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[CHAT] Jules was sitting in his laboratory on his ship, running through possible contingencies... A gold coin rolling in his fingers... A gift from Devrios... He had considered unleashing the Culexis plague on Dumastin... Following Thousand's advice... He could easily innoculate himself and his team-mates now.. But... he was a doctor... Using biological weapons was... Even to stop the Captain he couldn't risk the consequences, or the moral implications of going against his core beliefs... So... That was out of the question... "Damn it Devrios... Where are you..." He had used the channels he was aware of to send a message for aid, but thus far there had been no response... So no he held the coin in hand, knowing it was likely tagged with the same type of magic which Dumastin used to keep track of his various enchantments, hoping to hell the Mage could hear him... He knew it wasn't realistic to expect such things but... He shook his head... It didn't matter...

[CHAT] Jules: -- '(Two hours Earlier) Jules had sat in the chamber of his mind, deep in meditation as the fragment of his human fathers soul and the construct of his absorbed Tuffle father considered the problem. Had Dumastin not given Jules the gift of that fragment of soul... It would be simple enough... Get in close enough... Jump into the Captain's body... Neutralize him from the inside... But... He didn't want to lose what little he had left of Talrand, and Salnor was more than understanding... Their advice had been simple... "Do what you think is best, son." It wasn't much to work with... So the coin continued to rotate through his fingers... He could still do it... But... What would he lose? No... Devrios was a better answer, Magic was a better counter to magic than anything he could come up with... He glanced at the coin again, "Come on magic man... I thought you were connected to these things..." '

[CHAT] Devrios -- Moments later, there's an answer, "Well, yeah, I told you they were," a voice rings out... from the man himself as he appears a few feet behind Jules. "Sorry I'm late, was a little busy having a chat with a... self-proclaimed nameless demon. I told Dumastin not to go chasing after power... but people like him are never one to err on the side of caution," he adds, shaking his head slightly. "Good to see you survived that fight, though. It looked... pretty bad," he crosses his arms, leaning back against a nearby wall. "So what can I do to help?"

[CHAT] Jules jumped as Devrios's voice was heard behind him, turning his head as four tentacles erupted from his back... His eyes assessed the situation for a moment, before retracting... "Thank Kami, and you're already aware of the situation... That saves me forcing the information into your mind, I find non-psionics aren't a fan of that process..." He exhaled, his tentacles retracting as he tossed Devrios the coin. "I need a spell, it's.. Something Plectere used on the sanctum... Undid a year worth of enchantment work done by the Captain in an instant. I don't know magic, but I remember the words he said.. Kind of..." He sighed, "The the words Dagitac Uhmnia mean anything to you?" His facial expression altered, "Wait.. That's not right.. Uh... Dagitmaq Omnia... Yeah... I think that was it... It was what he said before things got... Really bad at the Sanctum after... Max's fall."

[CHAT] Devrios goes slightly wide eyed at the mention of Plectere, then furrows his brow at the mention of the words, "Dagitmaq Omnia, eh? Well, the words themselves mean wreck, or destroy, all, so certainly fitting... though each word is in a seperate language," he taps at his chin momentarily, "I'll need to see where he cast the spell. Should be remnants available to study. I already know how to counter and dispell -some- magic. But something like that is on a whole other level. I'll need time. You want to, what, unmake the demon that Dumastin made and fell to?" he looks up to Jules. "It happened at Dumastin's... Sanctum? I suppose he would have one," he shakes his head slowly. "Alright, I'll do what I can,"

[CHAT] Jules sighed a breath of relief, well, at least Devrios could piece together the meaning... "We're on the way to the Sanctum now, Prime believes it will be safe but... I have my doubts..." & gHe smirked, "And if it can dispel the transition that turned him into that... I'll be grateful, it means I won't have to do what I have planned if it doesn't..." He fell silent for a moment, glancing down... He was going to lose everything if Devrios's spell didn't undo the transformation spell but... He glanced back up,

[CHAT] Jules: -- '"And I plan on using whatever you enchant with that spell to get close enough to give him a kiss." He sighed, "I'm sure you're well aware of the Tuffle... It'll probably kill me, but I owe it to the Captain to not leave him like that, alive or dead. Given his inexperience with dealing with the micro, I plan on infecting him, trying to find and free the Captain... And failing that... Killing him... Hopefully before he can kill me... Removing his wall of magical defenses before-hand, given he doesn't seem to follow the same pattern as the Captain and yourself when it comes to magic, is the only way I'm going to be able to get that close." '

[CHAT] Devrios shakes his head, "Don't kill yourself needlessly. We can work around it," he says, simply, "He told me his time was... limited. Finite. He can only take control so long as he has the power to do so, and that power will slowly slip away, whether he does anything or not. So its just a matter of time--days, months, or years, before he succumbs to the inevitable," he furrows his brow. "If nothing else, we could find some way to lock him away so he doesn't hurt anybody until such time as he loses power. This... will take some research as well. I told the demon what'd happen if he kept on his path, time for me to deliver,"

[CHAT] Jules sighed as he leaned back in his chair, "I'm talking worst-case scenarios, yeah, he'll eventually run out of power... But how long will that take? How many will die while he's running down the clock? Finding another way would be fantastic, but we have to eliminate the threat to the cosmos. He would do the same for me if I ever..."

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'Jules shook his head, looking down... "Again... Tuffle... My species isn't a nice one, and given my father gave me the ability to reproduce, he always knew there was a risk I would succumb to the Tuffle nature, he literally gave Dumastin a chemical formula which will evoke a response of pure obedience in me as if he were my sire to prevent my corruption and attempt at mass infection of non-willing host." He rubbed his chin, "But The Thorned doesn't know about that... Or... He doesn't care, hopefully the prior, as if it's the latter... He could easily turn me into a mindless, completely loyal drone, the same response I can evoke within my own children." '

[CHAT] Devrios shakes his head, "He won't. Unless we force his hand. Even if he did know, he's not after conquest or anything of the sort. He's literally on a course of self-destruction. Aydun told him to go spread chaos... without actually telling him what that means, so he's using Dumastin's own definitions. Only he's an idiot and doesn't care about the nuance that Dumastin himself put into it. So he's playing up the villain to inspire heroes to rise up and take him down," he says, tapping his chin slightly. "It's all about leaving a legacy for him. But again, he's an idiot," he says, slowly, "'Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair,'" he quotes.

[CHAT] Jules seemed to freeze... Dumastin always walked the line between the constructs of Chaos and Order... If he was using Dumastin's definitions... "You think he won't?... You're wrong. He'll separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak. If he's using the Captain's litmus as a standard, he'll burn down the entire damned universe until he's stopped." There was only fear in Jules tone as he spoke, his eyes wide as he stared up to Devrios... He turned in his chair, this was... Worse than he thought. If he was just some pawn... But... Dumastin himself was well aware of the aspects of his personality that were dangerous. He was a dangerous man, always walking the line, always taking the risk regardless of the cost... And if he was using Dumastin as a model... He lowered his head... Chuckling slightly... "We're so fucked..."

[CHAT] Devrios chuckles, "I've fought and died to worse. If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times. Nothing lasts forever, not this, not us, not him," he says, simply, "He's not killing everybody, like I said, he wants them to rise up and kill him. That is his entire goal, outside of the dragonballs," he nods a moment, pushing himself off the wall, "If he was using a little more tact with it than just randomly attacking cities and killing people, honestly I wouldn't care. Change is, after all, -necessary- in the universe. But... not like this. Not... with false goals like this,"

[CHAT] Jules nodded, "I have lifetimes of experience as well, don't forget who my progenitor was. He wasn't always a nice guy. What i'm saying, the long he goes unchecked, the more extreme his actions will become, the more people will die..." He let out a sigh, "And it falls upon his crew to stop him, he's our Captain, our responsibility..."

[CHAT] Devrios shrugs, "Yeah, Salnor was a dick. This guy, though..." he furrows his brow, tapping his chin. Reminded him of himself, in a way, "You know, before all this, I wanted to leave a legacy myself. One to last the ages. So I built one up on the backs of so many people. But now? No one even knows my full name. Like I said. Nothing lasts forever," he shakes his head slowly. "Will say this, though, don't blame yourself for anything he does. He's the one that took on the demon, not you,"

[CHAT] Jules nods, "You're not wrong about that, but telling me or Samuel not to blame ourselves for not being responsible is one thing, with as long as you've lived, died, relived, whatever... Have you ever felt the strings of pain accompanied to a corrupted comrade? ? We were a family. Why do you think I accept Samuel for who he is even knowing his father murdered five of my children? Good or bad, he is my brother." He shook his head, "No, I don't blame myself for his reckless actions, I blame myself for not being strong enough to stop him." He turned back around in his chair, "Now, if you'll excuse me..."

[CHAT] Jules: -- 'He spoke calmly, "Prime, stop the ship. Thousand and I need more training to perfect Sergeant Slaughter's technique... Could you alert Samuel and Thousand and have them prepare for zero-gravity training?" He walked past Devrios, "If you can make the spell work, the crew and I will be forever grateful, if not, I'm sorry for wasting your time. But for the moment... We are the one's responsible for his actions as this demon monstrosity due to our inability to stop him. With your help... Maybe with enough training... We can rectify that error." He moved towards the door as he spoke, "And don't worry... My final contigency is exactly that, when all else fails, it's what I know I can do.A moment later he left the room. Clearly, the conversation had pushed Jules into a call to action.'

[CHAT] Devrios nods, "Yeah, I've seen it happen. One of the reasons I'm offering the advice," he says, watching Jules as he prepares to leave, "I'll go and get started. Let me know when you've arrived at the Sanctum, til then I'll be researching," he adds, "And Jules, good luck," he says... and then he's gone. Back in his own place of power with vast stores of information to go over. He had a lot of work to do.

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