*Date Night Part 1*

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*Date Night Part 1*

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[CHAT] Samuel -- Still on the Requiem, putting the finishing touches on things just before the date, Samuel was... nervous. More nervous than it had been before any of its fights. It couldn't stop fidgeting, while looking at itself in a mirror. It looked... odd. A monster in nice clothes. Navy grey blazer, light blue button up shirt, and navy blue pants. It'd never even worn normal clothes before, now it was all... fancy? It had to shift its armored form to not damage the outfit just to get it on, not even to speak of how it got to fit in there with its tail and all. And now it couldn't stop fiddling with the buttons because it was so nervous. It couldn't stand here forever, though, she'd be back from her business on Earth any minute--that business was important to her and it didn't want to get in her way with it--and they'd go on that date. It had picked out a few places to try to take her to, using Thousand's advice. It'll be fun... hopefully.

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'In a flash of light and pressure wave she appeared at what she thought was where they were meeting. She had finished her business with the earth government and held the treaty papers on a small data cube in her pocket. In her other hand was a brown paper bag which held the beverage she had picked up at the store just before her sidetrack encounter with the street thug she ran off. <Hopefully that guy will think twice before stalking another girl> She thought as she looked around. <C>'

[CHAT] Requius: -- '"This is where he said to meet..." She said out loud to herself as she stood on a junction of streets and businesses. Her nearly 5 foot frame making her look like a kid on these streets filled with rather tall (to her) humans and other species. Her raven black hair flowing about her with accents of blue at the tips. Her tall leather boots with too many buckles for functionality was echoing softly as she walked in a slow circle looking at the businesses with her cold grey eyes. <C> '

[CHAT] Requius: -- '"Garmisio's Authentic Cuisine." She read as she took a look across the street to "Max's Big Guns" He read as she got excited only to look through the windows to see a boxing gym. Then she looked next door to "General Gim's BIGGER guns" And saw an old earth model tank destroyer in the window. Finally she saw an arcade with a bunch of her age looking teeangers delinquenting around the area. "Which one..." She thought as she looked down at her clock. 1 Minute past. Where was he? <F>'

[CHAT] Samuel -- Well, it was time. Better head out. Grabbing one last item and tucking it within the awkward fitting blazer, the mimic took off, and within a few minutes it was nearing the city. A little slower than expected, it had to take care not to damage the suit in the flight. It really needed to figure out how Req was able to move around so fast without tearing her clothes to shreds. Still, checking the time on a small watch that it got specifically for this date... it was a few minutes late now! And now it was panicking slightly. "Oh no, oh no oh no oh no..." it shook its head a moment before pulling itself together and pulling out a communicator.

[CHAT] Samuel -C- "I, um, Req? You there? Sorry, I'm a, uh, uh a little late. Had to, uh..." How to phrase this without spoiling the surprise at his efforts of gussying himself up? "Go a little slower than usual. I got something for ya," it speaks, landing softly on a sidewalk, just a couple of blocks away as it starts walking towards the restaurant... still getting plenty of odd looks and stares despite the getup.

[CHAT] Requius turns towards the direction people are walking hastily from. Something had peoples heads turning and some walking briskly away. "Hopefully thats him..." She thought as she leaned up against a nearby lamp post. She let the light bask down from above and illuminate her like a being descending from the heavens. She had her hands clasped behind her back as she kicked her foot out lazily. <Wonder where we are going first. I'm kinda excited. Not like fighting. Blasting things to pieces is fun but that down and dirty stuff not so much.>

[CHAT] Samuel frowns a moment, no response. Maybe she didn't have the communicator with her? Well, it'd be there any second. In fact, looking up, that was her--it could sense her. With that, it gave a grin and picked up the pace--coming into view a few moments later, "Req!" it calls out as it approaches, giving her a big sharptoothed grin and pulling out a small rectangular box. "Sorry I'm a little late. I, uh," it pauses, looking down at its getup one more time, it still felt... awkward walking around in this kind of suit--or any suit at all, really, "I wanted to look nice for ya. And I was looking everywhere for places to take you," it nods, pulling out a small rectangular box and handing it to her. Inside was a scale model of an old battle ship, the name EDS Atlantic stenciled on the side, along with two tickets to a naval war museum on a decommissioned ship--the very same one the scale model is of. "Got this for you, too. I thought you'd like it,"

[CHAT] Requius jumps up and down in excitement. She was going to go on THE Atlantic. The same ship that singlehandedly took out three Goliath class Battleships during a pivotal earth war. Turning the tides of the war in that sector. "OH MY G..!" She cut herself off with a squeel. "It has three 36 inch quad-turrets!" She said with a slight pause before she continued cutting off any sort of response. "In the front bank alone! IT could send explosive shells for miles! And it had the first Mass Driver developed!" She was pratically yelling now before mumbling "Before they passed laws banning it for its total mass casualty count..."

[CHAT] Samuel nods, a little... surprised at just how much she liked it. It knew she would, but... wow! "Heh. I'm glad you like it," it nods, attempting to put an arm around her shoulder and kiss her on the cheek--gently, it still remembered the 'watch the teeth' comment from before. In all honesty, it was interested, too. While its specialty was up close and personal, it had an appreciation for all types of fighting, too. Plus, if it made Req this happy, it made it happy. "I was gonna ask if you wanted dinner first or the museum, but I'm pretty sure you want to go to the museum now, eh?"

[CHAT] Requius: -- '"No." She said is she looked at him. "We arn't going anywhere without you having a full belly." she said as she let him peck her on the cheek. A little wet and...cold? Ohh well. Maybe he is just nervous. "I have arranged us a table at Garmisio's. I heard there is an all you can eat Authentic Pasta Buffet." She said with a smile. "Got a good deal there after they found out I was the owner of their prime supply of Copperville Sausage." She said with a mischevious grin as she started walking towards the Restaraunt, holding Sam's hand but it would feel more like dragging him than anything. She was excited to get the food over with to see the battleship.'

[CHAT] Samuel grinned at Reqs reaction and her own suggestion, "Thanks, that sounds awesome. I havent tried it before, but anything you pick out, especially with that copperville sausage, has to be good," it speaks, nodding momentarily with another sharptoothed grin, as it walks alongside Req--even though she was hurrying, it was going almost as fast. Even though it was nervous, it was still excited--a barely contained bundle of excitement wrapped up in a navy blue suit as it headed out to the restaurant with Req. Still, there were a lot of awkward looks at it, like usual--it wasnt exactly inconspicuous.

[CHAT] Requius blasts through the door and walks up to the greeter with a cold stare from her grey eyes. "Table for Two. Reservation..." She didn't even get to finish as they ushered the two of them through winding tables in the dimly lit establishment. The hardoowd under their feet creaking slightly as it seemed the establishment went quiet as the two made their way through. A hulking bio-engineered war machine that was stuffed into a suit that was near bursting and a smaller teenage-looking girl wearing an outfit on the fringes of gothic style arm in arm seemed to create a scene. Not only that, it seems they had gotten private wait-staff and a seat at the "executive" booth as well, putting them slightly higher and secluded from the rest of the diner. She scanned with room, making eye contact with a particularly rotund individual before she winked at him. That seemed to send him out of his trance and back to the "Never-Ending-Pasta-Bowl that he was consuming.

[CHAT] Samuel wasn't oblivious to the effects of its presence, both of theirs, really--especially now, but honestly, it ignored it, almost nothing they could do could ruin the moment for it, it was just happy that -it was actually happening-. It was on a date with Req, and she was enjoying it. So it just grinned with those sharp teeth on display. The last time it was at a big fancy restaurant was back when it was a kid, well, it didn't have that excuse anymore, so it had to be on its best behavior--table manners and everything, despite its usual lack of decorum in such matters. Still! With its gained memories it knows where the fork, knife and spoon goes and to actually use them this time. Once they made it to their table, the whole booth creaked audibly under strain as it sat down and began looking through the menu. So this place had an 'All-You-Can-Eat' buffet. With authentic pasta. Challenge Accepted.

[CHAT] Requius looks at Sam without even touching the Menu. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" She said with a sly mischevious grin on her pale skinned face. It looked almost ghost-like in the dim lights of the establishment.

[CHAT] Samuel blinks, looking up to Req as she asks a question. What was she thinking? It's mind kind of blanked on that for a moment. Nerves will do that to you, but nevertheless it managed to pull itself together after just a second or two. "Not sure. I was going to see if they really could give me 'All-I-Could-Eat,'" it says, with a bit of a grin in there--that would be a challenge even for the restaurant. "What did you have in mind, though?" it adds, arching a would be brow momentarily.

[CHAT] Requius was already on her feet racing to the Pasta bar. Every pasta she could think of was there, even spinich pasta and gluten free. She started piling her plate high with the pastas before grabbing separate bowls for sauces and piling various meats on the plates. Soon she was concentrating to keep a train of plates floating behind her on small hexagons of her energy barrier as she kept grabbing more and more. Even 3 differant flavors of Copperville Sausage. Smoked, Full Bodied and Homestyle. She finished it off by grabbing a bowl of ice cream that she decided to snack on while walking back to the table, spoon in her mouth and looking around as if a train of floating plates was normal.

[CHAT] Samuel was after her right quick, still moving carefully to avoid damaging the suit, it nevertheless goes after the food with a gusto all its own--getting every kind of pasta it can, lacking an energy barrier--and still not wanting to tear its suit, it ends up grabbing a couple of trays and piling them high with bowls of pasta of every type, and all the sauces and meats it can find--with a double helping of the copperville sausage brands--by the time the two of them are done, there is almost nothing left in the buffet--right until Sam grabs the last of it and puts it on the trays--having to enlarge its hands just to balance it all. If people weren't staring before, well, they would be now. This was gonna be a meal to remember!

[CHAT] Requius smiled as she "dug" into her food. She placed some of the food in her mouth for the flavor, but more so, she just stuck her hands into the food and let her body absorb the nutrients, leaving dried dust-like powder remaining in the bowls. This took her awhile to do, she could definatly not eat as fast as Samuel but she would not be outdone. There was a clatter of silverware as she launched herself out of her chair, sailing in a nice floating backflip over the other patrons. She landed softly with bairly a sound in front of the buffet, snagging plates of food as the servers tried to keep up. "You won't win this fight!" She said as she wielded a rather large cooked sauage in front of her like a sword, before eating a large chunk out of it and brandishing it again.

[CHAT] Samuel -- It actually ate rather slowly--at least, at first. Just straight up using the silverware and trying to more or less eat 'politely' in an attempt to, well, impress her. As Req goes about her meal, though, it gets more comfortable as shes more casual than it was, and soon enough its digging in almost as fast as it could--though still taking care not to mess up the suit, they still had a place to go afterwards and it wanted to look nice for her for it--eventually going out of its way to absorb a good chunk of it directly through tendrils. By the time she's out and out playing with the food it blinked and looked up at her brandishing the sausage, it pauses a moment, then grins, "Oh, yeah? Show me what you got," it speaks, before grabbing another cooked sausage, taking a chunk out of it in a bite and watching for what she did next--man copperville sausage was good. Definitely high quality meat.

[CHAT] Requius grins as she finshes the meat and then starts eating the food off of the trays the servers are brining out. She tries to eat it before they are able to refil the buffet, but she is rather slow and trying to eat from the moving targets proves more difficult than she thought. Overall, she has four empty trays in her corner, taking time enough to glance over to see where Sam was at. "Whatcha got over there!"she says while trying to get a good view of the destruction Sam would cause...to the food of course.

[CHAT] Samuel -- At this point most of the food he'd brought to the table at first has already been eaten or absorbed--eaten quickly even despite his attempts to keep the suit clean, as the carts go by it follows Req's lead and immediately goes after some of them itself. Being in the executive booth--and its size and looks beside, the staff don't do much to keep it from emptying out a total of five carts even as they're brought out to the buffet. At the end of it just giving a chuckle, a shake of its head, and cleaning itself off momentarily, "Man, this is good. Thanks for taking me out here, Req," it says, looking back up to her with a big sharptoothed grin. This was pretty great.

[CHAT] Requius is able to cram down two more before she is finished. She pouted a little as she looked are her meager total of 6 trays. She would have to try harder next time. After wiping her mouth and waving off any further attempts to cater to her from the staff, she plopped down in the booth and loosened up her corset, the thing bulging with a food-baby as she let loose a rather loud belch. "Sorry bout that...How many were you able to knock down?" she asked.

[CHAT] Samuel was only able to get a few more itself, eventually leaning back in the booth itself, its own stomach finally full as it pats it for a few moments. "Not bad," it says, with a chuckle, before looking to Req, "I got seven, myself," it says with a grin, before belching a moment as well. Despite its best efforts, there were a couple of spots on its suit, it does try to clean up with a napkin, but eventually it just sits back again. "That was awesome," it says, chuckling a moment, before shaking its head slowly.

[CHAT] Requius sits back and just looks at Sam. She spent a good akward minute in silence before she spoke. Words soft, but clear. "What are your plans for after?" She said, somewhat trailing off at the end of the question.

[CHAT] Samuel -- After a minute or so composing itself after that meal as well, it sits up in its seat as she asks the question, furrowing its brow for a moment, thinking. "Honestly..." it says, quietly after a moment, "I'm not sure. I wanted to find a good place for me, Jaraid, and Flay to stay, without all of the, um," it pauses, glancing around, "Well, you know. They still don't like me here, after everything," it shook its head a moment, "Like I said before, I was hoping we could just, you know, stick with you and the ship," it nods, looking up at her with a small smile.

[CHAT] Requius sighs and looks at him again. "But after that. After you found a place. What will you do?" She said as she leaned back in the booth stretching. "I'm planning on providing for and making sure New Requiem survives. Trades. Politics. That thing." She said as she looked to Samuel. "It means I'm now leader of an independant colony. A fresh start for some. You...You could have a fresh start as well."

[CHAT] Samuel nods, "Yeah, that's what I meant. I want to help you," it says, "Copperville, and now New Requiem... well, they liked me," it adds with a grin, "Nobody really stared, looked down at me, or even was really scared... in fact some of them were cheering," it adds, "So that's where I want to go, to have a fresh start, I want to help them. And you," it nods one more time as it finishes, looking up at Req with a smile. "I'm not so... great at politics, or talking to everybody, but I want to help. I can help protect it. I want it to be my home, with you there, too," it nods one more time.

[CHAT] Requius smiles and places her hand in his. "Good. Maybe once we get out of this mess we can finally relax, not tied down to the ambitions of these...people. Always out for more. Its like a game to them, and they won't be satisfied unless they can win." She said as she left a rather large sum of money on the table. Much more than what the "All you can eat" pasta bar would cost. "Win by having the largest house they will never use. The fastest car they never drive..." She said as she fixed her clothes and took a few steps closer to Sam. "Now. How about them big guns?"

[CHAT] Samuel holds Req's hand and smiles at her one more time, before nodding a moment, "Yeah, I never really understood all that much about that competition... why not just fight and get it over with if it's like that all the time...? Be done with it already," it says, shaking its head a moment before standing up with her, placing an arm around her one more time and nodding in agreement, "Yeah, I kept you waiting long enough, let's go see that ship. I'm honestly curious myself about it," it grins a moment, "You said those guns were really, really powerful, eh? I wonder if they'll have anything that shows what they can do..."

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Re: *Date Night Part 1*

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Awarded and covered in the next video review

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