled, Thousand whirled, tracing the path of the ribbon, finding it to narrow down to a faint hairline, connecting up with the background web of red cracks.

He stared at the cracks, noticing for the first time that, despite the astronomical distance between him and most of them, they all moved visibly.

(What in the hell?) The android thought to himself. The sheer scale of the red tendrils was mind-boggling. And the lack of stars, extremely off-putting. A moment later, he slams into a solid structure, bouncing off and back in the direction he came. He focused his scanners in that direction, illuminating the unlit object in a manner of speaking. The shape was alien, but somehow familiar, before he matched the memory- a large piece of the lower tower of a space station with which he was once intimately familiar. And where the tower ended, where it once connected with the rest of the structure... a fragment of a placard, the right edge melted away. "Ce Un," it read.

And that clinched it- this was his old home, or what remained of it. But the stars were gone, the energy was gone, and space itself was torn and cracked. His sensors spiked once more, though he had no need to evade this time- quick as a shot, another ribbon of red light tore across his field of vision, flailing past the darkened tower, the edge of it illuminating the structure momentarily, and -just- brushing against it, causing a sizeable chunk of the outer hull to simply... disappear. The strange energy writhed, undulating away, fading once more into the web of cracks in the background.

(I'll definitely have to be wary of those...) he thought to himself, staring at the makeshift entrance to the tower, before moving towards it to look inside. As he passed through the path left behind by the energy ribbon, a strange sensation passed through his body, one he couldn't quite put his finger on. He hesitated there, thinking to himself.

(But what should I investigate first...?)

(As the epicenter, this space station may have some clues as to what happened...)

(But I'll be able to get information I'm more familiar with, and more relevant to me if I were to seek out Earth...)

(...if there's anything left of it.)

(And I'll need to escape these... red miles.)

(I should...)

(Investigate the space station first.)
(Confirm whether there's anything left of Earth first.)

Nodding to themselves, the androids, unaware of one another, turned in opposite directions, one facing into the interior of the severed tower, the other facing the direction he recalled Earth was located in. And then each moved, heading in their own chosen location, divided by the rift in space-time itself left by the energy, each becoming fully corporeal as soon as they were clear of one another.

Were they not so rattled, and not so intent on satisfying the demands of their imperative systems, Thousand and Thousand may have noticed each other at this point. But they were not, and they did not.

An observer might ponder the "many worlds" theory here, and wonder if the damage done to this universe was causing those "many worlds" to collide in some way... if there were such an observer.

Regardless, disjoined from one another by that single decision, each began to carry out his investigation in his own way.

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Re: Thousand's Journey: Disjunction

Post by ikenbon » 02 Aug 2017, 12:17

If there were such an observer, they would probably say this was an interesting read and that they might need to go back and read the rest at some point.

Great work, rpp rewarded.

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