**The Abduction of the Namekian Child

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**The Abduction of the Namekian Child

Post by Lye » 07 Sep 2020, 17:00

RolePlayLye (Thirty Years in the Past) A young man had finished a
training session on the island of Curazian IV. &y " Saiko, you've got a
mission.'' The young man wiped the sweat from his brow. </font><font color="#800080">&quot;Heheh, where am I
going now, Master Sergeant'' The old man snuffed out his cigar, ''You will
find out on the way. You leave at twenty-three'.'' The young man nodded,
&quot;Roger Master Sergeant.'' </font><font color="#008000">The old man took a half step and then threw a
powerful blow into the gut of the young man, ''Stay on Guard Saiko, Kami
You're always Off guard...'' The young man took a rapid stance throwing a
low kick towards his trainees right leg. The old man blocked the blow with
his shin. ''Someday you'll get there, but you're telegraphing...''

RolePlay</font><font color="#FFFFFF">] </font><font color="#008000">Lye</font><font color="#FFFFFF">: '</font><font color="#008000">The young soldier nodded, he had been recruited into the
Spec-Ops only two months ago... After six weeks he was going on missions...
</font><font color="#800000">''Hussle Soldier, it's twenty now... Move!''</font><font color="#008000"> The Soldier snapped to attention,
then performed an about face before sprinting. His life was... What it was...
</font><font color="#808080">'It is... What it is...' </font><font color="#FFFFFF">'

</font><font color="#FFFFFF">[</font><font color="#FFFF00">CHAT</font><font color="#FFFFFF">] </font><font color="#008000">Meliodas hatches from his egg. His brother Zeldris, who is much older,
watches Meliodas as he emerges from the egg just a small Namekian child.
Zeldris picks him up and scrapes off any remaining egg shell off of Meliodas.
This is just Meliodas' first day into the world and many more to come. Time
passes, it is now five years later. Meliodas is running around playing by a
pond just a few miles from the village. He calls out to his brother,
&quot;</font><font color="#FFFFFF">Zeldris!! Oh..Zel--</font><font color="#C0C0C0">&quot; </font><font color="#008000">he stops mid sentence. His eyes wide, face turned and
twisted in pain as he takes a hit to the stomach. Meliodas looks up at the man
as he falls to the ground but his vision begins to blur and suddenly goes
black before he can fully see what is happening.

</font><font color="#FFFFFF">[</font><font color="#FFFF00">CHAT</font><font color="#FFFFFF">] </font><font color="#00FF00">Lye: </font><font color="#C0C0C0">-- </font><font color="#FFFFFF">'</font><font color="#800080">&quot;Namek is a long way away...&quot; </font><font color="#008000">The slightly older partner
smirked, </font><font color="#008080">&quot;And you're very young.&quot; </font><font color="#800080">&quot;Jarrec, you're a dick.&quot; </font><font color="#008000">The man laughed,
</font><font color="#008080">&quot;And you're green. We have our orders.&quot; </font><font color="#008000">Saiko nodded, </font><font color="#800080">&quot;Guess that's true...
But you're still a dick.&quot; </font><font color="#008000">His partner laughed, </font><font color="#008080">&quot;Yep.&quot; The slightly older man
yawned, &quot;You pilot first, wake me up when you get tired.&quot; </font><font color="#008000">Lye nodded, flipping
down his scouter. </font><font color="#800080">&quot;You know me... I'm good for two days...&quot; </font><font color="#008000">Alec smacked Lye's
temple, </font><font color="#008080">&quot;Twelve, it's a long trip. You're not an Iron man. Don't be an idiot.&quot;
</font><font color="#008000">Lye nodded, </font><font color="#800080">&quot;Roger, dick.&quot; '

</font><font color="#FFFFFF">[</font><font color="#FFFF00">CHAT</font><font color="#FFFFFF">] </font><font color="#00FF00">Lye: </font><font color="#C0C0C0">-- </font><font color="#FFFFFF">'</font><font color="#008000"> 20 stood on Namek, four hundred years and infinite in age. His
home... Had been destroyed ages ago, back in the age of Gear and the legend
Kalmega... A hero among Insignians... </font><font color="#808080">'And now... I'm a damn slaver... The
Kalmega would be proud.' </font><font color="#008000">The lesser beings were little more than cattle, the
young Insignian... Young by infinite perspective Sought his next victim...
Earth was paying well. Six million galactic. </font><font color="#808080">'Six million for a few days old
Namekian...' '

</font><font color="#FFFFFF">[</font><font color="#FFFF00">CHAT</font><font color="#FFFFFF">] </font><font color="#008000">Meliodas feels a bug land on his head and it snaps him back to reality.
</font><font color="#800000">Oh yeah! My brother, I gotta get that meany!</font><font color="#C0C0C0"> </font><font color="#008000">Meliodas looks around and yells,
</font><font color="#FFFFFF">&quot;Brother!! Where are you? I'm gonna tell the Elder on you!&quot; </font><font color="#008000">Meliodas walks
around the house, looking at the sky, over passed the hills, and even so there
is still one place he didn't look. </font><font color="#800000">The hole! </font><font color="#008000">he thinks to himself. He runs
over to the mysterious hole just next to his house. He gets on all fours and
slowly crawls towards the hole until he is at the edge. His voice shaken,
</font><font color="#FFFFFF">&quot;B-br-brother! Where ar--&quot; </font><font color="#008000">Suddenly, the loose dirt below his hand gives way
and he begins to fall into the hole. </font><font color="#FFFFFF">&quot;AHHHHHHHHHH!&quot; </font><font color="#008000">He screams. Just as he
does, suddenly a pair of arms are upon him. </font><font color="#008080">&quot;Come on Mel, what are you
thinking!!&quot; </font><font color="#008000">Zeldris flies out of the whole and over to safe spot just next to
the house. </font><font color="#FFFFFF">&quot;I'm sorry, brother. I just wanted to find you like a big kid!&quot;
</font><font color="#008000">They both look at each other and laugh.

</font><font color="#FFFFFF">[</font><font color="#FFFF00">CHAT</font><font color="#FFFFFF">] </font><font color="#008000">Lye four years passed, twelve and twelve. Saiko and Jarrec were well
trained but the two aged just like humans. When the reached the moons of Namek
Saiko had just turned twenty six and Alec twenty nine... </font><font color="#008080">&quot;We are coming for a
landing outside Sinias Six. The stealth system is should keep us from being
detected. Are the weapon systems primed just in case?&quot; </font><font color="#008000">Lye nodded, </font><font color="#800080">&quot;Roger
brother...&quot; </font><font color="#008000">The vast birthing place of countless legends... </font><font color="#808080">'The Dumastin...
The Telarr...' </font><font color="#008000">Lye smirked, </font><font color="#800080">&quot;We enter legions of ages past brother...&quot; </font><font color="#008000">Alec
tossed him a glance, </font><font color="#008080">&quot;I know history, and Namek isn't that legendary. Well,
not... To much so...&quot;

</font><font color="#FFFFFF">[</font><font color="#FFFF00">CHAT</font><font color="#FFFFFF">] </font><font color="#00FF00">Meliodas: </font><font color="#C0C0C0">-- </font><font color="#FFFFFF">'</font><font color="#008000">An hour passed after Meliodas almost fell into the hole
next to his house. He now sits in a meditation room, his brother Zeldris next
to him. Both meditating.'

[CHAT] Lye growled, his left eye was getting some... Strange readings, he blinked a few times as he unstrapped himself from the pilots seat. "Your ocular implants showing anything weird?" Alec nodded, "Might just be interference The planet does have three suns." Lye nodded, "Hopefully, prepare to disembark. Reports indicate the child is protected by an elder and at least three guardians. If we play this wrong ." Alec chuckled, "So we don't play it wrong. We go in using the Shadow and Mirage cloak, we strike hard and fast, grab the kid and get the hell out." Lye sighed, "What makes a kid worth six million?" Alec grunted, "It's not our job to ask questions, Namekian blood is.. They're immune systems are the best in the cosmos, and the younger they are.... The stronger their systems..." Lye nodded, "Poor kid... Probably going to have his blood taken to keep some old cunt alive in our government..."

[CHAT] Meliodas: -- 'Meliodas continues to meditate, but suddenly he snaps his head up. That was weird..hmm. He looks over at his brother, still meditating, a blue aura is lining his body as if he is glowing. Wow, he is so strong. I hope I can be like him one day. Meliodas thinks to himself. He watches him for a few more minutes before concluding I doubt it was anything, I should live big bro alone so he can concentrate. Meliodas closes his eyes once more and begins to meditate alongside his brother.'

[CHAT] Lye hated the implants... To use the cloak A massive injection of SX-1 was released through his body, priming the hundreds of devices throughout his body... Worse... The Blood rage... His mind began to numb as his body began to fall under his Shadow-Cloak leaving only the shadow on the ground cast directly below his body under the burn of the three suns... His partners mirage cloak left him as a shimmer in the light. A few dozen blinks of his right eye, sending a message... "Mission begin, Strike Hard, Strike Fast, Show NO MERCY!" The two began to move rapidly, the padded soles of their stealth uniforms making almost no noise... Namekian hearing... They would know the pair was coming, but that wouldn't save them...

[CHAT] Meliodas: -- 'Zeldris, Meliodas' brother suddenly snaps his head up, eyes wide. Zeldris looks over at Meliodas in deep meditation. Zeldris thinks to himself Good, I don't think Meli noticed. He is gonna be great, but right now he is still too untrained to notice such sounds. Zeldris quitely makes his way out of the meditation chambers. Zeldris thinks to himself I need to take care of this...intrusion. Zeldris lifts off the ground and begins bursts forward, ears perked, senses heightened. Here I come! Zeldris thinks.'

[CHAT] Indon Selian-Ka raised his head from his farming, his ears twitching. "Strange," he mumbled. Steps approaching the village from a distance, quick and light. The urgency of combat, but the care of a dancer. Not normal. He put the tools he was using down, and moved to intercept the strange sounds. He heard or saw a few others moving as well, including young Zeldris, the village's prodigy. Hopefully his strength would not be needed. Selian-Ka interposed himself in the path of the strangers and his voice echoed out through the Namekian landscape, "Why have you come here? Know that you disturb the peace of this village at your peril!" Two other guardians, Toph'Ka and Vern, landed near him to face the intruders.

[CHAT] Lye: -- 'Alec's voice seemed to echo from the mirage, "We seek the young blood, turn him over or every one in your village will die." Lye said nothing, a dim shadow on the ground. The rage was in full effect, before any orders were given from Alec the Shadow had moved and a dark purple blade had ignited striking out against the left-most Guardian Toph'Ka. The Mirage acted in unison, a deep blue blade igniting and lashing out towards Vern. '

[CHAT] Meliodas: -- 'Zeldris suddenly flies in fast. "SPLIT FORM!" Zeldris screams. Suddenly, his body begins to move and separate and in a blink there suddenly is two Zeldris'. Both versions suddenly blink out of existence, or so it seems and reappears in front of Vern and Toph'Ka. Zeldris' forms both attempt to block the incoming attacks.'

[CHAT] Indon: -- 'Selian-Ka exclaimed, using his mind to communicate between the other guardians, "Zel! Do not take these opponents lightly! Fall back and focus your power - and form - to fight with Toph! I will support Vern!" As he yelled out and ran towards Vern, Toph and Vern both moved with the skill that came with their own experience, each moving to the side to threaten to put the attackers between Zel and themselves. Selian-Ka shot a ball of energy to distract the Mirage and help defend one of Zel's split forms as he charged at the intruder engaging Vern.'

[CHAT] Lye: -- 'The Mirage seemed to burn as the energy ball slammed into his lower abdomen, his eyes rapidly relaying orders to his comrade. (Activate Audio Dampeners, deploy your smoke-screen I'll deploy my sonic grenades..) The two acted as a well trained unit, the Shadow pulling a small mine from his left leg and throwing it to the ground which suddenly exploded in a massive plume of smoke. The Mirage did something similar, his mind releasing a deafening blast of sound which rippled across the battle-field. The blades of the operatives had been effectively deflected through the coordination of the four Namekian warriors, but now in the darkness... No shadow could be seen, no mirage... And with the sonic blast... The pair was prepared for an assault on Namek, to fight against Namekians... They were still... Young, but what they lacked in age... They made up in superior armor and gear. '

[CHAT] Meliodas: -- 'Zeldris reaches out to the mind of Selian Understood! I will move to help with Toph Zeldris' forms suddenly merge back together into one being, the one closest to Toph. Just as this happens smoke erupts all around the four Namekians and sudden darkness remove the sense of sight. Then, just as quickly as the the smoke came, a loud piercing sound rippled through the air and hit Zeldris' sensitive ears and purple blood slowly begins to seep out of each ear. He winces in pain and closes his eyes, he attempts to focus his mind and regain equilibrium. I don't need sight or hearing...if I can just focus on energy of these individuals alone then I don't need either sense. His mind begins to reach out to his surrounding. Focus.'

[CHAT] Indon Selian-Ka staggered from the sonic explosion, his keen ears working against him - and the invaders were using some strange technique or technology to hide their energies from his senses. Selian-Ka could use his years of training to remain focused through the ringing in his ears, to retain some awareness of the battlefield with only his physical senses - but he knew the others wouldn't be so able, that they would be more vulnerable. They were as sure as dead... Selian-Ka continued to charge forward, using his sense of touch to fight, to feel the movements of his opponent to engage, as he spoke again with his mind. "Zeldris! They are here for your brother - we can delay these intruders while you protect him!" Selian-Ka knew Zel would not likely simply obey. "Toph-Ka, please assist."

[CHAT] Indon Toph-Ka had no ability to sense the intruders, but could sense Zeldris. He swept between where he thought the intruder was, and where Zel was, and he focused his energies, stomping down his foot and raising his arms. The very ground of Namek surged beneath him, rising, then bursting outwards - hopefully pushing the intruder away from them and Zel towards his brother. Maybe, if they could keep the invaders back long enough... the brothers could escape.

[CHAT] Lye: -- 'The voices were distorted now, a deep rage echoing through the smoke. "SACRIFICE THE CHILD OR END!" Then the pair were suddenly slammed into by Namek itself... Even with the Neo-Adamantite armor... Ribs were cracked... The Mirage managed to maintain his footing but Lye was thrown nearly four meters back landing on his back... The pain... The smell and taste of blood... The Shadow's eyes began to glow a deep purple as the smoke screen slowly faded, the mind of Alec sensed it... The absolute blood lust, that killer instinct... In his short career... Lye Saiko had single-handed ended armies of thousands... The Shadow seemed to shimmer with a purple aura, silence... How did this mere mortal begin moving beyond the speed of sound? Only for a brief moment, up from his back... The blade lashed out aiming for the throat of the oldest Namekian... Six high-explosive mines being thrown towards the other Guardians... '

[CHAT] Lye: -- 'Alec... Pulled his energy revolver from the holster on his hip, much slower... But the rounds were aimed towards the heads of the Namekian's... Alec hated to see his friend like this... It wasn't the drugs... It wasn't the implants... Lye Saiko, a clone in a long line of Shadow's... Nothing could stop him when his mind released the genetic memory of those who had come before... All Alec could do... Was hope the blood-lust would reside before the child joined the dead. '

[CHAT] Meliodas: -- 'Zeldris suddenly hears words form in his head, it's his elder speaking to him. He responds, I can not leave you two here by yourselves! You are my elder, I refu-- his thoughts seem to cut to an end suddenly as Toph grips him by the arms and yanks him into the air. "NOOOO!!! Get off of me, Toph! We must protect the Elder, if we leave now we will lose!!" Zeldris yells. "It is the elders orders!" Toph says. As Toph begins to fly away with Zeldris a couple of mines seem to be flying their way at high speeds. Toph lets go of one of Zeldris' arms and puts one arm up, an energy ball forms in his hand, "AHHH!!" Toph yells as he releases the energy ball towards the two mines flying towards both Zeldris and Toph.'

[CHAT] Indon Selian-Ka could feel the attack thrusting towards his neck - the only way he could sense his opponent. And there would only be one way he could potentially strike back. In that instant, he dodged, not away, but up and forward, focusing his energies. The blade buried itself in his power, and an arm snapped towards the invisible hand holding that blade. "Nnngh!" he grunted in exertion as he tried to hold his attacker. "Vern! Strike towards where I'm standing!" Vern charged forward, focused on his elder's words in his mind, deaf and blind - and as he ran, his left arm ripped away from him, a round shooting through at high velocity, and at his feet, an explosion that ripped away his right leg. Roaring in pain and anger, he threw himself towards where his elder was a moment ago - where the man holding the blade now was.

[CHAT] Indon Toph-Ka got a distance away, then released Zel and turned back towards the battle. "Zel. The Elder is gambling that if you escape with your brother, these invaders might disengage, and leave us alive. Your best way to protect us all... is to protect yourself and Meliodas." He ran back towards the fight, his clever lie uttered.

[CHAT] Lye: -- 'The Shadow only lasted in speed for a few moments... The blood-lust, the rage... It was still there... The charge on his blade had been exhausted by the Elder Namekian... The nightmare... It wasn't giving up... The Shadow was a culmination of dozens of killers, a long line... The cloak had fallen, and the Shadow was on a knee... "We will... Complete the mission... For the Glory of The Empire." It was subterfuge of course, Ng Yelo and the Earth-Sphere Alliance had long since fallen apart. This Elder would shout out with his mind to other powerful members of his race. It was of utility to turn such a proud warrior race against a deceptive group of snakes. '

(L:100 K:95,800 P:9.738b)
[CHAT] Lye: -- 'Alec came from behind Shadow, using a speed loader to put in another six round and rapidly firing them before kicking the Shadow back. His eyes were rapidly sending a message, (Recover, your cloak has fallen and mine only has another minute!) Alec's eyes continued to move, the Winged Beast was a powerful stealth ship armed with two dozen class six warheads. His mind reached out towards the Namekian... (I Know you can Hear me Elder... I will level this area and every soul in a twenty mile radius. Turn over the child or face the consequences.) The tone was sincere, the Mirage wasn't suicidal but the mission would either succeed or the pair of operatives would join the dead. This was the was of the Special Operative forces. '

[CHAT] Meliodas: -- 'Zeldis listens to the words of Toph and simultaneously watching Vern get ripped apart by the battle. His eyes wide with fear as the realization of the events unfolding finally hit him. I need to get to Meliodas now... Zeldris thinks to himself. He nods his head, turns away and blasts off towards the mediation chamber where Meliodas now resides. MEL!! Get out of the chamber now! Meet me over at the Elders Hut.... Zeldris pauses for a brief moment. ...and be prepared to fight...I know you're young, but if it comes down to it, you must not give up for a moment, do you understand, brother!? Zeldris powers up more and pushes even faster changing course and heading towards the elders hut.'

[CHAT] Meliodas: -- 'Suddenly a voice enters Meliodas' mind. He opens his eyes in a rush. Gets up, now realizing what is going on. He is able to sense the distraught just a few miles away where the battle is taking place. Tears begin to rush down his face, "Big bro...I'm scared." He whispers to himself. He wipes the tears away and takes on a more serious look. He runs out of the mediation chamber and begins to run towards the elders hut as fast as his five year old legs can take him.'

[CHAT] Indon Selian-Ka smiled bitterly, holding up a hand to instruct the other guardians to hold off, at least for the moment. "How can any of us trust rogues such as you? If you truly could kill us all... why would you not do so after you got what you wanted, the better to conceal your attack and its purpose?" The elder said, revealing the wisdom that was the reason he had his position - and hoping that Zeldris and Meliodas were escaping as he bought time.

[CHAT] Lye: -- 'The Mirage appeared, taking a knee... "One child... If we fail... If we have to level this area... The Empire will send armies... One child... One child will prevent all out war..." Alec triggered one of the warheads, it fired a mile behind the two unleashing a massive plume of fire into the sky... "The Namekian's are a proud people... But you can't stand against the might of the Imperial Armadas... The Golden Fleet will raze this planet... Turn its surface to glass..." The psychic mind of Alec let images of planets he had seen that had been turned to glass by the might of the Empire... "One life... One child... Ask him... Would he sacrifice himself to save all of Namek?" '

[CHAT] Lye was slowly coming back to his feet. "Mirage... Don't Tell them everything... If the fools wish to die, than they die." Trust was, Lye was still more than capable of fighting... But sometimes mental manipulation was what was need to succeed in a mission. However, the voice coming out of the Shadow was cold and dark. The voice of a truly evil being.

[CHAT] Meliodas: -- 'Meliodas finally arrives at the Elders Hut. He looks to the south and sees Zeldris flying towards him at full speed. He then hears Zeldris inside his head.'

[CHAT] Meliodas: -- 'Meli, I'm going to land grab you and we are going towards the station where the ships are. It's time that you say goodbye to your home. Zeldris finally arrives and lands right next to Meliodas. He grabs him and puts him under his left arm. "Alright, here we go. Hold on tight." Zeldris' body powers up and a white aura flares around him. He bends slightly at the knees and then shoots off towards the space station.'

[CHAT] Indon Selian-Ka's breath caught in his chest. "The empire? But... why would such powers care of the fate of a mere village child! Even as gifted as he is, he is just a young boy. What would you want him for?" The elder was careful to avoid even mentioning Meliodas' name - perhaps they didn't know it, he didn't want to give anything away if he could help it.

[CHAT] Lye: -- 'Alec spoke calmly, "Truth is... The dog doesn't know why the master throws the bone, he merely fetches it. This child, he's been forseen to be the harbinger. We bring him back to Ng Yelo, maybe we can save the Empire. Maybe we can save the Infinite Universe." '

(L:100 K:95,900 P:9.738b)
[CHAT] Lye was done with this, his eyes were tracking the fleeing Namekian. The orders were given, the space station in low orbit was targeted. The Winged Beast could accelerate to near light speed in a few seconds. The Winged Beast unleashed twelve of its warheads towards the space-station. Even with the highest caliber shielding, the bombardment could level a city.. A small moon... And easily this space-station.

(L:100 K:95,900 P:9.738b)
[CHAT] Lye: -- 'Alec screamed out in pain as the lives on board the space-station were ended... Thirty thousand... At the hands of 'No... What have you done!?!' The tremers through the void brought him to his knees... 'Their lives... For the Earth... Follow Orders...' Alec turned towards the Shadow, "No more playing Shadow, time to end this." '

(L:100 K:95,900 P:9.738b)
[CHAT] Lye: -- 'Shadow nodded, "You belong to the great beyond. Take solace. We are all dead." The two began to dematiralize, as did Zeldris and Meldiodas. The four appeared on the Winged Beast. There was an alarm sounding. Images of a past life One ended on Namek... Flooded through his mind... The Shadow shook it off... The older Namekian vanished slowly, and the remaining warheads... Unleashed towards the surface... A monstrous act... "Mission successful." The Mirage was standing to the right on the transporter pad... 'Forgive me...' So many deaths... All for this child... For a greedy man... And all pinned on the Empire... '

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Re: The Abduction of the Namekian Child

Post by ikenbon » 07 Sep 2020, 20:05

Welcome to CHAT channel, Meliodas. Always good to have some new blood here.

So I'm going to lead off this comment by just saying, there was some really good little fighting here, especially from Indon as the Namekian Elder, but the log has some problems:

Really, the biggest problem here is that the 'main character' for the log, Meliodas, isn't actually featured all that much. I know that this is a flashback, and this is his younger self, but if you're going to throw around ideas like "He's the harbinger" you probably should have spent a little bit more time on that. I actually haven't got much to say for his intro to the RPverse because it doesn't really feel like he was even part of this log.

Which brings me to a second point. There's a lot of hyperbole in this log that, you could just sort of glance over, but if you stop and read it, it's going a bit far. I don't know what Lye intended when he called Meliodas the Harbinger but it sounds way too 'Chosen One' for my liking. There's a couple other snippets where Lye talks about 'single handedly defeating armies of thousands,' that is out of line as well. Even if Lye is the clone of the renowned Shadow agent, and has had a big career in this incarnation before retirement, this is over the line in terms of what's possible.

First couple paragraphs are basically unreadable because of the HTML code. I think I get the jist, but I'd recommend you try to go back and clean that up, or just remove them if the posts can't be salvaged.

Lastly, there's two little things with Lye's posts I want to mention.

You're using a lot of "..." in your sentences now. Like there are entire paragraphs in this log where that is the punctation to every sentence. Even if it's technically correct from a grammar standpoint, it reads weird, and I personally find it irksome.

Second, I don't know where the Blood Rage thing came from. I don't recall this really being an aspect of the implants and drugs that you've brought out before. I personally don't think this fits the character super well. Shadow's whole deal is he's a special operative that goes on stealth missions and does those under cover ops that no one else can be trusted with FOXHOUND style. Doesn't make sense to turn your best operative into a mindless murder machine and more importantly it takes away the thing that -actually- makes Shadow impressive and feared. This is a flashback, so idk, maybe this is some part of that history you want to dig into, but I don't think this is the route you want to go for that effect.

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Re: **The Abduction of the Namekian Child

Post by ikenbon » 08 Sep 2020, 08:12

I want to add a second comment and focus on some other aspects of the roleplay I didn't initially hit.

I am very thankful for you guys (Indon / Lye) picking up a new roleplayer and showing them the ropes on the channel, and teaching them how things work around here. I think in the future my advice would just be that you talk to them a bit and let them provide a bit more of the direction so that their first appearance can let them shine. Be a supporting character, not the main character. In TTRPGs we call this sharing the spotlight. For this RP, I think just letting Meliodas have a "Gohan" moment where he jumped in and did something spectacular for his age/skill level would have worked nicely.

I do like that Lye finally embraced being a clone of the Shadow, and I think that will add a lot to the character if its treated with the appropriate respect and distance it deserves. You don't want that history to overshadow current events, nor do you want to inherit the laurels and condemnations that previous versions of the characters earned in the genetic history.

I mentioned this only briefly in my last comment but I do think the fighting in this log was well written and cool. The Mirage and the Shadow throwing out sonic grenades and various bombs, and the Elder / Guardians doing their earth bending was good stuff.

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Re: **The Abduction of the Namekian Child

Post by Lye » 11 Sep 2020, 01:27

As far as harbinger goes, Lye made that shit up.

Imagine that, he's a liar. He also implanted the idea that it was the Ng Yelo empire that was responsible.

Lye's kind a a liar.

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