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by Treble
20 Nov 2020, 00:48
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Topic: **Setting Sail[Solo]
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**Setting Sail[Solo]

[CHAT] Treble: -- 'The stones lost their glow as the Captain gathered all the shards and carefully placed them back into the box, before shoving the chest back into the desk. The stones had used all the energy they had accumulated.' [CHAT] Treble: -- '"Everyone is always looking for somethin'," he s...
by Treble
18 Nov 2020, 18:15
Forum: Roleplay Logs
Topic: **Soundless [Solo]
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**Soundless [Solo]

The captain beckoned Treble toward his ship, The Symphona. It had been 10 years since his last time on a boat. The smell of the ocean was thick, as the waves gently nudged the boat into the side of the dock. Captain beckoned Treble as he slowly limped his way towards The Symphona. As they neared the...