*Return of Fai*

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*Return of Fai*

Post by Fai » 21 Jan 2017, 16:30

The medpod quietly began to boot up. Odd sounds began to emerge from the pod when suddenly a light appeared in the midddle of the tank,
Flickering on and off it revealed it's occupant; A boy floated in the water, No older then nineteen. His long purple hair drifted slowly in the water,
His body heavily scarred from the boy's many battles. "Preparing to-to-to" The robotic voice began to stutter as sparks began to pop off
the main panel of the medpod. "Preparing to-to- resuscitate" The color of the light in the tank quickly shifted from blue to red. A loud
spooling sound began to echo in the room as the pod prepared to awaken the boy. The spooling calmed, the room grew quiet. "3-3-1" *ZAP!*
The system charged up and shot the boy with an electric shot and waited. *ZAP!* again it waited. *ZAP!* The boys eyes shot open as
he slamed his palm into the glass. Confusion enveloped his eyes as he despertly banged on the glass. "Temporary sedation activated." The
boys eyes dropped as his arms grew weak. The water in the medpod quickly began to drain, The light above him again flickered but then turned
to green. The Pod door slowly slid open as the boy fell to the floor with a thud. A minute passed when the machine spoke out again "Now administering
fifty cc's of Addrenaline.
" Once again his eyes grew wide as he pulled the mask from his face with a scream. "What is going on..." he barely
managed to mutter out as he looked around the room. It looked... Abandoned. He sat there looking around for a moment before pushing off the
floor but with no avail. His legs were weak, He had no idea how long really he had been there, or let alone how he got there. The room was dusty,
as if no one had entered it for years. The medpod itself looked aged and beaten up, it was a miracle it even managed to wake him up. Fai reached
out and grabbed a near by chair pushing himself up into a standing position and streached out his legs. His long tail slowly swayed side to side but
he could barely lift it up. He felt unbelievably tired, even after that shot, But this... This was different. He gazed across the room to a table that held
his clothes and a box and other miscellaneous items. Fai Stumbled his way over to the table and grabbed his raggedy clothes. He slid into his pants
and wrapped his feet before sliding into his shoes. He wrapped his hands and put on his thin black gloves. He pulled his black cloak from the pile and
lifted it into the air. The whole cloak was cut in half... Almost perfectly... but from what? He shrugged it off as he slid it over his shoulders and looked
down at himself. His eyes came across his right palm, A large scar ran across the inside of his hand. "When did that happen..." He whispered to
himself. He shook it off and gazed at the box for a moment before opening the lid. He was in shock for a moment. His armor... He reached in and pulled
out one of his arm guards and ran his fingers across it. Fai had a sudden flash back of New haven. "Now listen here boy this isn't the strongest
metal, but it is my best work. Please help us protect our city..."
The old mans kind eyes fixed onto Fai's as he handed him the armor set. Fai sighed
as he remembered the old man and the many people he encountered in the city. As his fingers ran to the front of the gauntlets he noticed the large crack
near the knuckles of the armor. "Isao... Thats right..." Again memories flooded his mind. --- Fai took one step forward and disappeared, The floor
where his feet had been shattered instantly from the pulse of power realeased by his flash step in action. Reappearing a few feet from Isao Fai
slammed his foot into the floor twisting his hip in the same motion as his palm. There eyes met for a moment as furiosity poured from the two in
mid attack. The blade camedown at Fai as he lifted his palm quickly as the arks of ki poured out in streaks leaving a trail going down his arms. The sound
of the loud pop echoed throughout the area as the large ring of energy erupted from around Fai's hand in unison with the colliding of the blades edge.
\Streak's of electricity crackled off the blade shooting past Fai's face causing small cuts and trickles of blood to appear.--- He had lost that battle but there
he stood. Alive and almost well. He slowly lowered his hand as a bag rolled out of the gauntlet onto the floor. Quirking his eyebrow he stared at the bag for
a moment and grabbed it. It was light and the bag battered but still in tact. He opened the bag and dropped the contents into his hand "Beans?"
Three small beans layed in his hand, Green and pretty plump. "Well then..." He slid the beans back inthe bag and slid the small bag into his bag. Fai
grabbed his metallic leggings and slid into them strapping them to his legs. A sudden hum from the boots activated but quickly died down again. He strapped
his gauntlets on and looked at his armor. It was heavy, A lot heavier then he remebered, or had it been that long? He felt bothered by all this, it didnt add up.
Fai grabbed the metal ovals on the table and fixed them to his ears. A mask suddenly appeared as the two piece became one at the center covering nose down of Fai's face
. Pulling his hood he walked to the door and slowly pulled it open to only see another dark abandoned room. Walking to the stairs he made his way
up and through another door to a ground level with windows but no one there. Walking to the door he slowly opened it and stepped out of the building that
was rather small from the outside and gazed into the night sky. Where was he... and where was everyone else... Spez, Lye, Khaos, Isao... and what happened to Haven...

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Re: *Return of Fai*

Post by Lye » 28 Mar 2017, 00:31

Short, appreciated the added color but dear gods add paragraph breaks into the writing. It helps the reader.

Covered in the next video review.

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