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TIME SKIP: We are jumping ahead in time a bit to let the end of the last rp verse settle and meld. It did not end well for our heroes and the universe has changed quite a bit over the last 20 years.

New Threats: This new jump forward in time has allowed us to tell a story where the heroes did not prevail (fully) and by stopping the Crimson Queen, they may have unleashed even more threats (on a smaller singular scale) across the Universe.

The Bill Comes Due: As with all Pwipes and Rpwipes, all characters have been reset back to their starting levels and tiers. The rp reasoning behind this is the backlash from using the black stars was that all current metas (players) lost their powers to fuel the wish. You can bring back old characters, but if they died in the final battle, it had better be a good reason why they're back =P

Setting Changes

Earth: On the surface, nothing really about Earth has changed. It is still the diverse mulch-metropolis planet with all of the former cities showing their similar characteristics. However, below that surface layer, Earth has become a violent, hostile and corrupt world. After the Venom incident 20 years ago, the EDF lost the ability to protect their world and now Gadax Renn, the former leader of Venom is now the military might of Earth. The toxin he perfected over the last two decades has allowed him to maintain his power by numbing the populace and producing his own group of powerful metas. And since they played such a pivital role in helping him get his venom on the streets, the thugs and drug lords of Earth hold its cities by the throat with the new military backing them. These are indeed dark times for Earthlings who desperately need the age of heroes to return.

Vegeta: Planet Vegeta is still a barren wasteland after the nuclear revolution that happened on the planet almost 300 years ago.

NG Yelo: Ng Yelo, which is more commonly called Iceria these days, has never been a place of peace, but they were a people who respected the galactic law. That time has come to an end. Inner strife and a swift uprising has lead to the “purification” of the planet. The fighting pits have returned and the new King (name TBA) is not above taking slaves and making them fight for their freedom. There even rumors of the Icerian Army gathering strength on the Fringes of the Verse and an alliance with Earth becoming even stronger over the last five years.

Konats: A majority of the planet has been willfully ignorant to the ongoings of the Infinite Verse and thus, Konats has stayed out of the eye of the major public. That all changed. Over the course of 20 years, one woman has had a goal in mind; to train those who need guidance. And thus the island city of Savant was born. This is a major hub for those looking to train in the ways of Talent (ki, spirit, chi, magic) and has been a safe haven for those who had come to discover latent talents and abilities. Masters and practitioners of all kinds have congregated here from across all walks of life either to seek sanctuary or to teach others.

Planet Vira: Planet Vira has been mostly unknown since forever. She is the shining gem of the west galaxy where a different type of Saiyan has flourished. Poised and collected, they lift up the lineages with the strongest Super Saiyans and have finally come into the major fold...by force. Iceria has its sight on Vira and many a skirmish against the cold hearted Icerian Army has almost turned into all out war.

New Haven: New Haven's military might and political pull has slightly diminished over time after several years of being the sole defense against an encroaching darkness. They did survive however, aligning themselves with a young Duke of Hydia who saw their melting pot mentality and solidarity against tyranny as virtues needing to be salvaged and handed down to the next generation.

Hydia: Hydia is admits a civil unrest which may very quickly turn into war. Duke Fable caused strife among his people when he forged an alliance with New Haven and there are those who saw the hodgepodge as “unsightly” and wanted nothing to do with them. The others who knew such a strong union could only let the flower bloom even more, followed him and thus the conflict began. Still, he holds strong to the belief that what he and his friend and mentor Tess are trying to achieve with Savant is something that the verse needs, now more than ever.

A whole new System
Some of the major Role-Players are trying to see if there is a way to make our rp system even better. There are daily discussions happening in a discord server: https://discord.gg/vvmHjtb located there. If you care about rp at all and want to have your voice heard, speak up or forever hold your peace. Just keep the conversation civil.

Final Thoughts:
This is just the start to the changes being made to the rp verse. If a planet you frequent wasn't mentioned, feel free to weave a story (that doesn't alter the rpverse on a MAJOR scale) that fits a story you wish to write. All I was doing here was setting up the sandbox. Once rp happens I'm sure you all will enjoy knocking it over. But hopefully this gives people some reference points to start bios and the like. If you have any questions or want some clarification on something for a bio, hit me up in game.

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