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Hello, folks! Nygmus here, and I've decided to give everyone a special treat by reposting an RP from the old Nygmus Library.

It seems people like Telarr think they know what surreal is. Well, I've opened up the old library in an attempt to prove them wrong.

Note that this RP took place in the old DBI RP universe....

:twisted: HERE WE GO :twisted:

[CHAT] Vince: -- 'A cold breeze blew past the wrecked island where a catastrophic storm hit it not a day before. Near the beach line of the island, a crater imprinted into it where an explosion at high force tore the ground appart. Within the crater laid a young saiyan, dirty black hair all over the ground, cloak ripped to shreds. A twitch? He moved a bit, coughing violently as he began to sit himself up. Another violent cough, ash all over his body. "Ugh..." he moved up slowly, his body stiff, slowly pulling himself to his feet, stumbling to stay standing, coughing again. "...Where am I...oh right...I survived...Aarrh!" he grabbed his left shoulder painfully, collapsing to his knees, a hole rippling through his cloak where a bolt of lightning had struck him down, but the wound didn't bleed. "Fuck...that hurt..."'

[CHAT] Vince grabbed his arm tightly before pulling himself up slowly again, the cold wind blowing around him, blowing any ash off his body, he coughed again, a trickle of blood running down his lip. He didn't notice it. "Tch...I don't feel so good...My energy levels feel ...okay...but I feel long did I sleep..." he twitched, spitting on the ground before beginning to walk out of the crater, still holding his arm. He crawled up to the top of the crater and flopped down on the ash covered beach, the water trying it's hardest to wash it away. "I hope Nieroda's okay...I don't remember what happened after..." His glazed over eyes scanned horizon, sensing for any reconizable energies in the vacinity.

[CHAT] Nygmus: -- '"She's fine." Nygmus was inexplicably sitting in a folding chair a few feet behind Vince. "Hell of a storm last night." He held up a little glass of some liquid. "Blew away my little paper umbrella. Weather's a bitch that way." He offered no explanation for his presence, nor any reason why he was simply sitting there on a beach drinking... whatever it was.'

[CHAT] Vince slowly looks up a moment, his senses picking up behind him strangly "...Nice of you to join in without me noticing" he slowly turned, his hazel eyes scanning the man with the top hat. "Hell of a storm indeed...I feel sorry for your paper umbrella..." he stated in a soft tired tone "Who may you be...?" he added onto the rest of his words after a few seconds of silence. His eyes narrowed a moment, still scanning the strange looking man with a face that gave him a strange shiver, his dirty hair waving around a little bit, it was obvious he was going to have one hell of a shower when he got home, and get a change of clothes. Speaking of clothes...what was with the top hat the guy was wearing...? Curious...

[CHAT] Nygmus shrugged. "I'm Nygmus." Within an instant, the scene turned into madness, as the water lapping on the short, the sand that formed the shore, the trees, the rocks, everything around, jumped up and started dancing around in a maddened mixture of thousands of different dances, several of which hadn't been invented yet and some of which weren't actually physically possible. Nygmus himself stood, rising up to tower hundreds of feet over Vince. Lightning flashed in the sky behind him, the clouds whirled around his body, and he spoke again. "I ENJOY ALCOHOL, GODDAMNIT, LEAVE ME ALONE, I CAN'T GET DRUNK ANYWAY." And then everything went back to normal, and he was in the seat again.

[CHAT] Vince blinked a moment at the name before his eyes scanned a little as everything started...dancing? He stayed quiet, a anime styled sweat drop forming on his head in complete silence, his eyes moving back to the man as a tower sprouted out of nowhere, slowly staring up as Nygmus shouted down at him, and in a flash everything was back to normal. It took Vince a good five minutes for everything to calculate inside of his head of what actually just happened. "... ...Holy shit dude..." his usual calm expression shattered after everything just came to mind. Nothing could explain his current expression, as no words were in existance for it.

[CHAT] Nygmus grinned. "That's my favorite part, watching people try to figure out what the heck I just did." He briefly contemplated going on and screwing with Vince's head good and proper... then decided against it, merely tossing a bottle of fruit juice to the Saiyan. He looked thirsty. "It won't kill you. Probably." He sat back in his chair, letting the Saiyan puzzle through the situation on his own. With the aid of delicious fruit juice.

[CHAT] Vince stares there as the bottle as tossed at him. He just sat there as it clocked him in the forehead and fell conveniently into his righthand. He just at there before shaking his head quickly. "Probably is some interesting odds. But i've faught a goddess before and come out alive, twice. I'm not going to be put over by a bottle of juice" he popped the lid and downed it, before coughing violently and falling to the side lifelessly. For about a minute anyway before cocking an eye open at Nygmus in some kind of attempt to randomly shock him without any super powers and making tree's and coconut's dance...

[CHAT] Nygmus: -- 'When Vince's eye opened, he would see... a circus. Yes, a circus. With clowns. Clowns everywhere. CLOWNS. Sad clowns, happy clowns, fifty-clowns-in-a-tiny-car clowns, clowns. And elephants. And bumper cars. And clowns and elephants RIDING bumper cars and crashing into each other. IT WAS PURE, CLOWN-PAINTED PANDEMONIUM, and in the center of the ring, Nygmus stood with a splendid ringleader's outfit, purple top hat, long whip, and a red rubber nose.'

[CHAT] Vince stared at the...clowns. His eyes just watched them all for a moment, freaked out by all the clowns for a moment before looking to Nygmus with the ringleader outfit "I assume this is your doing...I don't really like clowns that much...they freak me out, specially when there's so many of them...could you care to remove them...or i'll test the theory and calculation of finger beam plus clown head..." he stated in a scared, yet strangly and creepily calm town, awkwardly staring at the elephants riding bumper cars...somehow. It made no logical sense to him and the urge to just start throwing Dragon lasers into them all just came to mind, if it wasn't such a waste of energy.

[CHAT] Nygmus: -- 'The clowns exploded in a rain of feathers, and if Vince looked, they were suddenly replaced with chickens. Clown-painted chickens. With little red rubber noses over their beaks. Flapping around clucking aimlessly, and occasionally getting splattened by giant elephant feet or run over by bumper cars. Also inexplicably driving bumper cars themselves. Nygmus made physics cry.'

[CHAT] Vince stared in awe of the array of feathers and the now chickens. Clown PAINTED chickens running around getting squished by elephants and bumper cars. He just sat there a moment in complete awe at everything before quickly shaking his head, flicking his right hand at a chicken. POOF, flames errupted around it causing it to become instantanously a cooked, yet still strangly painted like a clown chicken. He then proceeded to light every other chicken that came close to him on fire, filling the strange area with the scent of cooking chicken. "You done, crazy top hat man?"

[CHAT] Nygmus: -- 'Oddly enough, every burned chicken would, when it stopped clucking and screeching and running around in circles ON FIRE, fall over, whereupon in a puff of smoke they would be replaced with a cardboard bucket filled with their delicious, crispy remains. And a white lily, poking up over the top of the bucket. Whaaaaaat the fuck.'

[CHAT] Vince blinks a moment at the chickens exploded into...a cardboard bucket with chicken in it. He just stared a moment. "...Holy fuck...I just made KFC" he blinked, staring at the chicken buckets before reaching in, taking out a piece and taking a bit in a curious manner before blinking, looking at the chicken a bit more "...Actually tastes like chicken..." he shook his head quickly before placing it back, staring back up to Nygmus "'ve piqued my interests...who said your name...but who are you really...?"

[CHAT] Nygmus grins, then pulls his hand back, lashes forward, and cracks the whip. The instant it cracks, the entire scene is actually pulled into the whip, leaving Nygmus standing on the beach from before, a few feet away from Vince, back in his customary suit. "I already told you. I'm Nygmus." It might have all been a dream... except Vince would still taste chicken in his mouth.

[CHAT] Vince winces a little, slowly pulling himself up to his feet, stumbling slightly, holding his arm a moment. "I know your have some interesting power, Nygmus...curious though...why are you here? Were you watching the battle that unfolded on this island?" he asked curiously, leaning his head to the side, his neck cracking. "Well...either to do me a favour...since nobody else is around...could you take me home...i'm sure someone with crazy powers like yours can do that...I need a shower and a bandage, my arm is killing me right now..." he noted in a soft tone, stretching a little bit, wincing painfully as he did so.

[CHAT] Nygmus: -- 'Nygmus's eye twitched. He got a bit of a crazy look in his eye. "Sure. I can take you home." He struck a dynamic pose, pointed to the sky, and then all hell broke loose. "We'll ride in style! I CALL UPON THE ONE! THE ONLY! THE INVINCIBLE, BEAUTIFUL, UNSTOPPABLE, UNDEFINABLE, OUT OF THIS WORLD NYYYYYYGTITAN!" The volcano erupted, the earth rumbling beneath them as a *mother-fucking mile-high giant robot* rose up out of it, totally destroying the volcano and most of the island in the process. Nygmus made a dramatic anime-style leap, jumped into the cockpit of this world-destroying war machine, and grabbed Vince off the ground (as well as a significant portion of the beach). "NYGTITAAAAAAN! AWWAAAAAAAAAAY!" The firing of the thrusters demolished the rest of the island, leaving little more than a crater rapidly filling with seawater.'

[CHAT] Vince his eyes narrowed at the crazy look, to the dynamic pose. He suddenly regretted it as the volcano errupted as the robot rose up out of it, his jaw dropping a little as he was suddenly grabbed off the ground, clocking to the side, fainting in shock, litearlly FAINTING in shock at being picked up, everything too much for him, his eyes glazed over to white, a light "tick" sound emitting as his jaw stayed dropped open, his head tilting a bit, no longer moving except for soft breaths and "eee..." sounds...

[CHAT] Nygtitan: -- 'The INVINCIBLE, BEAUTIFUL, UNSTOPPABLE, UNDEFINABLE, OUT OF THIS WORLD NYYYYYYGTITAN gently plucked Vince from the chunk of beach still in its hands and gingerly placed the Saiyan on top of its head. The head was about the size of a parking garage, so there was plenty of room. Nygmus hummed a little tune, which was rebroadcast via the Nygtitan's sound system at approximately eight hundred decibels. Luckily there was a soundproofing barrier where Vince was, so the Saiyan wasn't deafened, but the rest of the world (or at least that which was within a good number of miles). But then the journey was interrupted... by the evil Shogunza rising up from the sea! Metal tentacles snapped out and snatched Vince off of the Nygtitan's head, dragging him into the cockpit, and thus battle was joined!'

[CHAT] Shogunza: -- 'A high pitched and shrill cackle emitting from the gigantic mecha as it just pulled itself from up out of the sea, having captured some strange kid from the so called invincible Nygtitan. "GIIISH GISH GISH GISH!! SO THE UNSTOBABLE NYGTITAN HAS COME OUT TO MY PLAY GROUND! GISH GISH GISH" It cocked it's arms back, rising up a several mile long sword, before thrusting it's hips forward, a several thousand meter long laser pulse rifle ejected out from the mecha's crotch and powered up. "CHARGING THE CROTCH RIFLE!"'

[CHAT] Nygtitan: -- '"YOU'LL NEVER WIN, EVIL SHOGUNZA! GOOD WILL ALWAYS TRIUMPH OVER EVIL, BECAUSE WE HAVE..." And at this point, guns started appearing on the Nygtitan. Everywhere. Every single panel that looked like it could move, everything that could possibly conceal a weapon, actually did. They sprouted out, revealing rotary barrels and belts of ammunition trailing from every chamber. "MORE DAKKA!" The Nygtitan began firing, causing a rainstorm of brass shell casings as it spewed forth literally billions of rounds per minute. NEVER ENUFF DAKKA!'

[CHAT] Shogunza continued to charge his crotch laser "YOUR DAKKA IS NOTHING!! YOUR SHIELDS AND DAKKA CANNOT COMPARE TO A POWER OF HIS MAGNITUDE! GISH GISH!" His giant hips thrusted forward in several suggestive ways, the crotch laser exploading with massive white beams of what could only be assumed as energy, crashing into the ammo as it fired at him, before explosions and sounds of bullets hitting metal echoed across the world in epic proportions. And out of the cloud of smoke and ammo firing he came with a cocked back fist "I AM NOT DIE! YOOOU DIE!" he lifted the Giant-sword-that-shouldn't-be-that-big-becuase-he's-compensating-for-something and prepares to swing it, somehow.

[CHAT] Nygtitan roared as he ran out of ammo. The shell casings alone had already formed a pair of tiny brass islands. He reached onto his back and pulled out his OWN weapon, a sword. Not a gargantuan two-mile-long sword like Shogunza wielded. This sword was held between two fingertips, and was in actuality about three feet long. He held it high as if it were a mighty god, the destroyer of worlds, the Butterknife of Ultimate Destiny, and lightning flashed in the sky as the power of raw causality crackled around the two impossible machines. "I DUB THIS BLADE THE NYGBUTTERKNIFE! HAVE AT THEE KNAVE!" Then the Nygtitan snapped its fingers. "ALMOST FORGOT SOMETHING." It pulled a mecha-scale purple top hat from nowhere and gingerly placed it in its place of honor atop its head. "NOW! HAVE AT THEE KNAVE!"

[CHAT] Shogunza roared, running forward with the blade "GISH GISHHHH!!!! YOUR BUTTER KNIFE IS NOTHING COMPARED TO BY SHOGUNZILLA" he cackled in a high pitched squeal before swinging the blade backwards. The weight of the sword pulling back too far causing it to get lodged at the bottom of the ocean below them. "FUCK!" The giant mecha shrilled, before moving it's hip's in distraction and with an attempt, reached down and grabbed his crotch laser. He pulled back, cocking the laser back strangly before releasing it, firing the entire laser like a projectile of ultimate crotch-based attacks towards the Nygtitan. "CROTCH LASER GO!!!!!!!"

[CHAT] Nygtitan: -- 'Moving like a mile-high zephyr, the Nygtitan sidesteps the inappropriate laser and brings down the Nygbutterknife in a glorious arc. It cuts through time and space, actually slicing through Shogunza's gigantic crotch laser ten seconds before he swung the blade (and ten seconds after, as well!) "YOU HAVE BEEN CASTRATED, DEMON!" He dropped the Nygbutterknife, which continued to rape temporal mechanics as it fell to the ocean floor and made some random fish into a barbarian war hero. "FALCON PUUUUUUNCH!" The Nygtitan's gargantuan hand drew back, then slammed forward with all the force of a moon colliding with a planet.'

[CHAT] Shogunza screamed loudly "GIIISH! MY INNAPPROPRIATLY SHAPED CROTCH LASER!!! NOOOO! YOU BASTARD! I'LL-" Seconds later a fist came forward cracking him in the face, causing it to cave in. The entire earth shook before a gigantic explosion rippled up through space and time, tearing the fabrics of existance to pieces, before reforming like nothing happened, like a super-nova tore through the sky, ripping Shogunza appart, causing high shrilled screams and multiple swear words so vile that they could not be translated even by the universal Nygnog translator system. A final shockwasve rippled through the sky, followed by confetti shooting through the sky, as well as an unconcious, strangly alive saiyan floating through the sky, oddly unharmed despite the epic falcon punch that blew alot of shit up.

[CHAT] Nygtitan: -- '"NYGTITAAAAN! AWAAAAY!" The second firing of the thrusters caused a gargantuan tidal wave, knocking the newly-created brass-casing islands into the ocean as he flew up into the sky, breaking the sound barrier, the sanity barrier, and as Nygmus poked his head out of the Nygtitan's cockpit and waved at the screen, the fourth barrier. And then he caught Vince and flew up up and AWAAAAAY towards land. Not considering for a moment the kinds of response a mile-high giant robot would get.'

[CHAT] Vince twitched softly, before suddenly waking up violently "AH NOT WITH THE TENTACLES GET THEM OUT OF...huh..." a few blinks before his eyes scanned to Nygmus. "... ... ... ... You CRAZY BASTARD!" he pointed his finger at him in an over-reacted anime pointing pose. "You could of killed me!!!! INFACT I THINK I DIED ALREADY!!!!*tock*" his head tilted to the side, falling unconcious again for no apparant reason, the over-reaction was so epic, it knocked himself out again.

[CHAT] Nygtitan: -- 'The Nygtitan roared over what was left of South City, the shockwave of its passing actually leveling a few abandoned buildings. Every single person in the town screamed and headed for cover-South Ruins villagers were extremely gun-shy about mofuggin' giant robots and the like, after having their city destroyed about fifteen times. One man even stood on top of an apartment building, launched a rocket at the Nygtitan, and screamed "WE DON'T WANT ANY! GO AWAY!" The rocket struck the Nygtitan in a small thermal exhaust port, causing it to (of course) explode magnificently, raining bits and pieces of mofuggin' giant robot over several square miles. Nygmus and Vince crashed into the ground right next to Vince's home. Vince was unconscious, but Nygmus managed to keep his composure and land in the most epically awesome way possible, so awesome that it cannot be described here for fear of annihilating Rendo's router.'

[CHAT] Vince: -- 'Despite the fact a giant mother of a robot just crash landed in an epic way undescrible to mortal man right next to a house, the house didn't even move, nor did the windows even rattle. THe entire house staying completly still like nothing had even happened causing logic to swear repetitivly. Moments later, Vince woke up again and proceeded to swear at Nygmus a second time "What the FUCK! You pull a giant robot out of nowhere...nearly get me tentacle raped and then...from what I can see, crash land next to my house...probably scaring the few hundred or so people still living around here...what kind of nutcase are you...?!"'

[CHAT] Nygmus: -- '"AN OMNIPOTENT ONE! GOODNIGHT, SOUTH CITY!" And then he was gone.'

[CHAT] Vince blinked a few times as Nygmus disappeared. Vince sat there, just sat there on the ground for the next hour or two, trying to calculate everything that just happened, from the omnipotent god like Nygmus to being nearly tentacle raped by some strange mecha, to being put back home. After a while he decided to just go inside...and stay in there for a while...and try and forget what the fuck just happened...

[CHAT] Nygmus: -- 'On a nearby hill, Nygmus stood. He was holding the Nygrocketlauncher. It looked as if he had torn the erector-launcher off of an ICBM missile launcher, and was now holding it to his shoulder like a regular, normal-scale rocket launcher. As the crosshairs settled over Vince's house, he looked to the screen. He looked to the OOC channel. And he asked, "Should I do it, folks?"'

-<OOC>- Mikori: 'OH THAT! DO IT!'

-<OOC>- Salayna: 'Doo eet, doo eet!'

-<OOC>- Genesis: 'Do it'
-<OOC>- Genesis: 'Make him poor'

(This one is Kairus/Hiram, btw)
-<OOC>- Halirjin: 'Yes'
-<OOC>- Halirjin: 'blast him'

[CHAT] Nygmus grinned as people not of this world egged him on. "SO MOTE IT BE!" And he fired. The missile crashed into Vince's house, where it sat uselessly, stuck in the wall, because Nygmus, though he had conjured a giant missile, had forgotten to conjure a warhead. Enjoy the new decorations in the living room, Vincey!

[CHAT] Vince: -- 'The house strangly shifts before exploding! The smoke clears revealing a giant several thousand foot long log with a missile stuck in it. Nygmus got Vin-owned.'

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