*Thousand's Journey: Singularity*

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*Thousand's Journey: Singularity*

Post by thousand » 10 Feb 2017, 17:00

Takes places several weeks after "Thousand's Journey: Departure"

Shockwaves burst here, there, and everywhere, tearing through the atmosphere with every impact as Thousand clashed with Sam repeatedly in midair, the force flattening and splintering a number of trees in the forest below. The others were hot on his tail. The android narrowly evaded a downward strike from one of his friends arms, formed into a large hammer shape, and spun about to lash out at Sam's midsection with his knee, only to be intercepted by a mass of tentacles courtesy of Jules. Thusly entangled, he was in no position to evade the sweep of Dumastin's blade arcing towards him, or Sam's follow-up strike from the other side. Just as it seemed that all might be lost... the entire world froze as a chime sounded inside of Thousand's head.

Acknowledging the tone, the android disengaged the simulation, retreating from within his mind as his external sense took over. The generic terrestrial forest and skies vanished in an instant, replaced with the helm console of his personal ship. A moment later, the vessel dropped out of FTL as green lights began to flash all about the bridge, alarm klaxons sounding from every direction reporting gravity warnings.

"That'll be all the autopilot can do for me, I suppose..." the android thought out loud, surveying the instruments before him. The incomplete survey data was correct about one thing- numerous black holes were located in the area surrounding the galactic core, mostly in pairs that orbited one another rapidly. To proceed to the actual core would require careful measurements and planning- there was little margin for error, and steep gravity gradients in every direction but behind him. One slipup, and he would find himself too close to one of the singularities for his ships thrusters to attain escape velocity.

Maintaining his position relative to the stellar phenomena, he played his sensors about the area. Many of the transmissions would themselves be lost to the gravity generated by the singularities, but those that were not would serve to identify the boundaries of the event horizons of each black hole. With any luck, some would be far enough apart to allow a cooridor of passage in between, without being trapped by the gravity.

Under normal circumstances, such navigation would be a very quick process, but the nature of the phenomena limited the effectiveness of almost all forms of detection equipment, as noted. It would ultimately take several hours to plot the safe course, and a couple of days of waiting for the phenomenas orbits to allow for a window of opportunity. Compared to the trip out here in the first place, though, this was nothing. Soon enough, Thousand had his course plotted. He monitored his sensors, then activated the sublight engines, bringing himself forward.

To Thousand, his course would seem to take only another hour or so, as he slingshot around each of the phenomena in turn, just barely far enough to maintain escape velocity. Thanks to time dilation, however, objective time would proceed for several more days during the same span. Whether it was an hour or half a week, though, the android and his ship finally began to approach an open area of space- an exceedingly still and empty area, devoid of even the trace amounts of gas normally distributed through the interstellar medium. The center of gravity of the entire galaxy, and the place where he could finally begin to investigate further.

Steeling himself, he stepped to his ships main airlock, through it, and drifted out into space, guiding himself towards the exact center, when he spied movement out of the corner of his eye. A metal placard, of a composition not native to this universe, drifted into view. Or what was left of it- the left half of the placard appeared to have been melted off completely, the remainder reading "nter the iverse."

Thousand took the placard in his hands, and stared at it for a few long moments, nodding to himself. This, at least, was a clue that he was on the right track, somehow.

(Only one thing left to do, then...) the android thought to himself, resuming his flight to the dead center. Weightlessness was a sensation that many humanoids could experience, but was completely unheard of for the androids precise sensors, until now. All of the gravitational mass of the galaxy was in perfect balance there, without even the slightest sensation of acceleration or movement in any direction at all.

Ideal conditions for what would come next. Thousand thought back to his unsuccessful attempt at summoning Iskander when sparring with Dumastin weeks ago, and began to activate the systems in his extremities that, under normal circumstances, would contact the dimensional space where the armor was stored. Gradually, he brought the power up, overriding the normal safety cutoffs, and brought the energy field up to the maximum stress limits of the equipment, holding them there. As before, four points surrounding Thousand appeared to ripple, flow, and expand. This time, rather than stabilizing into the portals that Iskander would flow out of, the individual fields continued to expand, eventually contacting one another and surging into a large field surrounding the android. And then, he pushed himself through the threshold, out of this universe, and into whatever awaited on the other side.

An outside observer would see the androids form appear to stretch and waver, before dissolving altogether, the field collapsing back into a point where the android once was. All that remained in the galactic core was Thousand's ship, maintaining its rough position with occasional bursts from its thrusters.

It would only be a few seconds from the perspective of someone in our universe before he would reappear, but from the androids perspective, far more time would have already passed...

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Re: *Thousand's Journey: Singularity*

Post by Lye » 15 Apr 2017, 04:22

Awarded and in next review

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