Fighting Schools of the 'Verse

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Fighting Schools of the 'Verse

Post by ikenbon » 07 Sep 2020, 22:31

This is a contest topic for creating 3 new fighting schools in the RP universe. These three schools will be engaged in a friendly competition in the coming year where their strongest disciples will face off in a tournament together.

Here are the requirements:
  • General philosophy
  • Fighting style
  • A signature technique
  • Location of the school
  • The colors or symbols of the school's disciples
I'll leave the topic open for about a month before selecting the winners and then we can start some interactions between the schools and characters on CHAT to prepare for the tournament.

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Re: Fighting Schools of the 'Verse

Post by Indon » 11 Sep 2020, 16:07

The Breath That Takes No Air

This school is oriented around drawing strength and focus from aligning mind and body through understanding the mind and body, and how they interact with each other; meditation on its principles is said to align the conscious and subconscious parts of the brain to unlock latent capabilities in disciples.

The monastery for the school, Odayakana, is found on the cliffs of the oddly temperate Calm Valley in the Zobraizubre mountains. The monks farm rice in the mountain terraces above the valley, kept warm by gentle volcanic thermals, grind multicolored stones found upon the wind-swept cliffs to make mineral dyes, and consume the hallucinogenic flowers found in the valley floor for 'enlightenment' and definitely not recreation. The valley also has a hot springs renowned for its healing waters and inaccessibility.

The monastery is profoundly welcoming to those who are willing to contribute to the community, even those who do not actively pursue training. While there is a welcoming and helpful environment for trainees, there is little pressure and no coercion towards progress in training from the Guru, Alder, or the other head monks, so mostly only those who are determined and driven attain great skill in the school. The result is that strong monks of the style tend to be dedicated to causes, and idiosyncratic.

Basically they're a bunch of hippies.

And they look the part. The multi-colored stones of the valley lend itself well to tie-dying clothing in vivid multicolor patterns, making the strongest identifying marker of the style how thoroughly practitioners stand out in a crowd. There is no uniform, and disciples are encouraged to harvest the dye for their own gis themselves, smashing rocks to fine mineral sand with their bare fists, and then sorting the grains of dye-sand with a fast and precise hand to obtain the desired colors. As a result, weaker disciples generally wear plain white, brown, or grey gis. A gi of a single color would imply exceptional focus and training, and is basically just a way a couple of the monks flex.

Because of the monastery's laid back, commune-like atmosphere and focus on individual learning and meditation towards mastery, the style has few uniform techniques, as well. The emphasis on starting with breath, however, makes the most natural ki attack to users of this school mouth-originating blasts or beams. Also relatively common among the monks is "Breatharianism", a technique involving surviving off of breath and ki instead of food or drink, and is an actual thing people claim to be able to do in the real world as well, until they get caught eating a sandwich or something.

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