*Testing Limits*

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*Testing Limits*

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[CHAT] Requius did not dream this time. After the embrace it was nothingness. Just a black void. All consuming. There was no escape. Then pains racked her entire body in the void. The pains impacting itself in her mind. 6 stars were ripped from her. Her mind reeling and body shuttering. The stars. She tried to reach for them. Thought of their importance. They were important but how...She tried to remember. Then felt a surge of energy. The removal of the foreign objects in her body had opened up the paths previously dead to her. Her mind flooding with energies. The form of The Requiem floating nearby as she merged with it. Her mind and body one. She felt free. Free from pain. Free from problems. Free from...eveerything. She shot out towards the stars. Her vision entering a tunnel of stardust <C>

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'then she awoke. Panting. Sweat covering the sheets and a feeling of...strength. Raw power. She looked around. <Medical bay...And...Was Uncle here> She thought. She looked over and saw the balls. The six dragonballs that were being stored within her body. "Hello...is...Is anyone here" She asked while wrapping the bed-sheet around her, her feet touching the cold metal floor as she pushed off slightly, floating around the room. <F>'

[CHAT] Samuel -- As she speaks there's movement, from outside the doorway--something peeks in, a small red eye and a corner of a face--then it steps inside, red eyes, black carapace covering blood red flesh, claws, muscles... but only about three feet tall! It looks up to the... floating girl in a bedsheet, chitters something that sounds kind of like 'Hi' 'Hello' or 'Hey' and waves, offering her a sharptoothed grin. "Hey!" comes another voice from outside the room, "Where'd you go? Food's ready!" The little mimic goes wide eyed a moment, jumps up, and turns to run out of the room... only to run into Sam as he steps in, "There ya are, little guy," Sam says, patting it on the head a moment before it looks up to Req, "Oh, hey Req!" it says, "How're ya feeling?" it asks.

[CHAT] Requius smiles. How was she feeling. Something inside of her was flooding with energy and power. The removal of the objects had done something to her. "Power...Overflowing...What." The small girl looked at Samuel as the small creature left. "Biological reproduction...You...Congratulations on being a father...Remember." She said as she floated towards Samuel, spinning in mid-air. The sheet flowing around her, creating quite a poetic movement "Don't leave them alone...without a father." She said as tears streaked from behind her. "Samuel...What happened. What did...What did uncle do."

[CHAT] Samuel looks down a moment, then looks up at her, offering her a smile, "Thanks," it says, before furrowing its brow slightly, "I won't," it nods, "I won't leave them behind, and I'll protect them... no matter what," it says, sounding... rather determined not to give them the troubled life it had. "Are you okay? Jules brought you back here and fixed you up, I think he... took those out of you?" he points to the dragonballs, "I think he took those out? I... wasn't here, I was training with Thousand outside," it nods, before glancing back out the door, "Jules... didn't like that I had them. About the first thing he said was... 'hope they're not massacred by the Thorned,'" it looks down a moment, still... more than a little mad about that.

[CHAT] Requius flexes her hand back and forth. "Samuel, I...I need to get out of here. You mind...You mind coming with me" She said as she started floating towards the Airlock. "I...I don't like this. I don't understand But I know what my father would do...He would do anything he could to get the Captain back...I don't think any one of you understood how much he looked up to him." She said again as she quickly ripped holes in the bedsheet, creating a makshift white dress, tying a strip of the cloth around her waist, cinching the cloth tight to her body.

[CHAT] Samuel blinks, looking to Requius as she speaks, "I... what? Leave Jules behind...?" it was still mad at him, but... Sam seemed conflicted. It didn't want to abandon Jules, but it... still really liked her, and then there were Haggis' last words to it. After a few moments, it closes its eyes, takes a deep breath. "Okay, if its with you, I'll go," it nods, "Let me get the kids and I'll be right there... where are we going?" it asks, stepping off into another room momentarily, saying something, then stepping back into the room--followed shortly by a pair of three-foot clones of itself, one chitters something almost unintelligible at her--then the other chitters something to it, and they have some kind of conversation back and forth for a minute.

[CHAT] Requius floated into the airlock and pushed the button. She didn't wait for the airlock to disperse the air and equalise things. She smiled as she was just ripped into the vacume of space, a smile a giggle on her face. <Concentrate. I AM the soul of The Requiem. Everything that ship is, she was made from, at the most basic level.> She focused on the organic drive engines. The speed and power they offered. Her body started pulsing with blue viens of energy. Her output was much greater than before. There was nothing restricting the flow. It was raw power, beautiful. Her body pulssing in rhythm with her hear

[CHAT] Samuel hms a moment, "Ah, it might be a couple of minutes, go finish your meal, need to find out where were going and everything," he remarks, stepping into the airlock and following after Req, flying out as soon as the doors opened. It... liked being out in space itself. It was born on a ship, it lived most of its life on a ship, in fact, and fought outside--in space. It... was fun, and free. Once its out there, though, it spots Requius and heads over to her. There's not much air to speak in, but maybe there was something she had in mind? She was a -lot- more powerful now... it was really nice to see. What could she do now?

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'Her body finished forming them. Small opening in her legs and shoulders. An aure glow burning within each one. She smiled a motion for Samuel to follow, then shot off like a shooting star through space, towards the asteroid field. She turned, looking back to see if Samuel would follow, then engaged the organic drive engines she had created. her energy output being directed to the new additions as they roared to life, adding an aure burst of flames and light, leaving blue sparkle behind her, as she soared to even greater speeds.'

[CHAT] Samuel followed at full power, a crimson aura erupting around it as it shot through space like a streak of red... but she was still out pacing it and pulling away with that new founf power she had! It grinned, impressed, before its aura switched colors to a brilliant gold for an extra speed boost to keep up. "Nice!" it calls out, soundlessly in the void, but nevertheless it gave a grin, showcasing its fangs as it did so. It was interesting to see everything out in space as well--while it -fought- out there, it always just traveled inside the ship... it was interesting to try traveling like this, too! The asteroid field was nice to look at, and it had to pay attention to avoid hitting any of them.

[CHAT] Samuel followed after Req as best it could at full speed, dodging and weaving around as many of the asteroids, though as it didn't have the opportunity to chart paths, nor experience navigating them, it slammed into one in the way, breaking off chunks of it and otherwise barreling through--other than that, though, it kept pace pretty well! Stopping shortly after she did, it offers her a grin. This was kind of fun! And a good exercise to practice agility. It would have to do this again later.

[CHAT] Requius smiles. Her right arm forming a cannon. The barrel glowing with the faint blue pulsing glow like the rest of her body. Blue electric sparks started arcing at the ends and pusling with her. The power was definatly increased. She floated in the middle of the field. <I need to find out what else This body can do...I...I just need to know.> She said as she smiled. The bio-organic armor that coated The Requiem started forming over her body. The dark plates matching the inky blackness of space and almost made her body blend in entirely, except for the white blanket-turned dress and the pulsing blue veins of energy flowing through her.

[CHAT] Samuel watches her form that armor and cannon, giving her a sharptoothed grin as she does, it liked the look! More than thatm it was curious as hell itself about her abilities and what she could do. She was a battleship in humanoid form! Like nothing else it had ever seen. "Okay... show me what you can do..." it says, though soundless and to the void. The golden aura faded and it went back to crimson--it wanted to match her strength--which was surprisingly high! Matching its own natural strength. Just something else that it found fascinating about Req.

[CHAT] Requius smiled as she vanished in a flash of light. The shockwave destroying some of the nearby asteroids as she appeared above Samuel. A flash of light ensued, and her form was almost in slow motion. Her black eyes glowing with a ring of blue energy near the edges. Her armor hugging her perpoertioned and doll like body. The white dress seeming to twirl around her as her cannon arm as inches from Samuels head. The sparks around the barrel ionising particles around it. Somehow through the armor it would seem as if she was smiling before time would go back to normal. The energy blast ripping from the cannon as the second shockwave from her appearance ripped through the area. It was not cheap. A maneuver like that could onle be done a few times. Although she noted it did have slightly less of an impact on her body. But she could feel the strain and shock on her body. Knew the risks of compounding that damage over and over...

[CHAT] Samuel blinks--that was fast. It wasn't what it was expecting--it tracks her to right above it, looking down the barrel just as the energy blast slammed into it's face, sending it flying through the asteroid field, hitting--then slamming -through- an asteroid, breaking it into small chunks and making a cloud of space-dust fill the immediate area. Sam doesn't stay down long, though, out of the cloud flies a trio of energy bursts flying straight for her, then it immediately bursts back out of the cloud following them and rushing towards her in a tackle to see how powerful that armor is.

[CHAT] Requius was able to track the trajectory of the blasts with ease. Lifting her left hand and concentrated as the blasts were deflected with a trio of blue energy plates, hexagonal in shape and quite thick. She smiled as she calculated Samuel there. She moved the plates but he was too quick, his tackle breaking through the only shield she could make in time as he plowed into her. It was dense tho. Much denser than the small girl should be. The armor tacking the impact and holding. She struggled in the melee. <C>

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'She Struggled to get free. She knew her skills close up were not great, she just covered the best she could as Samuel pounded her with blow after blow. The armor bending and bowing, then started cracking. Her body tho. Her body weathered the impacts. For something created for the harshness of space, It held strong. Finally, she recovered enough awareness to reform her cannon...from her chest, as she let loose another blast. If that didn't work, she would keep firing until Samuel let go of her...or beat her senseless. <F>'

[CHAT] Samuel blinks at the chest cannon, backing up and crossing its arms in front of itself to block the blast this time rather than take it on the chin, "Nice move," it comments. It wasn't sure whether the faint traces of atmosphere from the space dust and gasses in the asteroid field would be enough for a voice to carry, but it wouldn't hurt to try. "Shields are good, too... never seen anyone use anything like those," it shakes its head, chuckling slightly. Then, it stands ready, "Come on, show me everything you can throw at me!" it gives a big sharptoothed grin as it gets back into its combat stance. It wasn't trying to overpower her in this fight, but rather push her--it wanted to find out everything she could do.

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'Takes a breath, not of the atmopshere but more of an invulantary reaction as the engine she had formed build up, then rocket off around Sam. She was keeping her distance around him. She did not like it close. Samuel tried teaching her how to punch, kick and basic combat maneuvers but that was not for her. She had really no talent for such a thing other than basic punches and kicks. She thrived in the range. The chest cannon receeded as she used the boost in raw speed to keep Sam on his toes. To dart in and out fireing the entire time. Each shot precise. Each shot calculated in its trajectory, even at the high speeds. Some were thwarted by the ever moving asteroids, but Sam would notice most of the rest were right on target, the same spot he had taken the chest cannon blasts in.'

[CHAT] Samuel grits its teeth, but it grins--she was similar to it, but so different! It couldn't help but be fascinated by it. Whereas she focused on range, it focused on melee...which meant the longer she was able to use that range, the longer she had the advantage. It blocked as many of the blasts as it could, but a fair few managed to get through its guard--slamming into its chest, the exact same spot--they weren't light, and it started to hurt. It narrowed its eyes, she might have an eye for trajectory and aim, but it had an eye for combat itself--the next moment she came in for a blast, it swung its arm, a trio of sharp pale white flechettes erupting from its arm and flying torwards her, it ducking off to the side again to try to come at her from another direction--not for a pummeling, but for hit and run attacks itself--hitting as hard as it could, but more to see her reaction, to see what she'd do.

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'Raised her left as she took away concentration for firing her cannon to activate the fields. The pulsing blue turned solid as her heart rate increased with the strain. The blue hex shields withstanding as she returned fire. For while the two exchanged fires. Asteroids exploding and bolts of blue energy streaming through the field. Blue shields blocking and shattering against the attacks as Her and Samuel enerted into the flow of battle. The flows and powers setting for the rhytms of combat. Flashes of blue slamming against pure brawn. It seemed to keep that way for awhile. Some spikes getting through and cutting deep into her armor as the assaults contined. Finally Samule got in a fantastic hit and sent her spiraling into the center of a large asteroid. She impacted it, cratering deep into the center as she seemed to be swallowed by the mass of it. Disappearing within its depths.'

[CHAT] Samuel -- Took some hits itself, she was strong enough to be a good fighter! And a unique one, at that. It was relatively beat up itself from exchanging blasts and hits, but once she was sent careening into the asteroid, it followed after landing just outside of the crater... this was a big asteroid. "Req!" it calls out, still not sure if its voice could carry in the thin atmosphere, but it still wanted to try, "You okay?" it asks, before following her in--it didn't want to seriously hurt her, just push her to bring out her best. It was... exhillerating fighting someone at their best, especially her.

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'She was buried deep in the asteroid. The crushing rock was nothing but she knew there could be more. She felt her energies drained but there had to be something left. With a grunt she focused on her body. She closed her eyes and brought up a picture. A thought. What ship would not be complete without a main cannon. She smiled, the grunted as she shover her remaining energy forward. Her entire right side taking shape of a massive cannon. The arm enlongating, encroaching into her shoulder and to her torso, all the way down her leg, anchoring into the ground. It was taking awhile to do, but she was in deep in the crater. <C> '

[CHAT] Requius: -- 'When sam got there, she would be anchored in. an unstable ball of swirling red energy forming at the tip, something massive, the reading much higher than her normal blasts. She was straining, trying to bring the massive contraption to bear but it sisseled out. She sighed. IT was over. She floated towards Samuel and tapped him on the shoulder, motioning for something to eat...then slowly, but still gracefully, sailed towards the ship. <Exit>'

[CHAT] Samuel once it enters the crater after her it goes wide eyed at seeing--and sensing the blast, "Wow," is all it can say, getting into a defensive postion for the attack... that never comes? It blinks, looking up to see it sizzle. It furrows its brow slightly for a moment, before shrugging, then smiling to her with a nod. Then, turning, it heads back to the ship--maybe it could cook her something new when it got there. There were... some recipes in the Saiyans that it had eaten, mostly for just different kinds of roasts in different kinds of seasoning. It's all good, though!

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