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by VashyronKoenig
29 Aug 2018, 13:06
Forum: Roleplay Discussion
Topic: RP Admin
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RP Admin

Heya! With our Immies busy in everyday life i was wondering about positions as RP coordinators. There are several in our Pbase that would enjoy RP but have been halted at the moment due to no RP admins. If at all possible i would like to help in anyway that i can, i have been a Gm for D&D and other ...
by VashyronKoenig
17 Aug 2018, 13:13
Forum: Age of Heroes
Topic: *Age of Resurgence-Konat-Arc 1- Heavy Rain
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*Age of Resurgence-Konat-Arc 1- Heavy Rain

- Age of Resurgence - Arc to be named - 01 - - Lorn, Vashyron and Seryys - RP Focus: Scene Setting/Light Combat No Casualties/injuries *Awaiting Seryys Bio Auth to properly post live on Mud for posterity sake. A tyrannical faction has risen to power under a defacto leader on Planet Konat, a local re...