Ranks opposed to Tiers.

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Ranks opposed to Tiers.

Post by Telarr » 28 Sep 2010, 14:51

Okay... I'm going to try my hand at a length explaination of something that I foresee as a better... System?

Dumastin/Nygmus' last topic was that explaining that he, the person who set shit up the way it is, he wanted it to be that a TIER2 (Raditz?) could take down a tier5 GINYU FUCKING FORCE MEMBER (Lol.) is their RP skill is better. (LOL!)

I'm going to go about this as nicely.

Wrong. You're wrong. That's it. Skill vs skill. Or Ability Vs Ability won't work. It never will. If anything if works in reverse, people WITH skill are more apt to let their chars die (Mekka comes to mind.). Anyway.

I got off topic of what I originally meant, sorry.

My suggestion I guess you could say is to, bare with me for a moment, REMOVE TIERS in a sense. Make tiers NOT tier0-7. But RANKS 1-3. These RANKS, and I'm meeting you here part way hippies, start at -15- red RPPs, and go like this.

Rank0 (Tier0) 0-15 reds.

Rank1 (Goku in frieza Saga, before he went all SSJ and shit.Our current tier7) 15 reds-100 reds

You would get your first transformation at 55 reds, which is in the middle if my averaging skills are correct

Rank2 (Goku at the end of frieza to just before Gohan and SSJ2.) 100 reds - 300 reds
You would get your second transformation at 150 reds. You still wouldn't be able to destroy a planet like this. Just because people destroying planets is a hassle for the admins to fix.

Rank3 (End game Gohan and beyond.) 300 reds +
You could get different forms, but at this point a "Legendary" system would come into play, which I imagine won't be an issue for a while.

"But, Maverick, you dumbass, you already hate the climb through tiers as it is! This is much longer to climb through!"

Shut up.

I'm not a balance guy, thats the head admins. But I honestly see that this system, unlike Nygmus', would be able to get him the desired effect he wanted. There's no spread between the tiers. so people can't go "LOL? I'm > you, punk! I auto-win. FUCK YOU!" Not that this has REALLY been a case yet. (It has once, but that was resolved neatly iirc.) I dunno. It's a discussion board. And I probably wont look at this after I've posted it. Have fun with it.

i'm not good with these long explaination things though. : P

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Re: Ranks opposed to Tiers.

Post by Nygmus » 28 Sep 2010, 16:00

I'd like to point out that Rizion wrote the descriptions for the tiers, and that they were in retrospect something that I didn't think about until after it was too late and they were already being applied.
Wrong. You're wrong. That's it. Skill vs skill. Or Ability Vs Ability won't work. It never will.
this is about how it worked prewipe, when the system was much looser and had very few hard-and-fast "person X is more powerful than person Y" effects in place. Prewipe worked pretty well for people mature enough to apply it as such. People who weren't... Well, they were headaches for the admins, and I think it was then that we, that I, got into the habit of saying "no" to things.

God damn genetically engineered preteen SSJ3 newbies.

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