**Talks with a General

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**Talks with a General

Post by Lye » 22 Mar 2020, 13:45

[CHAT] Lye had taken a great deal of care to properly restrain the unconscious
operative he had captured the previous night. He was certainly young, younger
than most field operatives. Similar scarring over his body, even more implants
than the Shadow had been fitted with back at the start of his illustrious
career. He picked up the autopsy report from Vincent, apparently the current
generation had about twenty extra implants although the coroner had little
clue as to their function.
'So why did his implants burn him up from the

[CHAT] Lye: -- 'It didn't make any sense... In the underground armory Lye
pulled out an old Rolodex, flipping through it finding the contact information
for a former comrade. Damn Green to Gold Traitor. He snickered softly, Jarrek
had made it all the way to Major General. He would be high enough in the chain
of command to give Lye some damned answers. Removing the card from the Rolodex
he approached the holo-communicator in the corner of the room. Tapping the
info into the machine it buzzed for a few moments before a holographic display
of an old fully gray man in his boxers. The voice was groggy,
"Saiko? I
haven't heard from you in years. Why the hell are you calling me this bloody
" '

[CHAT] Lye glanced over his shoulder, the General getting a full view of the
dead-man on the operating table and the restrained and unconscious operative.
"Jarrek, wish this call was under better circumstances but..." Jarrek rubbed
the sleep from his eyes,
"What the hell have you gotten yourself into?" Lye
rose an eyebrow,
"I was hoping you could help me with that, fished out
Staff-Sergeant Kyle Vincent from my lake yesterday. Had an autopsy done, seems
his tech fried him from the inside."
The General glanced at the unconcious
"And that guy?" The General recognized the same scarring that his
body had, "
Saiko, why the hell do you have one of our operatives tied up in
your basement along side one of our MIA's?

[CHAT] Lye grunted, "After we found Vincent I did a little scouting. Found this
young-buck observing my ranch. He didn't even put up much of a fight, and you
know how I take my privacy."
The General yawned, "Well, wake him up. I'm not
aware of any orders to have you under surveillance. Pretty sure Vincent was on
detachment to help shore up security for the Vitae-Corporation. What's the
kids name?
" Lye shrugged, "Not sure, he isn't one of the guys I trained.
Figured i'd have you on the holo while I wake his ass up and get some
information." The general chuckled,
"You actually going to tell him you're on
the line on me or use..less tasteful methods?"
Lye shrugged, "Guess that's up
to him."

[CHAT] Lye moved to the chair, putting his finger to his lip indicating the
General should be silent, pulling open a metal drawer from a counter near the
young man and retrieving an ammonia pack, then turning the chair away from the
holo-projection of the general. A second later, the young operative jerked in
his seat, rapidly looking around as he was brought back from being knocked
out. He stirred briefly before growling and jerking his arms and legs trying
to free himself from the restraints.
"Don't bother. So kid, what the hell were
you doing observing my property?"
He spat at Lye, "I'm going to fucking kill
you, do you have..."
The strike was hard, solid, busted the young-mans lip
delivered from the fist of Lye.

(L:100 K:20,709 P:549.8m)
CHAT] Lye: -- '"You're Earth-Defense. Black Ops. Surgically enhanced with a
stealth cloak. I can beat pertinent information out of you. Given your lack of
training I bet you're the type of green that would break to such means."
operative growled,
"And you're Lye Saiko, Fifty-Year Old with a pathetic
service record. You're not getting shi..."
SMACK!!! Lye delivered the blow to
the other side of the young mans face,
"Alright, lets go easy then son. Name,
Rank, Serial Number. You're allowed to give those three things."
The Operative
spat at Lye again, who glanced back at the holo-projection of the general who
in turn was simply rubbing his face and shaking his head. '

(L:100 K:20,709 P:549.8m)
CHAT] Lye calmly moved behind the chair and pulled it backwards enough so that
the young man would be able to see the corpse of his Vincent.
"Yeah, i'm
guessing Staff Sergeant Vincent here was your direct superior."
He chuckled
"Now..." Calmly Lye moved back in front of the young man, not even
bothering to wipe away the spit.
"Name, Rank, Serial Number." The Operative
let out another growl, Lye didn't punch him this time. Instead his right index
and fore-finger moved to just below the operatives right shoulder where scars
from his implantation operations were. A quick and powerful jab unearthed a
scream of pain from the boy as the implant was jolted alerting his nervous
system of the sudden strike.

(L:100 K:20,709 P:549.8m)
CHAT] Lye knew that the level of pain for such a strike was...intense to say
the least. After the screaming died down,
"Don't make me break you son, name,
rank, serial number."
The operative growled again, breathing heavily as he
operative shook his head.
"Fuck... You..." Lye sighed, glanced at the General
who was working on a data pad. The violence wasn't entirely necessary, all
active operatives were equipped with GPS implants. Given Jarrek knew where
Lye's ranch was it wouldn't take him long to get the data Lye needed. Calmly,
Lye opened a metal cabinet with a number of different syringes, grabbing a
dose of serum that would make the operative more compliant.
"Don't actually
drug the boy Shadow, you know damn well it's only going to take me another
minute or so to pull up his data.

[CHAT] Lye laughed politely, and there was sudden realization, a fear that
flashed through the eyes of the operative. On the official record, Lye's first
assignment on Legende was where he washed up. Of course the redacted parts of
his career were quite extensive and the name 'Shadow' was well known and
respected among the Black-Ops forces.
"Shadow?" Lye shrugged, "Rookie." Lye
turned the chair to face the general letting the young man see the
holo-projection. The young operative recognized the general, straitening up in
his char as well as he could while Lye returned his 'tools' to their proper
"Sir." Jarrek nodded, "Corporal Arcturo." A second later Lye saw a dim
light in the pupil of the Operatives eye, the General sending authentication.
"Son, you're on detachment to the Vitae-Corporation to provide security
guidance. What the hell are you doing on Mr. Saiko's land?

(L:100 K:32,223 P:549.8m)
CHAT] Lye the young man began to talk in a rapid-fire panic mode as Lye leaned
against the operating table that Vincent was on.
"Sir, my orders were to....
Observe Lye Saiko and determine a way that Vitae-Corporation could attain his
property through either legal means or...Blackmail."
The General shrugged,
"That doesn't make sense, I know Mr. Keeton pretty well. He's not usually one
for nefarious business.
" Jarrek shrugged, another yawn as he retracted the
young-mans detachment to Vitae-Corp and issued temporary orders."
The General
glanced at Shadow,
"Go ahead and cut him free Shadow, I'll send a team to
recover Vincent and Arcturo. I'll... Let his family know.

(L:100 K:32,223 P:549.8m)
CHAT] Lye laughed, "Haven't seen you in a while Ares, go ahead and bring your
own ass in that detail. We'll meet in Gin-Jun Village around thirteen."
As he
spoke he was freeing the young man from the chair. The man still having a look
of apprehension on his face,
"Also, i'd recommend Arcturo here be put through
remedial training. A fifty-year old man using simple mountain camo was able to
sneak up on him." The General laughed,
"Well, it is you Shadow. Anyway, he's
under your command for now. We'll meet up later, i'll check in with Keeton
find out 'bout this business of Vitae-Corporation.
Arcturo let out a low
grumble, Shadow glared at him and a command suddenly escaped his lips.
"POSITION OF ATTENTION, MOVE!" The slightly injured man snapped quickly into
the proper form.
"You growl at me again boy you're going to have a problem."

[CHAT] Lye: -- 'Moved towards the exit of the basement operations room, opening
it for the young man.
"Go upstairs, find the guest room. Take a shower, get
some sleep."
Lye glared again, "Dismissed." The Corporal nodded, "May I ask a
question, sir?"
Lye nodded waiting for the man to exit. "You get one." The
operative nodded,
"Why... Did you kill Staff Sergeant Vincent?" Lye grumbled,
"Didn't, fished him out of the lake. Now go." The young man moved quickly as
Lye sealed up the door then once again regarded the General.
"Ares, you might
trust Keeton, but I've been approached by prospectors in Gin-Jun a few times
now trying to buy me out. Stop that shit or now I know who to go pick a bone
with." '

(L:100 K:38,889 P:549.8m)
CHAT] Lye: -- 'Ares Jarrek laughed, "Always so ominous with you. It's an
interstellar corporation, probably some fuckhead trying to stick their nose
where it ain't no business being."
Lye nodded, "Yeah... Anyway, how've you
been old friend?"
Ares sighed, "Not great, but i'm sure you don't want to hear
about it. New Hope is so far still secure. You see the babies lately?
" Lye
shook his head,
"No... Not for a while, I don't travel all that often. Oldest
is thinking of doing something stupid. Only started allowing fishing so I
could get some funds."
Ares nodded, "You got to make more effort to see em'
" '

(L:100 K:38,889 P:549.8m)
CHAT] Lye: -- 'Lye nodded, "Yeah... I'll get out there eventually i'm sure..."
The General had put his pad down, "Alright, i've got a chopper taking me to
Gin-Jun later. I'll bring a detail to recover Kyle. Truth be told he's not the
first of our operatives to have died recently due to malfunctioning
" Lye grumbled, "Vitae-Tech?" The General nodded, "Yeah, we're
contracting them for R&D.
" Another yawn, "I'm going to get a few more hours of
wink brother, you should get some sleep too.
" Lye nodded, "Roger that, see you
later Ares."
He shut off the holo-communicator and headed up stairs. '

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Re: **Talks with a General

Post by Luke » 22 Mar 2020, 15:49

Been a while since we've seen any movement from the Shadow Ranch. I know this was one of those logs you had sort of half-written before the big RP hiatus so I imagine you were just polishing it off before you go into any explanation about what might have been happening in the intervening months.

Nothing really 'happened' here so I don't have much to comment on. We get sort of a glimpse of what Lye and subsequently his life might have looked like years earlier when he was still in active duty. The interrogation scene was a bit of a fluffer moment. Knowing that the general could have just looked all this information up, or that just spinning the chair around by itself would have made the operative give up what he knew makes Lye seem unnecessarily cruel, and we don't learn anything new/surprising from him, so... I don't know, not bad writing, just kind of stretched out I guess.

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