Sleeves lol

Something funny was said on DBI? Thanks for the memories!
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Sleeves lol

Post by Telarr » 25 Jan 2012, 21:00

<8:55pm> -<OOC>- Balbaroy: 'these kids have plastic sleeves on EVERY card'
<8:56pm> -<OOC>- Belial: 'sleeves are meh'
<8:56pm> -<OOC>- Asher: 'Sleeves are sleeves.'
<8:56pm> -<OOC>- Balbaroy: 'sleevie sleeves'
(L:100 K:0 P:9.925t)
<8:57pm> -<OOC>- Asher: 'Sleevie Wonder. :o'
(L:100 K:0 P:9.925t)
<8:57pm> -<OOC>- Balbaroy: 'Sleevie Knicks'
<8:57pm> -<OOC>- Asher: 'Sleeve Vai.'
<8:57pm> -<OOC>- Gilliam: 'Sleevie Ray Vaugh'
<8:57pm> -<OOC>- Balbaroy: 'Sleeve Tyler'
<8:57pm> -<OOC>- Asher: 'Sleeve Francis.'
8:57pm> -<OOC>- Balbaroy: 'Sleeve McQueen'
<8:57pm> -<OOC>- Asher: 'RIP Sleeve Irwin.'
<8:59pm> -<OOC>- Balbaroy: 'Sleven Spielberg'

<8:58pm> -<OOC>- Rakam: '...'
<8:58pm> -<OOC>- Rakam: 'hahahh'

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